Lynx Quick- Start first draft
Quick Start Guide
to using your Lynx Grill
Unpacking the Grill
Remove staples from around bottom of carton.
Lift the cardboard up and off (it may require two people).
Cut black plastic straps and lift grill from pallet (WARNING: Grill is very heavy, you will need help)
Remove the plastic stretch-wrap that protects the grill during shipping
Remove PVC protective coating from all metal parts. (Note: If PVC coating is difficult to remove, blow plastic with a
hot hair dryer to loosen)
Raise hood and unpack all parts
Cut plastic ties that hold the warming rack, side shelves and spit rod
Remove warming rack at the back of grill by lifting up and sliding out
Remove rotisserie motor plus care and use manual
Remove cooking grates and briquette trays.
Cut and remove the tie down wires that hold the brass burners
Replace trays with briquettes over the burners
Open plastic packages of briquettes
Place briquettes over the round openings of the briquette tray, between slots, flat side down, pyramid shape up
Replace the cooking grates over the top of the briquette trays
Reposition the warming rack at the back of the grill
Preparing the Grill
Electrical Connection
1. Plug the electrical cord located in lower left rear of the cabinet on Cart Models into a GFI equipped outdoor electrical
outlet (120VAC 15A GFI). (Note: See Use and Care Manual (page 11 for Built-in models)
2. This plug powers the transformer for the grill surface light and the rotisserie motor jack
Gas Connection (LP / Natural Gas) See Use and Care Manual (Utility Requirements page 9) for gas hook up and gas line-purging
Lighting the Grill
See Use and Care Manual (Page 16) for Lighting Instructions
1. Open the grill hood and keep open when lighting the grill burners
2. Check ignition: Press and hold the ignite button on the right side of the control panel (left side for 27” models) for 5
seconds, listen for a “clicking” sound, if no clicking sound check the battery.
3. Once the grill has been lit following the instructions on page 16, close the grill hood and allow grill to preheat for
approximate 10-15 minutes before starting to cook
4. Choose the burner(s) you want to cook on and turn off the remaining burners
TIP: The Temperature Gauge located in the grill hood (except 27” models) measures the ambient temperature of the
air under the closed grill hood and does not indicate grill surface temperature. Grill grates are approximately 200° F
hotter than the reading on the Temperature Gauge.
5. Open the grill hood and adjust the burners to the desired cooking setting
6. Begin to cook keeping hood open for best grilling results for small items
7. Grilling with the hood closed creates an oven effect and is good for large items and indirect cooking.
Cooking with the Rotisserie
Unpack the Motor
Remove motor from carton and slide onto mounting bracket located at left side of grill.
Remove motor electrical connecting wire.
Plug one end into jack in motor.
Plug other end into jack on left side of grill just below light switch.
Assemble spit rod
1. Locate spit rod handle and screw onto threaded end of spit rod. Load one forked meat holder onto the spit rod, prongs
facing away from the handle and tighten thumbscrew. On a flat surface insert spit rod into the center of the meat and
push through meat until it is centered on the spit rod.
2. Place second forked prongs into the meat and secure the meat by pushing the prongs together.
3. Further tighten with wing (Note: Use pliers if necessary) It is sometimes necessary to tie meats or poultry to hold any
loose bits of meat together.
4. Use only cotton butchers string (Important: Do not use plastic or nylon string)
5. Place pointed end of spit rod into the motor opening and rest other end in slot on right hood side piece. Ensure
shoulder of spit rod is inside the groove.
Lighting the rotisserie burner
See Use and Care Manual (Page 16) for Lighting Instructions
Grill surface burners should be off for rotisserie cooking
Select a rotisserie speed on the motor that is best suited for your food item and turn the motor on
Meat should be centered and balanced on the rotisserie spit rod for efficient cooking.
Use a drip pan under the meat to catch any juices
Keep hood closed when cooking with the rotisserie
Using the Smoker
The smoker drawer can be used with the grill when low temperature cooking, rotisserie cooking or indirect cooking
For maximum smoke flavoring, soak wood chips in water for 30 to 60 minutes before using
Pull the smoker drawer out from the control panel to load with wood chips
Use small amounts of presoaked (wet) wood chips at a time and heat slowly for maximum flavor release
To turn on the smoker burner (30”, 42” and 54” models only), press in control knob and turn counterclockwise to the
“LITE” position. (Note: 27” and 36” grill models utilize heat from the brass burner closest to the smoker drawer)
Press and hold the ignite button on the right side of the control panel for 5 seconds
Start the smoking process with control knob set at high for 5 minutes
Turn control knob clockwise to the desired setting (Note: Lower settings will keep wood chips from burning too fast)
Exercise caution when removing the smoker tray to add more chips – It will be very hot!!
The grill and some surface areas get very hot during cooking. Do not touch or lean against them.
Keep children away from the grill when in use.
Do not leave grill unattended while cooking.
NOTE: For additional information please reference your Use and Care Manual
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