Goodguvs AutoCross Rules 2016

Goodguvs AutoCross Rules 2016
Goodguvs AutoCross Rules 2016
The classes for 2Ot6 will be as follows: PRO-Class, Street Machine, Hot Rod, Truck and All American
Late Models. Goodguys will assign you to a class at the event during the Tech lnspection.
All classes will have the'following general rules:
All entries must be registered participants with Goodguys for the event they are running and
must be street licensed, insured, street legal with all lights and safety items. (No comp entries
can run in the AutoCross except Sponsors of the AutcCross)
2. The registered name on the vehicle window
sticker will be the only driver that can have times
counted or displayed. lf you have two drivers, you must have two window stickers with the
different driver names. lf someone else drives the car that is not listed, times will not count.
Once a driver and car are entered into the Shootout that car cannot gain any points for any
other driver and that car is the only car that driver can drive in the Shootout.
All entries must run a Goodguys AutoCross decal to run on the track; you will get this after the
vehicle has passed tech. PRO drivers must run a PRO Decal all season,
You must be present at the end of your class competition if you are the winner for pictures and
the awards on Sunday. lf you are not, the runner up will become the new winner.
All passengers must be 1"8 years or older unless riding with parents, lf riding with a parent, the
minimum age is L0 years old and the minimum height is 4 feet 9 inches tall. All competitors and
passengers must sign an event waiver.
Driver must have a current state issued license and current insurance,
7. After any incident the vehicle will have to be re-inspected.
8. All decisions made by race officials will be enforced and are final'
\9. No unsafe driving will be tolerated,
10. No burnouts to or at starting line or outside the safety area.
11. Smoking is not permitted in the pits, grid area or inside the racing area at any time,
12. Each participant is responsible for any and all damages brought on by themselves or their
vehicles at the event. They are responsible for any damages, legal fees and clean-up fees by
facility or event eoordinators.
13. lf aconemovesmorethan50%outof thechalkbox,itwillbeaLsecondpenalty. lf aconeis
knocked completely over or out of the chalk mark, it will be a 2 second penalty (see diagram).
L4. Not stopping at the exit stop sign is an OFF Track penalty with NO time recorded.
L5. No alcoholic beverages allowed for driver or crew members in the pit or track area.
Car safety rules:
will be limited to 200 minimum. Any tread wear rating below 200
will be exhibition only and times will not be recorded or promoted. No tires can be down to
the wear indicators.
Must have all lug nuts on each wheel and must remove hub caps during runs if equipped.
DOT tires and tread wear
3. Wheel bearings must have no play.
4. No traction control, ABS or All Wheel Drive in any class except All American Late Models.
5. Batteries must be mounted securely by mechanical fastener to the body or chassis.
6. Overflow catch can on the radiator is mandatory.
7. All hoses must be in good condition with no cracks, swelling, deterioration or leaks.
8. Brake pedal must have good resistance and not go to the floor.
9. All wheels must have working brakes of at least 50% of original thickness and fluid must be
full with no leaks,
L0. Steering column must be tight and secured; no binding or looseness.
11. Seats must be mounted secure to body or chassis.
12. Seatbelts must be a minimum of a lap belt and secured to the body, bar, seat anchor bolt or
frame. Any passenger riding must also have a seatbelt of the same caliber of the drivers.
1"3, Gas cap or tank vent must not leak on the track and tank must be securely mounted.
14, Fuel tank must be mounted in stock location or SFI/FIA fuel cell mounted securely. (Trucks
see rules)
the body, behind driver and be securely installed. Mufflers are
required with no open exhaust or open headers allowed.
16. All entries will have all body panels of such vehicle (Fenders, doors, hood, deck lid and bed
sides on trucks). Body must be within 10% of original production (Hot rod & Truck class have
1"5. Exhaust must exit outside of
exception in their rules).
17. Must have front and rear glass or lexan and side windows must be rolled down during run
18. Brake lights must be working at all times on the track,
19. Throttle must have a return spring with no binding.
20. No leaks vehicle.
2L. Open top cars must have a roll bar over the driver, head and if a passenger is riding it will
require one for them as well.
22. All loose items must be removed from the vehicle including floor-mats.
23. Helmets are not required in most classes; the course will be designed to keep speeds below
35MPH. PRO-Class will require helmets.
Tech will open about one hour before racing starts, Please stay with your car until
it has made it through
tech and you have your decal. Pit space is limited and will be first come first serve. lf stalls become open
during the day we willfill with cars from the waiting area. The PRO-Class will be the only reserved pit
stalls for the other event days.
to wear a helmet DOT or SFI approved.
Sponsors of the AutoCross, the Class Champions from 2015 and the 32 drivers from the 201.5
"Duel in the Desert" Shootout are automatically put into the PRO-Class. The Street Machine, Hot
Rod and Truck class winners after each event will be in the PRO-Class for the remainder of that
PRO drivers are required
All passengers riding with a
driver must wear a helmet. Goodguys will provide them for the
rticipa nts.
Sponsor cars must be house cars only or owned by a full-time employee of the Sponsor
will run at the top of every hour (10 cars or less) and (lt-20 cars will be every other
will be running for an award, points and the chance to be a feature in the Goodguys
Yearbook at seasons end along with qualifying for the Autocross Shootout.
There will be an official PRO-Class decal once you qualify for the PRO-class that must be worn
for the season (provided by Goodguys at tech).
PRO-Class vehicles must be t972 or older in appearance, representing a production car.
PRO-Class must be American made AND American Powered vehicles only, this includes the
The PRO-Class will be running with a point system for the season winner. Each event that you
run, you will get 1 point for running the event and first to tenth place will get points ten for first
and one for tenth. The classes will be divided and points will go to each class (Street Machine,
Hot Rod, and Truck), The season winners will get a feature in the Goodguys Yearbook.
Strqet Machine Class:
Allvehicles must be 1955 to 1972in appearance, representing a production car.
Goodguys Get-Togethers and All American Nationals will be 1955 and newer.
Hot Rod Class:
All vehicles must be 1954 or older cars in appearance; no trucks, deliveries or panels allowed in
this class.
High-Boys and Roadsters are not required to run fenders or hood sides but must run a hood top.
All Roadsters must have a roll cage.
Truck Class:
Must be 1972 or older at the National events and all year trucks at the Pleasanton GetTogethers.
Any vehicle with a bed, panel trucks, deliveries, El Caminos and Rancheros will be in this class.
L94O and older trucks are
not required to run fenders or hood sides'
Fuel tanks do NOT have to be in'stock location, but must be securely mounted.
All American Late Models:
All American Made or American Powered 1973 and newer cars and trucks will be in this class
and can only run on Sundays at the Nationals events.
Tread wear should be production equipped rate or 200 minimum.
Qualifying for all classes (except All American late Model) will be Friday and Saturday of the National events and
Saturday and Sunday of the Get-Togethers. Winners could be decided in each class at the end of the last day of
qualifying. AllAmerican Late Models will be on Sunday
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