4. Převodníky teploty
sensor: Pt100, 500, 1000
Cu50, 100; Ni100, 500, 1000
current output 4-20mA
voltage output
Stem with DIN connector
•measuring resistance Pt100
• installation is performed by screwing directly into
weldoled, connection with connector,
• range: -50+400°C
Stem with terminal board
• measuring resitance Pt100 in stainless steel stem, in plastic
terminal board is voltage transducer 4-20mA
• ranges: -40+60°C, 0-100°C, 0-200°C
Outside and contact design
• outside design consists of sensor Pt100 in brass stem,
in steel case is voltage design 4-20mA,
contact design consist of sensor Pt100
soaked with a flexible material
• ranges: -20+30°C, 0-50°C
0+10°C, -40+120°C
Into ATEX enviroment THTB4
• stability and resistance to vibrations,
stainless steel case with high resistance
to external conditions and pressures
• variable methods of process connection
• range: -50+300°C
Robust temperature transducer with display into
ATEX enviroment THTI8
• use of Pt100 or other temperature resistance
as a pick-up element,
high accurancy,
low power consumption
• high accurancy of transmitted signal up to 1000m
• range: -200+1800°C
• (+420) 545 226 177-184 •
• info@thermis.cz • www.thermis.cz •
Electronic sensors/transducers with
resistance output are design for
temperature measurement of liquid,
gas, loose and solid materials with high
accuracy and reliability of
measurement. Serves for very fast and
accurate temperature measurement
even in demanding operations. Sensor
itself can be made of Pt, Cu or Ni. They
e n a b l e i m m e d i ate t ra n sfe r o f
measured temperature in forem of
analog output, which can be further
processed/assesed using suitable
device (display/regulatory unit).
Thanks to wide range of designs and
sensor types they can meet all your
requirements. Sensors/transducers are
supplied in cable KST, stem with
terminal board STSs, contact with
terminal board STSp, room PST,
outside designs, for ATEX certification...
S e n s o rs / t ra n s d u c e rs , t y p e s o f
resistance outputs Pt100, 500, 1000,
Cu50, 100, Ni100, 500, 1000...
Output - analog 4-20mA, voltage 0-5V,
• Thermis, spol. s r.o. • Mateøí 14 •
• 614 00 Brno • Czech Republic •
• (+420) 545 226 177-184 •
• info@thermis.cz • www.thermis.cz •
• Thermis, spol. s r.o. • Mateøí 14 •
• 614 00 Brno • Czech Republic •
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