Battery Scrubber Troubleshooting Guide

Battery Scrubber Troubleshooting Guide
Battery Scrubber Troubleshooting Guide
Advance Equipment
Possible Cause
Worn or torn squeegee
Squeegee out of adjustment
The hose is disconnected
from the squeegee
Recovery Tank Full
Recovery drain hose leak
Poor Water Pick-up
Debris caught in squeegee
Vacuum hose clogged
The vacuum grid is clogged
or the float is stuck closed
Using too much solution
The tank cover is not
correctly closed, or the
gasket is damaged
Recovery tank cover gasket
Worn brush or pad
Wrong Brush or Pad Type
Wrong Cleaning Chemical
Poor Scrubbing
Wrong chemical dilution
Moving machine too fast
Not using enough solution
Inadequate solution flow or
no solution
Pike Systems, Inc.
Solution tank empty
Solution lines, valves, filter
or trough clogged
Solution shutoff valve
Reverse or replace
Adjust so blade touch floor
evenly across entire width
Empty recovery tank
Secure drain hose cap or
Clean squeegee tool
Remove debris
Clean the grid or check the
Adjust solution flow at
control panel
Seat cover properly or
replace gasket if needed.
Replace gasket or seat cover
Replace brush or pad
Consult Pike for proper
brush/pad for each
Consult Pike for proper
chemical given application
Call Pike Systems or
reference chemical label to
determine proper dilution
Slow down scrubbing speed
Increase solution flow on
control panel
Refill solution tank
Flush lines, trough and
clean solution filter
Open solution shutoff valve
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Solution solenoid valve
Clean or replace valve
Battery connector
Batteries are completely
Operator seat safety switch
Reconnect battery
Charge the batteries
Machine does not run
Main System Controller
No FWD/REV wheel drive
Vacuum shuts off and
display shows “recovery
tank full indicator” when
recovery tank is not full
Poor Sweeping
Performance (cylindrical
machines only)
No Detergent Flow (AXP
Scrub deck raises while
Pike Systems, Inc.
Tripped 10 Amp circuit
Drive system speed
Tripped 70 Amp circuit
Emergency stop switch
The machine has been
turned on by using the
ignition key and by keeping
the paddle or gas pedal
Plugged squeegee hose
Vacuuming large amounts
of water at a high travel
Hopper full
Brushes are worn
Bristles have taken a set
Empty detergent cartridge
Plugged or kinked detergent
flow line
Dry seal cap on detergent
cartridge not sealed
Detergent pump wiring
disconnected or backwards
Debris caught between
brushes and brush housing
Bad brush motor bearing
Check for open circuit and
replace or insure that
someone is sitting on seat
Check error fault codes (see
service manual)
Check for electrical short
circuit and reset
Check error fault codes (see
service manual)
Check for drive motor
Reset emergency stop
Turn the ignition key to “0”
position, then try to start the
machine without pressing
the paddle or pedal. If rider
unit, disconnect the battery
connector and reconnect.
Clear debris
Slow down or disable autoshut-off feature (see service
Empty and clean hopper
Replace brushes
Rotate brushes
Fill detergent cartridge
Purge system, straighten
lines to remove any kinks
Reseat dry seal cap
Connect or reconnect
Remove debris
Replace bearing
“Tomorrow’s solutions…today!”
Phone: 630-896-6373
Pike Systems, Inc.
“Tomorrow’s solutions…today!”
Phone: 630-896-6373
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