Water Connection Standards

Water Connection Standards
The Corporation of the Township of Tiny
Water Connection Standards
Water Department Phone: (705) 526-9673 Fax: (705) 527-8767
Water Connection Standards
Reference By-Law 06-031 to Regulate the Provision of Municipal Water
1. Connection to the curb stop at the road is to be completed by the owner. Homeowners connecting to
the Lefaive or Lafontaine Systems must call the Water Superintendent prior to connecting.
These services may require the Township to connect.
2. The curb stop is part of the municipal water system and no person, inlcuding a licensed plumber, shall
operate the curb stop.
3. Any damages made to the existing water system during the connection will be repaired by the Township
at the homeowner's expense.
4. The service line must be 19 mm (3/4").
5. All fittings and service line must have 160 PSI rating and CSA approval.
6. Polyethylene pipe service requires stainless steel inserts and a tracer wire (min. 14 gauge copper).
7. The service line must be a minimum of 1.7 m (5 feet) deep, with a minimum of 150 mm (6") of clean
sand above and below it.
8. The service line must be left exposed (no backfilling) until the inspection has passed.
9. Services located on the following water systems require a curb stop and drain valve, service box and
service rod (Winter Service Valve). See Reverse for specifics.
Bluewater, Castle Cove, Cook's Lake, Georgian Bay Estates, Lafontaine West, Lefaive
Pennorth, Rayko, Sawlog Bay, TeePee Point, Thunder Bay, Vanier Woods and
Woodland Beach.
(Perkinsfield, Lafontaine Village, Whippoorwill and Wyevale do not require a winter service valve).
10. An air pressure gauge must be installed on the line in a location easily accessed by the inspector.
The line must be pressurized to 150 PSI.
11. All inspections must be arranged a minimum of 48 hours prior to required inspection, and during
normal office hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
12. Proper entry to inspect the inside connection must be available at the time of the inspection. The
owner or the contractor must be present during the inspection.
13. The Township will turn on water service to the property when the inspection has been approved.
Approved connection materials:
Brass Adapter
12 mm MIP x 19 mm CJ or 19 mm MIP x 19 mm CJ
(½" MIP x ¾" CJ or ¾" MIP x ¾" CJ)
Stainless Steel Liner
Rev.: 3 Date: 11JN14 Form #: PWA-WF01-02
Water Connection Standards - Winter Service Valve
Typical Installation:
To Turn Water off:
Turn handle on Valve "A" ¼ turn as shown. Do Not Use Force.
To Turn Water Off and Drain Plumbing:
Turn Valves "A" and "B" off. Open Valve "C". Open all taps in kitchen and bathroom.
When water has drained out of the plumbing through the drain pipe, open Valve "B".
This will allow the water remaining in the pipe between Valves "A" and "B" to drain out
underground through a special hole on the side of Valve "A".
As a safety precaution, before leaving, it would be advisable to close
Valve "B" in case someone tampers with Valve "A".
To Turn Water On:
Close Valve "C". Open Valves "A" and "B". Let water run through hot and cold water
taps until the air is all gone and the water is clean.
Approved Winter Service Valve materials:
Curb stop and drain
1.68 m (66") Service Box
1.83 m (72") Stationary Rod
For more information or to arrange a water connection inspection, please contact the water
department at (705) 526-9673.
Rev.: 3 Date: 11JN14 Form #: PWA-WF01-02
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