Compass Guide For Parents 2017 - Yarra Hills Secondary College

Compass Guide For Parents 2017 - Yarra Hills Secondary College
Compass Guide
For Parents 2017
Welcome to Compass
Welcome to Compass at Yarra Hills SC.
The Compass Parent Portal provides parents with access to school news, events, booking Parent/Student/Teacher interviews
(such as Ready to Learn & Ready to Reflect).
Using our parent portal you will be able to:
• Access your child's Student Semester Reports
• Book your Parent/Student/Teacher interviews
• View up-to-date class and school attendance information
• Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your child
• Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts) details
• View the details of and consent and pay for school events such as incursions and excursions
• Attend to course confirmation and payments for camps, our school’s music program, essential education items and
• View news items published by the school and view the school calendar
These instructions will help you login, navigate and understand the Compass Parent Portal.
Accessing Compass Parent Portal
You can now access the Parent Portal using your school log-in details and password provided for you.
The URL for all parents, students & staff is please login with your:
• Username - Parent Log-in ID
• Password
Upon first login to Compass you will be requested to confirm your contact details and change your password.
If the displayed mobile number, email addresses are
correct OR if they need updating, please do so, then
click ‘Update My Details’.
Please update your password as indicated, password
must be numeric and at least 4 digits in length.
Ipad/iphone Application
The ipad/iphone application can be found on the Apple App Store by searching for ‘compass school manager’, please see
The Compass School Manager app login is again VERY straight forward:
• Search for our school name (provided you have a web connected ipad/iphone)
• Username (Parent Log-in ID)
• Password
Android Application
The Android application can be found on the Google Play Store by searching for ‘compass school manager’, please see below:
The login to the Android application is the same as the Apple application, please see above.
Compass School Manager – mobile application (Apple and Android)
Once you have logged in, the ‘Home’ page displays the ‘News’ relevant to your student/s year level and home group. You can
then click on your students photo to display the ‘Details’ view that displays the ‘Dashboard’ tab providing your students daily
schedule (timetable). The ‘Approvals’ tab provides information about your student’s absences from school (see further on in this
document), the ‘Reports’ tab allows access to progress and semester reports (see further on in this document).
Your student’s photo
Daily Schedule
The Compass School Manager mobile application is intended to provide ‘at a glance’ information to students and parents. For
more advanced options, using an internet web browser on a computer or tablet is the only way for parents to access these
features. Further information follows in this document.
Compass Home Screen (via web browser)
The home screen provides you with relevant alerts and news, as well as quick access to your child’s profile.
Main Menu
School Calendar View details of upcoming events, your child’s timetable and other school-wide activities
Student Profiles The student profile provides you with access to full details of your child. This will include attendance, reports
and more. Using the links, parents can quickly add Parent Approvals, book Parent Teacher Interviews and email your child’s
Main Menu Allows you to access other Compass and school resources. The tools icon allows you to update your contact
details and change your password.
Alerts Custom notifications for items that require your action or attention. These may include excursion notifications, ordering
options for school photos, absence notifications, surveys, student report availability and more.
News Recent school news items and information relevant to you. This may include newsletters, details of upcoming events and
Student Profile
Your child’s information page
Weekly schedule
Student Chronicle
Schedule View details of upcoming events, your child’s timetable and other relevant school wide activities.
Student Chronicle View observations made by school staff about your child, in the future this may include curriculum or
behavior based comments.
Further Information Under your child’s name is a group of tabs giving quick access to other important information, weekly
Schedule (timetable), Attendance and Reports.
Using Compass parents can view up to date attendance information for their child. To view your child’s attendance, click on the
Student Profile link from the home page and click the Attendance tab.
Daily snapshot
Attendance summary
Approvals This sub-tab provides a comprehensive list of approvals for your child. From this tab you can add absence notices,
both present and future.
Unapproved This sub-tab provides a list of all unexplained absences from class. From this tab you can click to approve specific
Daily Activities & Attendance Provides a quick snapshot of today’s classes and your child’s attendance marking.
Attendance Summary Includes a summary of attendance in each class. For full details about a specific absence click the
appropriate number in the grid. For an explanation of a heading item, hover your mouse over the heading of interest.
When students are marked ‘Not Present’ in class this can sit in one of three different categories. These include:
NP Schl - Not present in class and approved by school related activity.
NP Parnt – Not present in class and approved by a parent approval.
NP Unap – Not present in class with no approval entered.
Attendance: Entering a Parent Approval
From the Student Profile screen either: 1) Click on the ‘Action’ button for your child and then select ‘Add - Parent Approval’ item
as follows:
Action button
Or 2) Click on the Attendance tab, click on the sub-tab Approvals then click on ‘Add Parent Approval’.
Start/Finish times
Reason The options available include Medical, Dental, Family holiday, Parent choice, etc.
Details/Comment Please provide further information if deemed necessary.
Start/Finish Please provide the approval time range, day/s, hours or school periods. Click the ‘Save’ button.
Please note: Where possible, parent approvals should be entered prior to the absence occurring. This will assist our
Administration staff and Student Coordinators in monitoring student attendance.
As part of our educational responsibility to our parents, guardians and students, regularly reporting on student progress is an
integral part of the partnership we share. Each semester we provide you with two reports – an interim report and an end of
semester report. All student reports will be available to parents via Compass.
Using Compass parents can view reports for their child. To view your child’s report, either 1) click on ‘View Academic Reports’
from the Compass Home screen or 2) click the Student Profile link from the home screen and click the Reports tab.
Click on the required report (note ALL Yarra Hills SC reports issued for your child will be here)
Once you have clicked on the appropriate report ‘cycle’ you have the option to open the report ‘pdf’ directly or save the file for
future reference and/or printing.
Event Consent and Payment
From the Compass Home screen either:
1) click on the Event alert under ‘My News’
click on the Organisation menu then click Events
From the Events page a list of upcoming events and excursions will be displayed, see below. Click the red ‘Process Now’ button
to provide consent and/or payment (depending on what the event requires).
Print Form (Offline)
Process Now
An online payment/consent form will be displayed. Complete all highlighted relevant fields and click the ‘Submit Details’ button.
Note: If the event has a requirement for both consent and payment, these cannot be completed separately. Should you need to
provide payment or consent separately, please click ‘Print Form (Offline)’ to complete the process manually.
Online payments in Compass can only be made with a VISA or Mastercard credit card. All other payment types will need to be
completed manually through our campus offices.
Yarra Hills SC will be using the online Events module extensively during 2017. As parents familiarize themselves with
Compass, the process of providing consent and/or payments will minimize the number of paper forms exchanged between
school and home, also minimizing repetitive form completion.
Course Confirmation and School Payments
Yarra Hills Secondary College has chosen to use Compass – Course Confirmation and School Payments to simplify and
streamline the payments by parents of significant College activities, such as yearly course costs (essential education items),
music programs and school camps.
From the Compass Home screen either:
1) click on the Course Confirmation/School Payments
2) click on the Organisation menu then click ‘Course
alert under ‘My News’
Parents can then select the appropriate item for payment processing:
The status of your payments that are due can be seen on this screen also.
Selecting, for example the ‘2016 Year 8 Coastal Camp’, the following window will appear:
Details of the Course Confirmation/Payment are displayed, clicking the ‘Proceed’ button (at the bottom of the page) will then
display any ‘Agreements’ that need to be accepted by parents. Payment processing can then be finalized via the Compass
parent portal using VISA or Mastercard as per ‘Events’ above.
Compass uses technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This ensures all Compass sessions are encrypted and secure.
All payments made online will appear on your credit card statement as COMPASSPAY.COM.
Full information on the Compass Privacy Policy can be found at
Parent – Teacher Conferences
Using Compass, parents can book parent - teacher conferences online.
From the Compass Home screen click on the
Community menu and then Parent/Student/Teacher
A list of parent-teacher interview cycles will be
displayed along with their booking status. Click on the
relevant cycle.
Your booking sheet will be displayed and will show all
available booking times. Click on a time in the grid to
display teachers available for booking at that selected
time. Note: If a teacher you wish to book with does not
appear, it indicates they are unavailable in that time
slot, please try another booking time.
Note: You can view a teachers availability by clicking on the teachers name at the bottom of the booking page.
Should you have any queries in relation to this guide please contact your campus office or our Compass Liaison, Leanne
Whitby, on 9839 8800 to discuss.
Any Compass access issues such as password resetting can be directed to our ICT manager via email at
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