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For One, Two, and Three Family Homes
City of Springboro
320 W. Central Ave.
Springboro, Ohio 45066
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All requirements are based on the 2011 National Electric Code, Section 680 for one, two, and
three-family residential properties. Please note, this guideline does not cover all possible
requirements for all swimming pool installations. Based on the type of installation, additional
electrical requirements may need to be addressed. Please call the building department at
(937) 748-9791 if you have any questions.
RECEPTACLES A 125V, 15-20A general purpose receptacle is required where a permanently installed pool is located
at a dwelling unit(s) and shall be located no less than 6 feet and not more than 20 feet from the inside wall of the
pool. This receptacle shall be located not more than 6 feet 6 inches above the floor, deck, platform or grade level
serving the pool. All 125V, 15-20A receptacles located within 20 feet of the inside walls of a pool shall be protected
by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
LIGHTING In outdoor pool areas, luminaires, lighting outlets, and ceiling paddle fans installed directly over a pool
shall be a minimum of 12 feet above the maximum water level. For areas 5 feet to 10 feet measured horizontally
from the inside edge of the pool, luminaires and lighting outlets shall be protected by a GFCI unless installed 5 feet
or more above the maximum water level and rigidly attached to the structure adjacent to or enclosing the pool.
Existing luminaires and lighting outlets that are located less than 5 feet horizontally from the inside edge of the
pool are permitted provided they are no less than 5 feet above the maximum water level and protected by a GFCI.
SWITCHING DEVICES Switching devices shall be located at least 5 feet horizontally from the inside wall of a pool
unless separated from the pool by a solid fence, wall, or other permanent barrier.
DISCONNECTS For each piece of equipment, other than lighting, a disconnecting means shall be provided within
sight of the equipment.
MOTORS Receptacles that provide power to pool pumps or other loads directly related to the circulation and
sanitation system for permanently installed pools shall not be permitted less than 10 feet from the inside wall of
the pool. Pool motor receptacles may be placed not less than 6 feet from the inside of the pool wall if they meet
the following conditions: (1) consist of single receptacle, (2) employ a locking configuration, (3) are of the
grounding Type, (4) have GFCI protection. Outlets supplying pool pump motors connected to single-phase, 120V
through 240V branch circuits, rated 15-20A, whether by receptacle or by direct connection, shall be provided with
GFCI protection for personnel.
OVERHEAD CONDUCTOR CLEARANCES No overhead wiring shall be installed within 22.5 feet vertically from the
maximum water. The 22.5 feet vertical clearance shall also apply to all areas extending 10’ horizontally from the
pool edge. Wiring above diving structures, observation stands, towers, or platforms shall not be within 14.5 feet.
UNDERGROUND WIRING Underground wiring shall not be permitted under the pool or less than 5 feet
horizontally from the inside edge of the pool unless necessary to supply pool equipment. Where space limitations
prevent wiring from being routed a distance of 5 feet or more from the pool, such wiring shall be permitted where
installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or a nonmetallic raceway system. All metal conduits
shall be corrosion resistant and suitable for the location.
REQUIRED ELECTRICAL INSPECTIONS: Bonding, electric trench, and final electric.
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