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PROJ-EST Ultra Short Throw Wall Mount
Introducing Mitsubishi’s new ultra short throw projector mount, the PROJ-EST, a perfect compliment
to our new extreme short projector line. Featuring simple installation, and using unique and ingenious
design, there’s now no need to deal with complex or confusing throw distance to image size calculations. Installers can just determine where the top of projector image needs to be and then adjust the
arm distance to the desired image size since the offset remains consistant. Traditional wall mounts
adjust the projector in and out on a horizontal plane which can potentially create complex installation
issues. As the projector moves away from the screen the image gets larger and lower. The PROJ-EST
design moves the projector higher as the screen size gets larger keeping the image height exactly
where the presenter wants it. The mount also has micro adjustment knobs to quickly and easily fine
tune the registration—ensuring a perfect image.
The PROJ-EST mount can adjust the projector lens out from 19.25” out to 33.75”.
Product weight: 17lbs.
Shipping weight: 18.5lbs,
Shipping Dimensions: 5.5” x 27.75” x 10.25”
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