JOB DESCRIPTION: Cook 1 School Nutrition Plus is a school

JOB DESCRIPTION: Cook 1 School Nutrition Plus is a school
School Nutrition Plus is a school catering and food service consulting business located in Los
Angeles, CA. We are an innovative company that assists schools with all aspects of the Child
Nutrition Program, from planning menus and catering meals, to directing cafeteria operations at
school districts. We run health-focused programming as a signature service.
Prepares, produces, heats, cooks, bakes and serves a variety of foods from fresh, canned, dry, or
frozen states according to recipes and assists in other related tasks in a designated food service
production and/or service area.
Typical Duties
• Prepares, produces, heats, cooks, bakes and serves a variety of foods including soups,
entrees, meats, vegetables, desserts, breads, salads, sandwiches, beverages, or other
foods and beverages as specified by the menus, recipes, and production records.
• Sets up and merchandises food and food service areas and serves food.
• Operates kitchen equipment such as, but not limited to, electric mixers, slicers, grinders,
ovens, stove tops, tilt-skillets, tilt kettles, warmers, and coolers.
• Utilizes kitchenware such as, but not limited to, knives, spatulas, whisks, tongs, spoons,
and ladles.
• Oversees and provides guidance to FSW 1 and 2.
• Practices safe food handling according to Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point
HACCP, LA County Health Department, and PCS Food Services Standard Operating
• Assists in the monitoring, reduction, and management of food waste.
• Occasionally cleans and sanitizes pots, pans, and kitchen utensils.
• Performs daily, weekly, and monthly deep cleaning of the facility, service areas, and all
kitchen equipment such as counters, tables, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, mixers,
transient hot carts, mobile carts, and rolling racks.
• Disposes of waste according to the Food Services Operating Procedures, OSHA, the
State, and LA County Health Department processes and procedures.
• May receive, label, and store food and supplies according to produce and Food Service
HACCP Standards.
• Assists in taking inventory.
• Assists in preparing sales, production and other reports.
• Performs related duties as assigned.
Immediate supervision is received from a Cook 2, Head Cook and/or Kitchen Supervisor.
Directions may also be received from school administrators.
Knowledge of:
• Methods of preparing, producing, cooking, heating, baking and serving large quantities
of a variety of foods from fresh, canned, dry or frozen
• Use and care of kitchen equipment and utensils
• Cleaning and sanitation methods used in a food service environment
• Food storage methods
• Basic arithmetic (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
• Customer Service experience
• ServSafe certified or willing to become
Ability to:
• Prepare, produce, cook, heat, bake assemble and serve a large quantity of a variety of
• Work rapidly and efficiently in performing job duties
• Work cohesively with peers, supervisors, school personnel, and students
• Work in large groups and crowds
• Apply and maintain standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and personal hygiene
• Read, write, and communicate in basic English
• Count money and make change accurately
• Demonstrate customer service skills on an ongoing basis
Special Physical Requirements:
• Safely lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds
• Stand and walk on concrete and tile floors for long periods of time
• Withstand a wide range of temperatures
• Work in refrigerated areas
• Paid cooking experience is required.
This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or
requirements. Requirements are representative of the minimum level of knowledge, skill, and/or
abilities. Management retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of the position at any
time. Hiring is contingent upon passing a criminal background check.
SALARY & HOURS: Salary $10-$12/hr and position is full-time non-exempt. We offer a
company-matching 401K plan and health benefits.
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