Novus B50 Heavy Duty Stapler
Contact: Chris Jackson
For Immediate Release
Novus B50 Heavy Duty Stapler:
Jam Proof Performance in a Modern Design
Peterborough, NH, January 9, 2017– Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.,
a world leader in staplers and punches, introduces the new Novus B50 Heavy Duty Stapler. Novus Staplers are the preferred
choice among professionals throughout the world. These Heavy
Duty clinchers are capable of continually stapling large quantities of paper with minimal effort. Designed and developed in
Germany, they will exceed expectations and improve efficiency
in the workplace.
The Novus B50 is German engineered and features an automatic bypass system that provides the convenience of using larger
staples on smaller projects. A sliding adjustable depth guide allows you to set the staple location and ensure
you hit the mark on every document.
The B50 also features an innovative Anti-Blocking System (ABS). This prevents the possibility of a jam and
wrestling with your documents once they are stuck to the stapler. A dual staple guide further ensures trouble
free performance by providing even pressure on the staple legs until they clinch your documents.
“The Novus B50 is an amazing heavy duty stapler,” said Christopher Jackson, Marketing Manager at Dahle
North America, Inc. “it’s leaverage and contoured handle make it easy to staple large stacks of paper.”
Dahle North America, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of innovative office products and equipment
with a brand name recognized for quality and precision. Dahle markets more than 300 products, including
paper shredders, cutters and trimmers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, and Novus staplers.
For more information on Dahle products please call (800) 995-1379 or visit
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