actuator set 062 - CMA

actuator set 062 - CMA
User’s Guide
Figure 1. The Actuator set
Short description
The Actuator set can be used to introduce the students to the basics of control
technology. The set consists of the following elements:
- lamp holder (for 3 bulbs)
- direct current motor (2-bit) with a removable propeller (max. 12 V)
- buzzer (max. 12 V)
- push-button
- 3 colored bulbs (max. 12 V)
- 3 black and 3 red 4-mm wires.
All elements make use of 4-mm sockets.
Actuators (motor, buzzer and lamps) can be connected to the control outputs of the
CoachLab I, CoachLab II and CoachLab II+ interfaces. The push button can be
used as a digital sensor and can be connected to the inputs of the interface. For BT
inputs the CMA adapter (art. Nr 0519)1 should be used.
Using the Actuator set with the CoachLab I interface
The digital outputs of the CoachLab I interface (art. Nr 005) can be set to two
controllable states On and Off. For 2-bits motors two digital outputs are used.
For using digital outputs of the CoachLab I interface it is necessary to use the
external power supply (art. Nr 0865). If an output of CoachLab I is switched on in
the Coach program, this output has the voltage equal to the voltage which is set on
the external mains adapter.
Using the Actuator set with the CoachLab II or CoachLab II+ interfaces
The output channels of the CoachLab II (art. Nr 006) and CoachLab II+ (art. Nr
006p) interfaces are provided with push-pull drivers and can each be set to 4
controllable states. The output LEDs indicate the states of the output by means of
different colors (e.g. Off, Green, Orange, Red).
The output channels can be set to 16 different power levels. By using a so-called
duty-cycle, power is reduced by switching the 12V on and off periodically at a rate
of 625Hz (see also the CoachLab II/ II+ User’s Manual).
The maximum power level for an actuator is adjusted in the Coach software. The
duty cycle functions only with an icon on the panel, so if an output of CoachLab II
with an actuator icon is switched on, this output has the voltage equal to the
maximum voltage defined in the actuator properties.
The CMA adapter (art. nr 0519) allows connecting sensors with 4mm plugs to BT inputs.
The power slider on the actuator icon should be used to lower the output power for
the connected actuator e.g. to adjust the speed of a motor or the brightness of a
Note: The outputs of CoachLab II and CoachLab II+ do not have any power when
no actuator icon is connected to them.
Figure 2. Programming 3 lamps with the CoachLab II interface; the push button is
used as a digital sensor and is connected directly to input 3 of the
CoachLab II interface.
Technical specifications
Lamp (12V)
1-bit actuator which can be set in 2 states On and Off.
3 colored (red, green and orange) are included.
Buzzer (12V)
1-bit actuator which can be set in 2 states On and Off.
The buzzer does not function when it is connected in reverse.
It does not harm the buzzer however.
Motor (12V)
2-bit actuator which can be set in 4 states for example:
Off, Turn Right, Turn Left and Off.
A removable propeller is included.
Push button
Digital sensor with two positions On and Off.
The 062 Actuator Set is warranted to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase provided that it
has been used under normal laboratory conditions. This warranty does not apply if
the sensor has been damaged by accident or misuse.
Note: This product is to be used for educational purposes only. It is not
appropriate for industrial, medical, research, or commercial applications.
Rev. 09/07/12
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