Correct position of LP tank and tank wire support bracket after grill

Correct position of LP tank and tank wire support bracket after grill
Items to Assemble:
2 Leg Assemblies
1 Bottom Shelf
6 carriage Bolts
6 Wing Nuts
Place Bottom Shelf and Legs as shown.
After assembling tighten all Wing Nuts.
Items to Assemble:
2 Wheel Assemblies
2 Hitch Pins
2 Leg Extenders
Item to Assemble:
1 Wire Shelf
1 Panel
2 Push Pins
Attach Wheel Assembly with Hitch Pins
A Assemble front panel first by
placing tabs into slots on Bottom Shelf.
Attach with push pins.
B Place Wire Shelf in 3rd hole from top.
Left Side:
Place 1 Carriage Bolt
and Wing Nut in upper hole only
Qty: 6
Qty: 2
Qty: 2
Right Side:
Attach 2 Carriage Bolts and Wing Nuts in
front and back.
Qty: 6
Items to Assemble:
1 Grill Bottom
1 Heat Shield
4 Carriage Bolts
4 Wing Nuts
Items to Assemble:
2 Shelves
8 Wing Screws
Items to Assemble:
1 Vaporiser Bar
1 Grate
1 Charcoal Pan or Grate holder
Grate rest
Qty: 8
Push Vaporiser Bar down onto rest in
Grill Bottom
Qty. 4
Items to Assemble:
1 Grill Lid
2 Hinge Pins
2 Hitch Pins
1 Handle
2 Wing Nuts
1 Logo Plate
Items to Assemble:
1 Straight Wire
2 Clips
2 Warming Rack Handles
Item to Assemble:
1 Warming Rack
1 Leg Wire
B Place U-shaped wires on back of
warming rack over straight wire.
Attach handles between second and third wire from ends.
Hook end of handlve over back and pull to hook over front wire.
To use the Charcoal Pan
remove the Vaporiser Bar and Grate
Qty: 2
Straight Wire
Hinge Pin
and Hitch Pin
Qty: 2
A Insert leg on warming
rack into grill bottom
Attach clips on straight wire. Place
wire into lower hole on lid. Slide
clips to lid sides.
D Flex leg wire down and
forward to secure on
hook of warming rack.
C Place leg wire into U-shaped
wire on front of warming rack.
Items to Assemble:
2 Charcoal Channels
1 Charcoal Pan
See pages 24 and 25 in the Use & Care Manual for Charcoal/Gas use.
A Insert Charcoal Channels on rests in grill bottom
B Rotate grate support wires up and insert into
holes on charcoal pan
Items to Assemble:
1 Grease Clip
1 Grease Cup
1 Tank Wire Support Bracket
Hang grease clip from center of grill bottom.
Use the grease cup to hang from grease clip.
LP tank is sold separately. Fill and leak check
before attaching to grill and regulator.
C Place warming rack
in upper position
on the wire grate
supports and the tray
onto tent frames in
grill bottom.
D Rotate warming rack
leg wire to back of grill
See Use & Care to perform the “Burner Flame Check”
and important safety instructions before using.
Back of Grill
Grease Clip
• Failure to install can in clip will cause hot
grease to drop from bottom of grill with
risk of fire or property damage.
Grease Cup
Correct position of LP tank
and tank wire support
bracket after grill assembly
•Tank collar opening must face to front of
cart once tank is attached.
• Failure to install tank correctly may allow
gas hose to be damaged in operation,
resulting in the risk of fire.
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