PIKO Battery Inverter – Product features and service concept

PIKO Battery Inverter – Product features and service concept
Product features
and service concept
PIKO battery inverter
„ Module power of 4 - 11 KWp
„ Charge controller and inverter in one casing
„ Integrated energy management system
„ CAN interface to the external storage‘s battery management system
„ Provision of grid services, in particular reactive power, active power
reduction according to VDE-AR-N 4105
„ Feed-in in compliance with phase and to match demand
„ Future-oriented as fully equipped for new storage concepts
„ Integrated communication and monitoring system
Service concept
As with all PIKO string inverters, KOSTAL Solar Electric offers its proven
five-year replacement warranty for the PIKO battery inverter too. Should
a warranty claim be made within this period, you will receive a replacement unit from your specialist company delivered and commissioned, no
questions asked. The specialist company will also arrange to take away
the old PIKO inverter. For more information about our service offer and
warranty conditions, please visit our homepage.
The service for batteries is provided by our partner, Hoppecke Batterien
from Brilon (Germany). As a specialist in the production and integration
of energy systems, Hoppecke provides professional battery maintenance
and all associated services. Our partner also has a service network spanning Germany and Europe and handles return logistics for used batteries,
meaning that they can be collected from you directly.
smart, communicative and autonomous
KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH
Hanferstr. 6
79108 Freiburg i. Br.
Telefon: +49 761 47744 - 100
Fax: +49 761 47744 - 111
le from
KOSTAL Solar Electric Ibérica S.L.
Edificio abm
Ronda Narciso Monturiol y Estarriol, 3
Torre B, despachos 2 y 3
Parque Tecnológico de Valencia
46980 Valencia
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KOSTAL Solar Electric France SARL
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Téléphone: +33 1 61 38 - 4117
Fax: +33 1 61 38 - 3940
KOSTAL Solar Electric Hellas Ε.Π.Ε.
47 Steliou Kazantzidi st., P.O. Box: 60080
1st building – 2nd entrance
55535, Pilea, Thessaloniki
Greece / Ελλάδα
Τelephone: +30 2310 477 - 550
Fax: +30 2310 477 - 551
KOSTAL Solar Electric Italia Srl
Via Genova, 57
10098 Rivoli (TO)
Telefono: +39 011 97 82 - 420
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06/2012 – PRO PIKO BA – EN – 10239351
Battery storage system
„ Proven lead /gel technology
„ Total capacity 11 kWh
„ Stationary, zero-maintenance, sealed battery storage
„ 2.800 cycles at 50 % DoD
„ Nominal voltage 228 V
„ External dimensions 900 mm x 400 mm x 1.600 mm (W x D x H)
„ Integrated battery management system
„ CAN interface to PIKO battery inverter
„ Modular structure for easy installation
PIKO Battery Inverter –
2 nd qua
rter 20
KOSTAL family –
the story behind the success. 100 years.
The KOSTAL group:
the success story of KOSTAL
„ As an independent, family-run company,
the KOSTAL group is specialised in the
development of high-quality electronic and
mechatronic solutions for a wide range of
industrial and automobile applications.
„ The company was founded in 1912 by
Leopold Kostal in Lüdenscheid, Germany,
and today employs about 13.300 people in
37 locations in a total of 17 countries.
„ The KOSTAL group has four divisions:
Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrial
Electronics with its international sales company Solar Electric, Connectors and SOMA
(Test Technology).
„ The KOSTAL group’s partners include the
world’s leading automobile manufacturers
and numerous major industrial companies.
PIKO battery inverter with battery cabinet
Quality offensive thinking
Upgrading our PIKO to a battery inverter means
that when combined with an external battery
storage, energy can be consumed even when
solar energy is not being generated. The PIKO
battery inverter is particularly useful for domestic
consumption as it can provide not just a threephase symmetrical feed but unsymmetrical too
if required. To attain maximum functionality and
safety from the battery storage system, the
inverter uses the proven lead/gel technology.
If managed correctly as an integrated battery
management system, this technology ensures
a good yield over a long period and no need for
maintenance. The modular structure
of the chosen battery storage system also provides a key benefit to installation.
„ Having been developed in-house at
KOSTAL, the PIKO battery inverter meets
very high standards.
„ All PIKO inverters are produced in line with
state-of-the-art technological standards.
„ All production processes are aligned to the
„zero-error philosophy“ of an automobile
„ The PIKO inverter undergoes strict quality
checks, including a final check lasting several
hours, throughout the production process.
All of these extra functions have been added
to the PIKO battery inverter while retaining
the proven benefits of the PIKO string inverter
series. For example, the latest addition to the
PIKO family offers a high degree of flexibility,
e.g. two MPP trackers and a wide input voltage
range. As a matter of course it also features the
communication concept for PV system monitoring as standard. The compact design and low
weight are also beneficial when handling and
KOSTAL Solar Electric:
a partner you can count on
„ In the Industrial Electronics division, the
PIKO inverters are developed and produced
at the German headquarters. KOSTAL Solar
Electric GmbH handles all the work involved
in distributing the PIKO inverters as well as
technical support.
„ International customers benefit from a local
service from our branch offices in France,
Italy, Spain and Greece.
„ KOSTAL partnerships are designed for the
long term. This has always been and continues to be an essential element of our
company culture.
Regular changes to legislation to promote renewable energies are resulting in the feed-in tariff
falling all the time. This makes the use of selfproduced solar energy increasingly attractive as
it minimises your costs.
The energy management system integrated in
the PIKO battery inverter is a useful tool. Taking
account of financial and technical aspects, the
system decides whether the electricity produced
is fed to the mains grid, stored in the battery or
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