COEXTM C3000 TriMode Series `6` Ex d Camera Station

COEXTM C3000 TriMode Series `6` Ex d Camera Station
COEX C3000 TriMode Series ‘6’
Ex d Camera Station
The COEX™ C3000 TriMode camera
station 6 series has a unique compact and
lightweight design specifically developed
for hazardous area applications. Combined
with the latest thermal imaging technology
with a day / night (colour / mono) camera
module the C3000 TriMode camera stations
ensure unprecedented visual feedback in
all light conditions.
Utilised around the world to assist with:
Pipeline monitoring
ATEX II 2 GD Certification
Navigation during night time and
foggy conditions
IECEx Certification
Ex d IIC, T4, T5 or T6
Ice Detection
DNV Type Approval
Piracy Detection
Man-overboard Safety
Environmental Protection
IP66 & 68 Rated – completely
protected against dust & water
ingress, for the most extreme
Intruder Detection
Safety and Security Protection
Even during daylight the C3000 TriMode
can provide increased visibility over
conventional camera stations with
human detection at over 1100 m*3/4
COEX Series 6 camera stations are
fitted with a 640 x 480 thermal imaging
camera and a high resolution analogue
day / night camera with removable IR
cut filter.
Smart Move Technology assists
target acquisition and tracking
Germanium and Toughened Glass
Continuous Rotation [C]
Absolute Positioning
Integral Wiper [W]
Electro-polished 316 stainless steel,
for optimum corrosion resistance
COEX™ “FEWS” Ex Pressurised
Wash System
TriMode Operation – Day (colour),
Night (mono) and Thermal Imaging
Integral Fibre Optic Transmission
(via alternative base)
Low Voltage Operation
Preset accuracy and repeatability
of <0.05°
Fibre Optic Transmission (via
associated junction box)
IP within the Camera Housing
Advanced Mechanical Design to
minimise size and weight
COEX™ Wall Mount Bracket
Pre-Heat Mode for safe start up in
freezing conditions
COEX™ Range of Tilt Down Towers
and accessories
COEXTM C3000 TriMode Series ‘6’ Ex d Camera Station
Certifications / Ratings
Operating Temperature
Pan Operation
Tilt Operation
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Pan Turning Circle
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Day/Night Camera
Thermal Camera
Video Output
Image Sensor
S/N Ratio
Zoom Range
Minimum Illumination
Focal Length
Angle of View
Image Sensor
Spectral Response
Thermal Sensitivity
Refresh Rate
Fixed Focal Length
Angle of View
Human Detection*3/4
Ex d IIC T4 / T5 / T6 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T4 / T5 / T6 Db; ATEX II 2GD
DNV Type Approval
CE Compliant to EMC Directive
IP66 & IP68 to IEC 60529 (30m Submersion for 4 hrs)
-55°C to +60°C
-45°C to +60°C
Electro-polished 316 Stainless Steel
Germanium and Toughened Glass, Thermostatically Operated Demister [Wiper for Day / Night View only]
362° rotation @ 0° to 42°/sec; Mechanical Limits;
Programmable Soft-stops; Preset Positioning [Continuous Rotation]
180° rotation @ 0° to 21°/sec;
Mechanical Limits; Programmable Soft-stops; Preset Positioning
4 x M8 tapped holes, equispaced on a 4” (101.6 mm) P.C.D.
429 x 310 x 368 mm
Ø 660 mm
29 kg
24Vac 50 / 60Hz or 24Vdc (±10%)
92VA Maximum
RS485 serial asynchronous data
Synectics™, Pelco®, and other industry standard protocols available
Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Aux1, [Aux2] and Aux in
On / Off Selection of: Digital Zoom, BLC, Autofocus;
Auto / Manual Selection of: Focus, Colour / Mono Operation, Frame Integration, White Balance
Continuous Electronic Zoom, Multiple Colour Palettes (including Inverted), Multiple Contrast Display,
Contrast and Level Control, Hot and Cold Spot, Auto / Manual Shuttering
Password protected on-screen menu system for camera station configuration and diagnostics
C3000-2V36-T6>>[2C36] [W]*5
C3000-2V10-T6>>[2C10] [W]*5
1.0 Vpk-pk CVBS into 75Ω; Colour PAL 50Hz [NTSC 60Hz]
¼” EXview HAD CCD
⁄3” Super HAD CCD II
36x zoom
10x zoom
(up to 432x with digital zoom)
(up to 120x with digital zoom)
1.4 lux
0.25 lux
0.1 lux (with 1⁄3 sec integration)
0.015 lux (with 1⁄3 sec integration)
0.01 lux mono (with 1⁄3 sec integration)
0.0004 lux mono (with 1⁄3 sec integration)
3.4 to 122.4 mm
5.1 to 51 mm
57.8° to 1.7°
52° to 5.4°
F1.6 to 4.5
F1.8 to 2.1
C3000-2V<<-T650 [2C<<] [W]*5
C3000-2V<<-T625 [2C<<] [W]*5
Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
8 – 14 µm
70mK [50mK]
<9Hz [25Hz]
640 x 480
50 mm
25 mm
12.4° x 9.3°
25° x 18.7°
~1100 m
~560 m
NOTE: *1 Dependant on equipment fitted. *2 Refer to Synectics for availability and compatibility with other control systems *3 Based on Johnson Criteria.
*4 Actual range may vary depending on camera set-up, user experience, environmental conditions and type of monitor or display used. *5 >> replace with
thermal camera module and << replace with day / night camera module.
Synectic Systems
Specifications subject to change. E & OE.
Copyright © Synectic Systems Group Ltd., Synectic Systems, Inc., Synectic Systems (Asia) Pte. Limited 2015. All Rights Reserved.
Reference Numbers: 03GF0614_2
C3000T2S6/0215/A4 Iss 4
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