Frequently asked questions (FAQ`s): Weighing

Frequently asked questions (FAQ`s): Weighing
ONTOP-IN 2012: FAQ’s Weighing Scale
Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s): Weighing Scale
How often should a weighing scale be calibrated?
A weighing scale should be calibrated at least once a week.
Calibration can be checked in the unit against known standard weights
ranging from gm to kgs. e.g. 100 gms and 1 kg or 2 kg.
What weight range should be kept in mind when selecting a
weighing scale?
It depends on the unit. If the weighing scale is to be used for the
newborn unit exclusively, machines with a range of up to 5-7 kg with a
resolution of  1 gm would be ideal. This system could also be used to
assess the urine output by using pre weighed nappies. However, if the
system is to be used in the neonatal unit as well as in the neonatal
follow up clinic, machines with a range of up to 10-20 kg with a
resolution of  5-10 g can be selected.
How should the baby pan be cleaned before use?
It is very important to clean the baby pan before and after weighing
each baby. A single weighing scale in the unit could be a source of
infection. Commonly available disinfectants like savlon, cidex or
detergent and water may be used to clean the pan. Spirit/alcohol
should be avoided as it can damage the pan material or LED display.
If the baby pan is detachable major stains like blood and stools can be
cleaned with a detergent and water. Further a sterile towel/ paper can
be placed on the pan before weighing the baby which should then be
changed before weighing each baby. It will also decreases the
chances of hypothermia in neonates.
Where a weighing scale should be kept in the unit?
The weighing scale could be placed on any mobile trolley and should
have an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The machine is often required to
weigh VLBW/ sick babies on the ventilator, in incubators or open care
warmers. A mobile weighing machine which could be wheeled in near
the newborns bed would be convenient in weighing such sick babies.
What is an on line weight measurement system?
An on line weight measuring system is the latest modification in
weighing machines. It consists of two components, a weighing plate
connected with a cable to the display unit. The plate could be placed
under the baby while nursed in the open care warmer or incubator. It is
also x-ray cassette compatible. The display unit is a separate module
and can be attached at a convenient location for better visibility. This is
particularly useful for weighing sick babies with feeding tubes,
electrodes, IV lines and endotracheal tubes who are connected to the
ventilator. Since the baby does not have to be moved for taking the
weight, the disturbance to the baby is minimal and the convenience to
the nursing staff increases.
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