Heavy Fuel Oil blending on viscosity FEATURES

Heavy Fuel Oil blending on viscosity FEATURES
Heavy Fuel Oil blending on viscosity
Money saving – not
necessary to deliver
heavy fuel with
“better” product
specification then
PetroOnline’s fuel blender is made for blending heavy fuel oil with gasoil to achieve a set
value for viscosity. A continuous injection principle combined with advanced control and
monitoring functions provides good accuracy and ensures the quality of the final product.
Continuous in-line
blending – no problem
with product samples
Picture 1: Blending container
Picture 2: Viscosity meter
The blender is factory built and normally placed in a container made of steel. PetroOnline can
offer a turnkey delivery of a blending container. The container can, if necessary, be delivered
isolated and/or equipped with heating element for temperature control inside the container.
Heavy Fuel Oil blending on viscosity
Functional description
Figure 1: Schematics of viscosity blending
The figure above shows a bunker
blender where two qualities of heavy fuel
oil, with different sulphur content, are
blended for a set value of sulphur
content. This blend is then blended with
marine gasoil for a set value of viscosity.
Current viscosity is monitored
continuously throughout the bunkering.
From an operator’s panel all the ongoing
operations are visualized. The figure to
the right shows a screenshot from the
operator’s panel.
Figure 2: Screenshot from operator's panel
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