Tablet Manual

Tablet Manual
D-Moticam BTW8
Microscope Tablet / Camera
Use and Care Manual
Moticam BTW8 Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the D-Moticam BTW8 Tablet/Camera system.
The BTW provides an effective method of attaching a camera system to any
c-mount trinocular microscope using a 0.5x c-mount adapter. The image
from the microscope can be viewed on the provided tablet or via WiFi to any
WiFi enabled device.
The camera portion of the BTW houses a 5MP CMOS live view sensor, a
USB output as well as a WiFi transmission antenna. The user may switch
between either the USB output which can be connected to the Android
tablet provided; or the user can switch the camera to WiFi transmission
mode which allows any WiFi enabled device to view, measure and annotate
the microscope image through the available MotiConnect application. The
MotiConnect app can be downloaded through Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s
Tablet Bracket Quick Assembly
(Provide by Microscope
Manufacturer – Separate
BTW Diagram
Connecting Tablet to Camera
Power Adapter
Calibration Slide
This 5V DC power adapter is for charging your tablet’s
battery. It is also used to power the camera in WiFi
This slide will enable you to calibrate your tablet to
your microscope, for accurate measurements.
4GB Micro-SD
This storage card can be used with your tablet to store
images and then transfer them to your computer. This
card is provided as a courtesy and cannot be replaced.
Mini USB to Micro USB
Provides power and feed connection between the
tablet and camera. To operate the camera, move the
switch to the camera position.
Optional Wrench for mounting bracket to Motic
branded trinocular microscopes
This cable is used to power the camera in WiFi mode
as well as charge the tablet in camera mode.
This cable is used to charge and power the tablet.
USB to Mini – DIN
USB to Micro USB
Sample Trinocular Assembly
Volume adjustment - decrease
Volume adjustment - increase
Hold for a few seconds to turn unit on
Micro USB Port for charging tablet and connecting to bracket camera
Provides sound via earphone/speaker
Connects to HD ready device via HDMI cable
Micro SD Card Slot for storing images on Micro SD Card (4GB included)
Camera Switches and Ports – Limited Production
This feature is limited to a small production batch, not a standard feature of this camera.
Placing the switch in the WiFi mode, turns the camera into a WiFi only camera. Connection to
camera can only be made via WiFi connection. Power adapter must be connected to camera,
in order to supply power to camera in WiFi mode. Placing the switch in the USB mode, allows
camera to be accessed by tablet via micro USB to mini USB cable. The cable supplies
connection and power to the camera.
Camera Switch
Camera Reset
Mini USB
Camera / WiFi Power
WiFi Operation for BTW
Mount the BTW camera onto your trinocular microscope using a 0.5x c-mount adapter.
The c-mount adapter is a specific part of your microscope and should be purchased from your
microscope supplier.
Mount your own tablet up to 10” in diagonal size onto the spring loaded clamp situated on top
of the camera part taking care not to drop the tablet. Ensure that the tablet is securely held on
its diagonal corners so that there is no movement of the tablet within the clamp.
Connect the camera and the tablet to a power source.
Switch the camera to WiFi transmission mode.
Turn on your tablet and connect its WiFi system to the SSID provided with the BTW package,
Start the MotiConnect application and connect to the WiFi camera using the connection
interface within the application.
Ensure that your microscope is turned on, and if your microscope has a beamsplitter, ensure
that it is switched to a trinocular position so that there is light passing to the camera on the
trinocular tube.
You can now view the image live on the MotiConnect app as well as capture, measure and
annotate the image using the tools provided.
You can connect up to 5 other tablets or other WiFi devices to the BTW signal at the same
time in order to share the live image.
Using a WiFi device that operates with Android or IOS
For best performance, we recommend to use WiFi devices, such as tablets, with a screen not
smaller than 7 inches. For iOS devices we suggest using iOS 5 or higher while for Android
Devices we suggest using Version 4.0 or higher.
To operate and use the camera on your tablet, please download our free App called
MotiConnect. For iPad you can find this on the AppStore, for Android devices you can find this
on Google Play and Ipad
You can also use certain web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to view, measure, and
capture without the need of the App. To view the camera stream on the browser, please type in
the IP number also shown on the label on the camera. For example and
you will be connected straight to the camera.
Use WiFi setting to connect to your WiFi enabled computer
The BTW camera can also be used with Motic Images Plus software for Windows computers. If you
have a WiFi enabled laptop you can install Motic Images Plus from the CD provided. To view the
camera in our product’s MI Devices interface, simply log your computer onto the BTW camera signal,
by selecting this WiFi connection and entering the password. Then open the MI Devices interface by
clicking on the camera icon within Motic Images Plus and select Moticam X from the drop down
menu. Then click on Open.
This android tablet comes equipped will all the necessary software needed to start
using your equipment out of the box. Since it is an android tablet, you will be able
to connect to your office/school Wi-Fi network to access the internet and download
additional applications. The primary application for accessing your camera is
MotiConnect T.
MotiConnect is a dedicated image processing Android app for Motic cameras,
which includes image preview, capture, recording, editing and measuring
functions. Please refer to the Application Help guide for a complete description of
the MotiConnect Application.
Help Menu - Opens a new window which provides a complete description
of all the features available with the MotiConnect Application
Connecting to the hub with Motic Images Plus 2.0 on PC:
After you have connected to your network/hotspot, open Motic Images 2.0 software
and click the capture button. After you’ve opened the Motic Live Imaging Module,
the drop down box under “Video Device” should say Moticam X. Then you will
need to click “Open” which is located beneath the drop down box that says
Moticam X. A dialog box will appear, instructing you to input an IP address. Input
the IP address you wrote down without the: 8080. Your image should appear.
Connecting to the hub with Android/iOS/Chromebook:
Download the MotiConnect app from the App Store, Google Play, or Chrome Store.
After connecting to your network/hotspot via Wi-Fi, open the MotiConnect app.
Select Live Camera on the left side. At the top right, click Options. Click Add (on
iOS: Click CamerasNew Camera).
Input the following for Android/Chromebook:
Input the following for iOS:
Name: MoticHub
Name: MoticHub
IP Address: (IP address you wrote down without the: 8080)
URL: (IP you wrote down)
Port Number: 8080
Click OK (on iOS: Click Save). Click options and make sure there is a check mark
by the camera you just added. You should have a picture.
Connecting to the hub with a web browser:
Open your web browser and type the IP address you wrote down exactly as it
appears (with: 8080) into the address bar, then hit enter.
Connecting to the hub on a Mac:
Open Motic Images Plus 2.0. At the top of the screen, click Tools, and then click
MotiConnect setting from the drop down menu. The IP Address is the same as you
wrote down without: 8080, and the Port should be 8080. Click “OK” after making
sure settings are correct. Then, click File at the top, and then click Capture or
New. Click OK, and a live video from your camera should appear.
Full Help Menu
The full software manual for Motic Images is accessible within the software’s main
To begin, open the Motic Images Software.
At the top of main screen find the menu tab labeled Help:
Click on Help and then select the help option:
This will open the Motic Images help file contents, containing the full
help menu:
Motic Live Imaging Module
Full Help Menu
The full Live Imaging Module manual is accessible within the live
Imaging main page.
To begin, open the Motic Images Software.
At the top of main screen find the menu tab labeled File and click on
Once the Motic Live Imaging Module has opened, click on Help:
This will open the Motic Live Imaging Module help file, containing the
full help menu:
National Optical and Scientific Instrument, Inc.
Please see our website,, for complete
warranty details and exclusions.
National Optical & Scientific Instruments Inc.
6508 Tri-County Parkway
Schertz, Texas 78154
Phone (210) 590-9010 Fax (210) 590-1104
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