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WC DVR Brochure - 2-11:Layout 1.qxd
How a DVR works
Your DVR Remote
Digital Video Recorder Guide
Inside a DVR set top box is a hard drive
just like in a computer. When an audio
and video signal is digitized, you can store
content just like data on a computer. How
much you can store on the DVR hard drive
depends on how much data is contained
in the original program.
A DVR from Walnut Communications can
store about 20 hours of HD programming
or about 90 hours of standard definition
Service includes:
● Watch what you want, when you want
to with your DVR box
● Interactive Program Guide
● 35 Digital Music Channels
● Access to Pay-Per-View & Movieplexes
Change how
and when
you watch
TV with a
Further details:
● Enjoying programs in High Definition
(HD) requires an HD capable TV and
that the programming originated in HD
● Not all networks or programs are
transmitted or produced in High
● Copyright protection prohibits the
downloading of content from a DVR
Stop by one of our offices for
a DVR demonstration!
161 South Elm Street
510 Highland Street
Enhance Your Digital Cable Experience
DVR Puts You in Control!
With iGuide, you’ll find it easy to find and
discover the programs you love. With enhanced
search capabilities and new DVR recording
management tools, you can enjoy your favorite
shows anytime.
Build Your Own Personal Video Library
Digital Video Recording (DVR)
Pause live television. Rewind
and replay programs. Record
your favorites all season long.
With DVRs, you’re in control
from the comfort of your own
home. And with Dual-tuner
DVR, you can watch one
program while recording
Control Live TV
Any time you tune to a
channel, the DVR starts a
temporary recording. So you
can PAUSE if the phone rings,
REWIND the scene you missed
and FAST-FORWARD to skip
what you don’t want to watch.
It’s easy to record with i-Guide. Press REC on
your remote anytime while watching TV for easy
one-touch recording. Press
from the Program
Info screen to setup a one time or series
recording, or even setup an auto-recording from
any Search results screen.
Your Recordings Your Way
i-Guide helps you easily
manage your recordings.
Access the DVR Menu from
DVR on the Quick Menu or
Main Menu. From here,
select My Recordings to
view your list.
Series recordings are
automatically grouped into
Folders so you can quickly
scroll through your list.
arrows to select a
series and press OK/Select.
Scroll through the list to
find the episode you want
to see.
DVR Cleanup lets you delete multiple shows at
once, and DVR History keeps track of shows that
were deleted. i-Guide makes it simple to
organize your shows so you can enjoy watching
on your schedule.
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