Quick Start Guide - Electric Bike Company

Quick Start Guide - Electric Bike Company
Quick Start Guide
Congratulations on your new EBC electric bike purchase. For
optimal, safe and enjoyable use of your bicycle, make sure
your read the Operator’s Manual accompanying this guide in
its entirety prior to riding. This Quick Start Guide can be used
as a quick reference and reminder of appropriate use of the
electronic features you need to be familiar with in order to
maximize your riding experience.
1. Charging Your Battery
Your bike comes with an On Board Charging System accessed by the pull out ZIP
CORD on the left side of the battery pack
This can be plugged into any 110 volt outlet from your home or when you're out and
1 When the battery is charging you will hear the fan come on and the RED charging light
will be on. The light is located where the Zip Cord comes out of the battery pack.
When the battery is done charging the fan will turn off and the light will turn GREEN.
After charging is complete, unplug the cord from the wall and give the cord a quick
tug pulling straight out from the battery pack a couple of inches and then release
tension allowing the cord to retract into the battery pack.
Note: It is best to keep hanging on to the cord as it goes back into the battery pack
top ensure it recoils smoothly and properly.
Your battery comes with a Master ON/OFF Switch located on the bottom of the
battery pack underneath the tail light. (Picture here of switch)
Make sure the switch is on to start the bike. (Picture of ON)
Note: If you are riding frequently you can leave the switch in the ON position. When
the bike is not being used for several days, it is best to turn the switch to the OFF
Operating Your Bike Through Your LCD Display
Your LCD Display is controlled through the throttle mechanism located on the left side
of your handle bar. With the battery turned on, mount your bike and press the middle
ON/OFF button on the throttle mechanism with your left thumb until you see the
screen display turn on.
2 Note: It is always safest to mount the bike before turning on the display screen, as
turning on the display screen enables the throttle. If you get on and off the bike with
the display on, you could accidentally hit the throttle and send the bike forward. If this
occurs, you will have better control of the bike if you are straddling the bike and
holding onto the handle bars.
Display Key:
3 For advanced LCD programming and/or instructions on changing your
settings, please refer to the LCD-3 Manual accompanying your EBC
Operator’s Manual.
Using Pedal Assist:
With the display ON you are ready to ride in THROTTLE mode. The throttle is now
active and will power the motor. Pedal Assist mode is OFF.
To turn on the Pedal Assist Mode press and hold the bottom DOWN ARROW on the
throttle mechanism for approximately three seconds until you see the word ASSIST
appear on the left side of the display screen.
Show picture of screen with “ASSIST” showing.
Using the UP and DOWN arrows you can set Pedal Assist from ZERO through 5 speed
modes. One (1) is the slowest and 5 is the fastest.
4 With Pedal Assist mode ON, the motor will now turn on when you begin pedaling, and
you will not need to use the throttle. You do have the ability, however, to increase
your speed with throttle application while using Pedal Assist mode.
Note that it takes about two pedal rotations before Pedal Assist kicks in and turns on
the motor.
Important Note: In the beginning, when you are getting used to the bike, it is
always best to start out in 1 or 2 mode and move up to the faster modes as you are
riding. If you start out in the faster modes 3, 4 or 5, the motor is powerful and will go
fast if you are not expecting it. In ZERO mode the pedal assist and the throttle are
NOT active.
Activating Head and Tail lights:
To turn ON and OFF the head and tail lights simply press and hold the UP arrow on
the throttle mechanism for about three seconds until you see the display light up.
General Guidelines:
When you are finished riding, it is always safest to turn OFF the display so you do not
accidentally touch the throttle getting off the bike.
Battery Range Tips:
Know that riding your bike with full throttle or in “5 mode” in Pedal Assist will use up
the battery more quickly than if you apply less throttle or ride in a lower pedal assist
speed mode.
If you are riding over 40 miles in one trip, use a lower pedal assist mode or pedal
harder using throttle mode. This will assist the battery and extend your range by many
If you are on a long trip and the battery gets low and cuts off as you are riding, ease
off on the throttle and it will come back on after a few seconds. If you ease off on the
throttle or move down to 1 mode in pedal assist, you will get a few more miles of
riding out of the battery.
5 Enjoy your ride and always be safe.
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