Leaflet HD2628_20 Released Global (English) High

Leaflet HD2628_20 Released Global (English) High
2 slot
2 function Metal curve
Enjoy great toast
Thick or thin, always golden brown
Toaster with variable width bread slots for great toast. Evenly golden brown, thick or thin.
Convenient due to the defrost and reheat functions. Safe to use thanks to the high lift
feature, cancel button and cool wall exterior.
The way you want it
• Adjustable browning control
• Variable width self-centered slots for evenly toasted bread
Easy to experience
• Defrost or reheat just toasted bread in one go
• Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
With maximum safety
• Automatic safety shut-off in event of jammed bread
• High lift feature to safely take out smaller pieces
• Cancel button to stop toasting at any time
• The outside of the toaster stays cool and safe to touch
2 slot 2 function Metal curve
Design specifications
• Color(s): Black metal brush
General specifications
Automatic safety shut-off
Non-slip feet
Cord storage
Multiple toast settings: 7
Technical specifications
Power: 950W W
Voltage: 220-240V V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Slot size (L x W x H): 130Lx32Wx130H mm
Cord length: 0,85m cm
Issue date 2013-01-20
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