2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone

2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone
Select the mounting locations for the Device and Antenna. Do not mount the Device or the Antenna
under the hood or expose to outside elements.
Make sure the “SIM Card Lock” is positioned to the locked position (to the left). The device will not
obtain a cellular connection if it is not in the locked position
The Antenna is designed to mount inside the vehicle. The “3M Tape” emblem represents the top of the
Antenna, and must face up. It is strongly recommended that the Antenna be mounted under the
vehicle dash in a hidden location with line of sight to the sky through the windshield. The Antenna will
not work if line of sight is blocked by metal. Make sure the window does not have any metal film at
base of window to block GPS signal. The antenna must not be in contact with anything metallic, or
covered by any metallic objects to work properly. Do not crimp or route antenna cables.
OBDII CONNECTION. (Make connections but do not plug into Device)
The OBDII connector is generally located on the driver’s side, under the dash. An additional mounting
bracket is supplied, and may be required for some vehicles (see diagram D below).
Remove the OBDII connector from the current vehicle mounting position.
Plug the supplied OBDII cable into the vehicles OBDII connector.
Remount the OBDII that is on the harness to the vehicle’s mounting position.
Green Wire- only utilized if installing “Starter Disable.” (please refer to “Starter Disable
Diagram” if installing)
Connect the white wire from the harness to the ignition wire
D. If the OBDII Connector does not fit the vehicle, you must perform a standard hardwire installation.
Cut the OBDII connector and follow the “STANDARD INSTALL GUIDE.”
E. (Mounting Bracket) 2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: (866)655-8826
5. Hand-tighten Antenna connectors to “GPS
ANT” and “MODEM ANT” outlets on Device. Do
not power the device without the GSM connector
secured to the device. Powering up the Device
without the GSM connector secured may result
in product failure.
6. Plug in supplied wire harness to Device. Ground/Black wire should be
on far left side of Device matching to (Ground) on Device front panel.
Match Power/Red wire to VIN (Voltage IN) on Device.
7. Make sure the vehicle is parked outside and has a clear view of the horizon for GPS to “lock in”.
8. Observe LED status to confirm proper installation and if device is receiving GPS/GSM signals
PWR = this LED w i l l move to a solid RED state as soon as the device receives constant
USR2 = GPS signal. When the GPS has locked on, this LED w i l l move to a solid RED state. I t
may take up to fifteen minutes to lock on, although generally less than five minutes.
USR1 = GSM /Cellular status. This LED should move to a solid GREEN state within one minute
of the Device being powered up.
Starter Disable with ECM Background
If you’re doing a starter interrupt ins tall on a vehicle with ECM, then the standard installation does not apply. The
starter wire goes into an onboard computer, generally carrying a low voltage into i t instead of the standard 12.
You need to have a voltage meter, not a standard “Ice Pick”! The l i ght will come on with the pick and
give you a false reading! I f you tap a wire with a low voltage (3-5 volts) you will lock down the vehicle!
Follow the low voltage wire from the ignition key to the ECM. Use your voltage meter to ensure that i t is a 12 volt
supply coming out. Once you’ve located the proper 12 volt wire after the ECM, proceed with the regular starter
interrupt instructions using this wire.
Starter Disable
2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: (866)655-8826
Relay Socket Diagram
86 = Orange Wire – (Connect to green output wire on harness)
87a = White Wire
30 = Red Wire
2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: (866)655-8826
I’m not getting any power.
a. Check the wiring. Red needs to have a constant 12v+ supply and black needs a good ground.
b. Check the harness. Is it plugged in all the way?
c. Has the inline fuse been blown? If there has been a surge, you may need to replace the fuse before power will flow.
My locates are timing out.
a. Sometimes when there is heavy activity on the network, it is possible that the system gets bogged down and not
every locate makes it through. Try again to make sure that it’s not the system at fault.
b. If USR1 light (green) is not solid, ensure the cellular cable is properly attached.
c. If the USR1 (green) light is solid, check with tech support for an in-depth diagnosis.
My map shows unavailable / old location.
a. This is due to inadequate GPS signal. Old data will be present when there has been data received in the past, and
unavailable when there has never been any location given. There are different causes of this, most often improper
placement of the GPS antenna.
b. Always check the USR2 (2nd Red Light) before trying to locate the vehicle. If the light is off, there has been no GPS
lock and so no location will be given. If the light is on and no location is given, check antenna placement.
c. Antenna’s need to be free of any metal obstructions with the 3M tape side facing the sky. A reminder that it may
take up to 20 minutes to get a GPS lock after install, though generally around 5 minutes.
d. If antenna is in a proper position, the vehicle could be inside of a garage, parking ramp, or other building that is an
obstruction itself.
e. If the USR2 light is on and all antenna related issues have been checked, call tech support. There may be a
hardware issue that needs to be resolved.
My starter interrupt isn’t working.
a. Check the wiring with the installation instructions. The green wire from the harness needs to go to the orange wire
of the relay. The starter wire in the vehicle needs to be cut in half. The red wire from the relay needs to go to the
key (ignition) side of that wire and both white wires (relay and harness) need to go the starter side.
Frequently Asked Questions
Auto reports- what are they?
The first auto report will show up about 5 minutes after the first time the device gets both a GPS and a cellular lock. Once the
first one has occurred, another will automatically run once a month. You are not charged for any auto report, these are simply for
your benefit.
I’m out of traks, how can I buy more?
Trak units can be bought via our ecommerce website that is built into your account. Once logged in, you can simply click on the
“Purchase TRAK’S” link on the left side of the page under Other Options. From there you will be able to purchase however
many you need using your credit card. Since this is an automatic process, traks can be purchased at any time of day or night and
be instantly available for use once the transaction is complete.
Why do I have a blue dot on the map instead of a green one? or
Why does it show my vehicle is there when it’s not?
What you are experiencing is “Old” GPS data. This happens when there is an obstruction so that no clear GPS signal can be
achieved. The blue dot on the map indicates this is old, and is simply showing you where it was the last time it did. Above the
map, you will see where it shows you just how long ago that data is. It will say something to the effect of “0 days 2 hours 3
minutes 0 seconds” next to location.
2035 Lakeside Centre Way, Suite 125 Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: (866)655-8826
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