First Settlers Region, Porsche Club of America

First Settlers Region, Porsche Club of America
First Settlers Region, Porsche Club of America
Driver’s Education Technical Inspection Form
Event Date:
Emergency Contact:
Year of Car:
First Settlers Region
Pre-tech Inspection
**(To be performed by a professional mechanic or club approved tech inspector within 30 days of the event)**
Vehicle Interior
Suspension & Running Gear
Interior Mirror: (1) minimum in good condition and securely mounted
Helmet: Snell rated current or last date certificate, no cracks; chin strap
Wheel Bearings: proper free rotation; no looseness in hub.
Structural Integrity: no loose body or interior parts; no structural
in good condition. (SA2010 or Newer – No M Rated helmets accepted)
rust at or near suspension points.
Seat belts: Factory or better installation in both seats. Must be securely
Front Suspension:
mounted; belts not frayed; equal restraints for passenger and driver.
4-point harnesses prohibited except Schroth Quick Fit. 5-, 6- and 7-point
harnesses must use seat with factory routing holes.
Rear Suspension:
no excessive play; ball joints and tie rods
secure; boots and all seals in good condition.
half shaft boots in good condition; mounting
hardware in good condition; no leakage.
Roll Bar & Cages: Mandatory for all open/semi-open cars without
manufacturer’s structural or deploying roll over protection; must pass the
broomstick rule, must be covered with closed cell foam padding where a
helmet comes in contact with the bar.
Sufficient brake pads (50% minimum); rotors and pads are in
good condition; no cuts or abrasions in brake lines. There should be no
visible cracks extending to the edge of the rotor. With co-driver, pads
should exceed minimum standard.
All pedals must have free return and be in good operating
condition. Brake pedal must be firm.
Brake Fluid:
Doors: must be operational from inside and outside.
Windshield: no cracks, condition does not impair vision.
Date brake fluid was last changed: ___/___/____
Tires: general good condition; no cracks, cuts, cords or blisters; the
Sufficient brake fluid; premium fluid recommended.
Brake fluid must be changed at least annually.
tires that will be used at the track should be the ones checked.
Accessories secure (stereo, camera, etc.)
Wheels-Overall Condition:
no cracks, bends or flaws; valve
stems must have airtight caps.
Wheel Bolts & Lugs:
all lug nuts engaged. Wheel Center-locks:
locking devices are fully engaged. For track tires, steel lug nuts should be
Engine & Trunk Compartments
Battery: properly secured; no apparent corrosion.
Electrical: harnesses/relays/wires secure
Belts: fan and other auxiliary belts in good condition with proper tension.
Throttle Return: freely operating and proper spring(s).
Fluid Lines: proper fittings and line condition; no external clamps used
Vehicle Exterior
Windshield wipers: in good working order
Brake Lights: functional and visible brake lights.
Fluids: NO DRIPPING LEAKS of any fluid of any type.
Windshield: no cracks, condition does not impair vision.
Exhaust System: securely fastened and in good condition.
on pressurized oil lines.
Engine: general condition of engine and accessories.
Hood & Deck lids secure
Exterior mirrors: in good condition
Gas Cap: tightly closed and no leakage. Caps for all fluids secure
1. This OFFICIAL TECHNICAL INSPECTION FORM (THE “FORM”) submitted to the First Settlers Region (the
“Region”) of the Porsche Club of America, in connection with the above noted High Performance Driver Education Event
was performed on the date shown below by a Porsche mechanic or other person authorized by the Region to conduct
such an inspection.
2. The completed Form correctly and accurately shows the condition of the Car identified above on the date of the
3. There have been no changes in the condition of the Car since the date of the inspection that would affect the trackworthiness of the Car. The undersigned hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless PCA, its zones and
regions, as well as the inspector, from any and all claims or demands arising directly or indirectly from any incorrect
and/or inaccurate statements set forth in this form.
I understand that the technical inspection performed on my Car and my helmet is solely for the purpose of meeting
minimum standards of car preparation for the Zone’s or Region’s High Performance Driving Event. No warranties or
guarantees are implied or expressed by the passing of the inspection performed. I acknowledge that the safe condition
and operation of my Car is entirely my responsibility. I take full and sole responsibility for any vehicle problems,
malfunctions, or damage that may occur in connection with the operation or performance of my Car prior to, during, or
subsequent to the Event.
Inspection Facility Information and Stamp
Tech Inspector’s Name:
Tech Inspector’s Signature:
Signature Driver 1:
Signature Driver 2:
Final Tech Inspection
Brake pads: Sufficient lining material (50% minimum)
Lug nuts torqued to appropriate specification
Wheel covers removed
No loose or distracting objects (including glove box)
Brake lights operable
Gas cap and battery secured
(Done at the Track)
Appropriate clothing (long sleeve shirt, long
pants of non-synthetic fiber)
Rubber soled shoes (required)
Helmet (Snell SA2010 or later. No M rated)
Car Numbers in place (8” minimum)
Floor mats removed
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