Productive punching power

Productive punching power
punching power
Productive and versatile online finishing
In today’s professional print environments, printing and productivity are tightly
linked. Together with GBC, a world-leading provider of finishing devices, Océ
offers powerful punching capabilities to enhance the productivity of our full
range of printers.
Inline versatility
The GBC PowerPunch directly connects
online to an Océ printer to deliver maximum
productivity, without any impact on printer
speed. The system supports a variety of hole
punch configurations and dies that can be
easily changed in a matter of minutes.
Once the sheets are punched, they’re neatly
stacked in the stacker unit. You can select
either straight or offset stacking (for set
After punching, documents can be bound
offline using a variety of binding techniques
including comb, wire or plastic coil binding.
To maximize printing productivity, the GBC
PowerPunch matches the speed of all Océ
• Interchangeable die sets
• Quick and easy tool-less changeover
• Support for a complete range of
binding styles and punch patterns
• Seamless interface for maximum
inline efficiency
• User-friendly Graphical User
• Punching of sheets individually
• Océ VarioPrint® 2100/2110
• Océ VarioPrint 3090/3110
• Océ VarioPrint 4110/4120
• Océ VarioPrint 6160/6200/6250
• Océ VarioPrint 6160/6200/
6250/6320 Ultra
Paper sizes
Paper weight
• Minimum: 16 lb. bond (60 g/m²)
• Maximum: 140 lb. index (250 g/m²)
Matches print engine speed
The following standard punching dies
are available:
• 3, 5 or 7 round holes for loose-leaf
• 11 round holes: VeloBind
• 19 rectangular holes for plastic
• 19 rectangular holes CombBind
• Long edge punching: letter,
including tabs
• 23 square or round holes for
• Short edge punching: legal and
• 32 square or round holes: WireBind
• 32 square holes for ProClick
• 44 round holes for Color Coil binding
Physical characteristics
Key features
• Punches sheets individually
• Stacks up to 2,500 sheets
• Width: 81" (2055 mm)
• Operation at full print engine speed
• Optional bypass stacker provides
additional stacking capacity of
2,500 sheets
• Depth: 32" (815 mm)
• Stacking after punching
• Height: 45" (1,140 mm)
• A variety of punching dies
• NOTE: Stacking of Legal sheets
requires OEM stacker
• Quick and easy exchange of die sets
891 lbs. (404 kg)
• Robust design
Power supply
115 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
• Punch: 7 amps
• Stacker: 0.1 amps
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