Pro ODO Quickstart

Pro ODO Quickstart
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YSI Pro ODO Quickstart
Please find your new YSI Pro ODO meter. Included in the box is the owner's manual and
the pocket guide. We set up the optical probe(s) and are ready to use.
Make sure the the probe(s) stay in a moist environment: moist sponge or in BOD bottle.
Do the following to get started:
For the field cable:
1. Connect the probe cable.
2. Turn meter on and let it stabilize a minute in calibration sleeve.
3. Calibrate, if needed by pressing: <CAL> and “Enter” three times while working
through the calibration prompts.
For the BOD probe:
1. Gently twist the shipping sponge off in a clockwise direction.
2. Connect the probe cable.
3. Plug in the BOD stirrer adapter.
4. If using the optional power supply for the meter: snap the comm saddle to the
back of the meter. Plug in the USB cable to this saddle and to the power adapter.
5. Turn meter on and let stabilize in calibration chamber.
6. Calibrate, if needed, as above.
Note: If using the optional adapter for powering the meter, the meter will not turn off
when plugged in. Simply unplug from the wall or the saddle to disconnect power.
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