STIHL professional tip:
Cutting attachments
Check gauge
Filing tool FG 3 Storage case
for saw chains
STIHL HOS basic unit
STIHL USG USG and HOS accessories (not pictured)
NG 4 chain breaker
Guide bar leveller
Working lamp
Order No. 5203 750 2700
For measuring the pitch of
the chain and sprocket, as
well as the thickness of the
drive link and groove width
of the guide bar.
Order No. 0000 893 4105
chain holding device
Order No. 5203 007 1003
Durable, lightweight plastic
box. Two separators, dimensions: 18 x 12 x 4 cm.
Precision hand-filing tool
made of metal. For attaching
to the guide bar, without file
handles and file.
Order No. 0000 882 5900
Order No. 5610 000 7500
Filing tool FG 1
Filing vices
Order No. 0000 893 4101
Maintenance set for
cutting attachments
Diamond dressing attachment
Order No. 5203 890 4400
Filing tool for sharpening all
STIHL chipper-tooth chains.
Not for Duro saw chains.
Complete with swivel head
and grinding wheels.
Order No. 5202 200 0002
For determining the degree of
wear on the chain sprockets.
Hand-filing tool made of
plastic. Without file handles
and file.
Order No. 5603 012 7510
Filing tool FG 2 Universal filing tool for all
STIHL saw chains and circular
saw blades for brushcutters
and hedge trimmer blades.
Complete with swivel support for all STIHL Oilomatic
saw chains and two shaped
grinding wheels. Also suitable
for sharpening STIHL Duro
saw chains.
Diamond grinding wheel for
3/ " PD3 and .325" RD3
Order No. 5203 757 0906
Diamond grinding wheel for
3/ " RD and 3/ " RDR
Order No. 5203 757 0901
NG 5 rivet spinner
Order No. 5605 773 4400
Accessory: Flat file
For breaking saw chains.
Order No. 5805 012 7500
NG 7 rivet spinner/
chain breaker
Order No. 5605 773 4200
Basic unit
Order No. 5203 200 0008
S 260
Lightweight and convenient
design. Easy to drive into the
wood and fix the guide bar,
includes practical belt bag.
Order No. 0000 881 0402
Swivel head
for scratcher-tooth saw chains
Order No. 5203 750 1405
Swivel head
for hedge trimmers
Order No. 5203 750 1400
Swivel head
for FS circular saw blades
Order No. 5203 750 2800
Consists of: check gauge
0000 893 4105/4101 and file
gauge 1110 893 4000.
For riveting saw chains.
Order No. 5805 012 7510
Universal tool for riveting
and breaking saw chains.
Order No. 0000 007 1016
File angle plate
Tool for removing burrs from
the guide bar. Ergonomically
shaped plastic holder with
flat file (100 x 22 mm) made
of hardened tool steel.
Precision hand-filing tool
made of metal. For workbench mounting, without
file handles and file.
Order No. 5604 000 7501
Accessory: screw clamp
Order No. 5805 012 7520
L 700
Large and robust design.
Can be easily driven into
Order No. 0000 881 0403
For workbench mounting,
set of 2 needed.
Order No. 0000 750 9900
Order No. 5604 890 5800
Illustrations include optional equipment
STIHL professional tip:
Aid for filing the chain. Angle
lines (25°/ 30°)
for aligning the file, two
adhesive magnets.
Not suitable for the 1/4"-PM3 saw chain
STIHL has the right sharpening aid for everyone.
The 2-in-1 file holder or the FF 1 file holder
guide with the matching file holder and round
file is ideal for users who only use their chain
saw once in a while. When grinding, always
orientate yourself along the longest tooth and
pay attention to the correct angle in order to
achieve a good result. After filing, all teeth
should have the same length. Only then is
it possible to make a precise cut. Detailed
information can be found in the brochure
"How to sharpen STIHL saw chains" brochure,
which is available for free at your STIHL dealer –
or on our website.
With shaped grinding wheel
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