Floor Scales - ALL-TECH Weighing Systems

Floor Scales - ALL-TECH Weighing Systems
Floor Scales
Portable Floor Scale
Ultra-Low Profile
Portable Scale Goes Anywhere,
Handles Any Environment
Portable Floor Scales
Low-Profile Scale for Batching and Filling
in Harsh or Sanitary Environments
Ultra-low profile for easy loading
Hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells
Scale engine provides precise, repeatable performance
The 2888 DECKMATE floor scale is
a portable scale with an extremely
low profile for easy loading. This
feature makes it ideal for weighing
drums, totes, small mixing vats,
and reactors. The scale can be
used in harsh or sanitary environments such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and
food processing operations.
Several sizes and capacities are
available. The smallest version is
sized for carts, drums, and small
totes. The largest will accommodate large totes, IBC containers,
and full-size reactors used in the
petrochemical and pharmaceutical
The DECKMATE floor scale can be
used as a static scale or equipped
for maximum portability. The
portable version has large caster
wheels. Setup is quick and easy.
Simply move the scale where you
want it, lower the ramps, and start
weighing. The 30x30-inch size fits
easily through standard 36-inch
doorways. For maximum portability, use the scale with a battery-
operated terminal—no electrical
outlet is needed.
Our standard tread-plate surface
offers safe footing for workers. The
scale’s low profile means that less
effort is required to manually place
a load on the scale.
The DECKMATE design eliminates
hard-to-reach corners, gaps, and
other areas where contaminants
collect. Our glass-bead surface
preparation provides a finish that
resists scratching and chemical
staining. It is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean. That is why
most major pharmaceutical and
food companies have adopted this
scale as a standard.
Hazardous Areas
Our load cells are approved for use
in hazardous areas in most markets. DECKMATE load cells carry
Factory Mutual, European Ex, and
Canadian CSA Ex approvals when
used with a METTLER TOLEDO
intrinsically safe terminal.
Stainless steel DECKMATE floor scale
for sanitary applications.
Technology Does Make a Difference
Your scale needs to do more than give an accurate weight reading when it’s brand
new. It needs to give accurate readings time after time, even when used for demanding applications in industrial environments. How do we ensure this high level of
performance? METTLER TOLEDO believes that technology is the key. We combine
innovative designs with the manufacturing capabilities to turn those designs into
precision products. We start with four goals in mind:
The load cells must provide accurate, repeatable performance
The design must protect the load cells from damage
The suspension system must ensure vertical loading
The scale must be designed for durability
At the heart of each scale is our VERTEX® Scale Engine. It consists of the load cells
and the suspension system that transmits weight from the platform to the load cells.
We design scale components to perform reliably, without the need for adjustment.
And we test our products extensively to ensure that you get a scale you can count
on. Take a look at what makes our scales different:
Overload protection stop
prevents damage to the
load cell. It is an integral
part of the load cell, so it
never needs adjustment.
Your choice of epoxypainted steel, 304
stainless steel, or 316
stainless steel to provide
the durability your
application demands.
Load cells undergo a
three-step calibration
process to ensure
Portable 30x30-inch scale fits easily
through standard doorways. Hinged
ramps fold out of the way when scale
is moved or stored.
Fixed end and
side bumpers
protect load cells
from side-loading
damage. Never
needs adjustment.
Rocker pin automatically
aligns in blind-hole load
point, concentrating all
vertical load at one point
on the load cell. This type
of suspension system
is more reliable and
durable than threaded
Choose from 304 or 316 stainless steel
for the level of corrosion resistance you
Load cells are
hermetically sealed with
welded covers to keep
out moisture and dirt.
Fixed lower receiver helps
keep rocker pin in ideal
weighing position. Never
needs adjustment.
Ultra-low profile makes it easy to wheel
heavy containers onto the scale.
Standard Platform Size
30x30 to 42x42 inches
(762x762 to 1067x1067 mm)
Available Capacities
500 to 2500 lb
(600 to 1500 kg)
Platform Height
Load Cell Type
1.5 to 2 inches
(38 to 51 mm)
Two-part, epoxy-painted mild steel, 304 stainless steel,
or 316 stainless steel
Hermetically sealed stainless steel, four 350-ohm load cells
Load Cell Suspension
Stainless steel rocker-pin assembly
Junction Box
Top access, stainless steel NEMA 4X / IP65
End Loading
100% end loading
Standard Operating Temp.
14ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC)
Metrological Approvals
NTEP, Measurement Canada, OIML
Hazardous Area Approvals
Shipping Weight
Static Version
125 to 350 lb
(57 to 159 kg)
Shipping Weight
Portable Version
520 to 740 lb
(236 to 336 kg)
Compatible METTLER
TOLEDO Instruments
Portability Configuration - Additional Features
Standard Platform Size
30x30 to 42x42 inches
(762x762 to 1067x1067 mm)
Portability Frame Outer
33.5x49.25 to 45.5x62.5 inches
(851x1251 to 1156x1588 mm)
Instrument Column
37 in. (940 mm) high - Included standard with portability option
Accessory Mounting Plate
Pre-tapped holes for mounting METTLER TOLEDO battery pack or
hazardous area power supply
• Ramps: 4.5", 12", 18" long
• Instrument mounting brackets
• Portability conversion kits
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
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