User`s manual
User’s manual
Condensing Wall Mounted
Gas Fired Combination
28 KW – 47-492-01
40 KW – 47-492-02
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing a ROC boiler.
The appliance is guaranteed for 5 years from
the date of purchase.
The first 2 years All Parts and Labour are
covered by the warranty. The remaining 3
years all Major Components including; Main
Heat Exchanger, Fan, Burner, Circulating
Pump, and Main PCB are covered together
with the Labour Cost to change the
component. All other items are subjects to
a 2 years warranty. For further details visit
ROC only obligation under the guarantee will
be to repair or replace the faulty appliance
at ROC discretion. This will be carried out
where the fault arises from within defects in
the appliance, caused either by material or
workmanship of the manufacturer.
This guarantee does not protect malfunction
or damage arising from incorrect installation,
commissioning or maintenance procedures
as laid out in the installation and servicing
manual, inefficient flue system, poor or
incorrect electricity, wrong gas supply
or pressure, tampering by inexperienced
persons and any other cause not directly due
to manufacture.
ROC cannot accept responsibility for any
cost arising from repair or maintenance
carried out by any third party.
Service under the guarantee does not
affect the expiry date of the guarantee. The
guarantee on parts and appliances which are
exchanged ends when the guarantee on the
original appliance expires.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory
The boiler must be registered with ROC
within 30days from date of installation.
This manual provides detailed instructions
and recommendations for the correct use
and maintenance of the ROC 28 and 40KW
Remember to keep this manual in a safe
place for future reference.
Your local ROC Servicing Centre is at your
complete disposal for all needs.
The Installation and the first ignition of the
boiler must be performed by a qualified
personal in compliance with current
national regulations regarding installation,
and in conformity with any requirements
established by local authorities and public
health organizations.
After the boiler has been installed, the
installer must ensure that the end user
receives the declaration of conformity and
the operating manual, and should provide
all necessary information as to how the
boiler and the safety devices should be
performed on the boiler, make sure you have
disconnected it from the electricity supply
by switching the external switch to the “OFF”
position and removing the fuse.
All repairs, which should only be performed
using original spare parts, should be carried
out by a qualified professional. Failure to
comply with the above instructions could
compromise the safety of the appliance
and invalidate all liability on the part of the
In the event of any maintenance or other
structural work in the immediate vicinity of
the ducts or flue gas exhaust devices and
their accessories, switch the appliance off by
switching the external switch to the “OFF”
position and shutting off the gas control
valve. When the work has been completed,
ask a qualified technician to check the
efficiency of the ducting and the devices.
If the boiler should be out of use for a
prolonged period, it is recommended that
the electrical power supply be disconnected
and that the external gas cock be closed. If
low temperatures are expected, the boiler
and system pipe work should be drained in
order to prevent frost damage.
Turn the boiler off and turn the external
switch “OFF” to clean the exterior parts of
the appliance.
Do not allow children and inexperienced
persons to use the appliance without
The appliance is designed to produce hot
water for domestic use.
It should be connected to a heating system
and a distribution network for domestic hot
water, both of which must be compatible
with its performance and power levels.
The use of the appliance for purposes other
than those specified is strictly forbidden. The
manufacturer cannot be held responsible for
any damage caused by improper, incorrect
and unreasonable use of the appliance or by
the failure to comply with the instructions
given in this manual.
Installation, maintenance and all other
interventions must be carried out in
full conformity with the governing legal
regulations and the instructions provided by
the manufacturer. Incorrect installation can
harm persons, animals and possessions; the
manufacturing company shall not he held
responsible for any damage caused as a
The boiler is delivered in a carton. Once
you have removed all packaging, make sure
the appliance is intact and that no parts
are missing. If this is not the case, please
contact your supplier.
Keep all package materials (clips, plastic
bags, polystyrene foam etc.) out of reach of
children as it may present a potential hazard.
In the event of a fault and/or malfunction,
turn the appliance off, turn off the gas and
do not attempt to repair it yourself. Contact
a qualified professional instead.
Before any maintenance or repair work is
The CE symbol guarantees that the
appliance conforms to the following
relating to gas appliances
relating to electromagnetic compatibility
relating to energy efficiency
relating to electrical safety
Safety regulations
Personal injury caused by falling from
a height or cuts (step ladders shutting
Do not attempt to clean the appliance
without first switching it off and turning the
external switch to OFF position.
Electrocution from live components.
Do not use insecticides, solvents or
aggressive detergents to clean the
Damage to plastic and painted parts.
Do not use the appliance for any use other
than normal domestic use.
Damage to the appliance caused by
operation overload.
Damage caused to objects treated
Do not allow children or inexperienced
individuals to operate the appliance.
Damage to the appliance caused by
operation overload.
If you detect a smell of burning or smoke
coming from the appliance, disconnect
it from the electricity supply, turn off the
main gas valve, open all windows and call
for assistance.
Personal injury caused by burns, smoke
inhalation, intoxication.
If there is a strong smell of gas, turn off
the main gas valve, open all windows and
call for assistance.
Explosions, fires or intoxication.
Key to symbols:
Failure to comply with this warning
implies the risk of personal injury, in some
circumstances even fatal.
Failure to comply with this warring
implies the risk of damage, in some
circumstance even serious, to property,
plants or animals.
Do not perform operations which involve
opening the appliance.
Electrocution from live components.
Personal injury caused by burns due to
overheated components, or wounds caused
by sharp edges or protrusions.
Do not perform operations which
involve removing the appliance from its
installation space.
Electrocution from live components.
Flooding caused by water leaking from
disconnected piping.
Explosions, fires or intoxication caused by
gas leaking from disconnected piping.
Do not damage the power supply cable.
Electrocution from live uninsulated wires
Do not leave anything on top of appliance.
Personal injury caused by an object
falling off the appliance as a result of
Damage to the appliance or items
underneath it caused by the object falling off
as a result of vibrations.
Do not climb onto the appliance.
Personal injury caused by the appliance
Damage to the appliance or any objects
underneath it caused by the appliance falling
away from its installation space.
Do not climb onto chairs, stools, ladders or
unstable supports to clean the appliance.
Control panel
2).Heating temperature up/down button
4).ON/OFF (Power) button (Central heating/ Hot
Water only mode)
5).D.H.W. temperature up/down button
6).Pressure gauge
4. Central heating icon (indicator flashes
when performing heating function)
5. Temperature/Error icon (hot water
and heating temperature indicate, error
code indicator (when error occurs)
1. Flame indication icon (flame
indicates when burning)
2. Error indication icon (indicator
flashes when error occurs)
3. Hot water only icon (indicator
flashes when performing hot water
Initial operating procedures
When in heating mode, the gas boiler will need
two minutes to reach its nominal capacity after
ignition. Within these two minutes, the gas
volume will be lower than the nominal capacity
gas volume; this setting is for the purpose of
safe ignition.
If the boiler is installed inside an apartment,
make sure that all provisions relating to the air
inlet and room ventilation (in compliance with
current legislation) are respected.
Check the water pressure on the display
regularly and make sure that the figure is
between 0.6 and 1.5 bar when the system
is cold. If the pressure is just under the
minimum valve the display will request a filling
Re-establish the correct pressure by using the
filling loop.
If the pressure drops very frequently, there
may be a water leak at some point in the
system. If this is the case a plumber should be
Adjusting Heating
The display will show
the power is connected. Press the ON/OFF
button for 5 seconds, the boiler will be turned
on and work under Central heating, at this
time, the display will show
If you need to turn off the boiler, press ON/OFF
button for 5 seconds.
ROC Combi HE 28 & HE 40
Setting central heating temperature
Press the heating temperature up
button to set the temperature of
the central heating water (press “up” button
to increase the temperature and press “down”
button to decrease the temperature)
The boiler has a built-in an anti-short time
circle energy saving control program. In
heating mode, it will prevent the boiler from
starting frequently within a short period of
time to save energy. So when the boiler has
just stopped, it will not start immediate even if
the heating temperature is adjusted to a higher
level, and it will start working again after a
short time.
Filling Loop
Connections viewed under the boiler.
Use sanitary hot water
At the water usage point (such as hand
washing basin, bath sink, etc), the boiler will
run and supply hot water automatically when
you open the hot water tap regardless to
whether the boiler is in Central heating/ Hot
Water only mode. The boiler will turn off the
hot water function automatically when you
close the hot water tap (or it will continue to
run and supply heating under the condition of
The boiler will transfer to Central heating/ Hot
Water only mode when you press the ON/OFF
button after the boiler turn on.
Anti Frost Device
If the system is likely to face freezing
temperatures, the gas and power supply
should be opened and turned on, so the antifreezing system can operate. But if the system
is not needed for a long period, please drain
out the water from the appliance, heating and
hot water system, and then stop the gas and
power supply.
Clock instructions
Setting the hot water temperature
Press the hot water temperature up
button to set the temperature
of hot water (press “up” button to increase
the temperature and press “down” button to
decrease the temperature)
The above operation is used for adjusting
the temperature of D.H.W. (Domestic Hot
Water) If it still has not reached your request
temperature when pressing the “up” button
to maximum temperature, then it is possible
that the boiler has been in full load state.
Under this condition, you may need to turn
down the hot water tap a little to reach higher
temperatures of hot water.
1. General layout
The mechanical clock covers a 24 hour period.
Each tappet represents 15 minutes A. An
override switch is located on the clock B.
2. To set the time
To set the time of day, grasp the outer edge
of the dial and turn slowly clockwise until the
correct time is lined up with the arrow C.
3. To set the “On” and “Off” times
The clock uses a 24hours system. e.g.8 = 8
:00 am and 18 = 6:00 pm. “ON” periods are
set by sliding all tappets between the “ON”
time and the “OFF” time to the outer edge of
the dial. The tappets remaining at the centre of
the dial are the “OFF” periods.
4. For operation
Put the selector switch B to the
to control the central heating by the clock.
Put the switch B to “I” to select permanent
operation or to “0” to turn the central heating
off permanently.
If the gas boiler stops running for several
hours in very cold weather, it may lead to the
freeze of the system. If you are not at home
during freezing periods, be sure to keep
the heating function running, and keep the
temperature of every room above the freezing
However, when there is some external failure,
such as gas outage, power off or air exhaust
system are abnormal, the inner inspection
device will turn off the boiler automatically,
so it can’t protect against freezing. To avoid
such situations, if there are no people at home
for a long period, you may ask a plumber to
drain out the water in heating system and gas
Turn off the boiler
Not being used for a short period
If the boiler is not needed for a short period
(Five Seconds) and it will turn
then, press
off. When the boiler is under OFF state, please
keep the electrical and gas supply on. The
boiler will run according to a self protection
When the gas boiler is executing the antifreeze function, it may need to conduct
combustion work. So the gas supply must be
smooth and water in the heating system.
Not be used for a long period
If the boiler is not needed for a long period,
(Five Seconds) and it will turn
then pres
off. Disconnect the electrical supply; turn off
the gas valve and valves for heating/domestic
hot water system. To preventing frost damage,
drain all the water in the boiler (heating and
domestic hot water) and in the heating pipe.
Anti-freeze function
The gas boiler has anti-freeze function.
If the gas and power is on, the boiler will start
to work automatically when the heating water
temperature is below 5°C, and heat the water
in the system to about 30°C .
Operation failure error table
Error code:
Flame cannot be detected after ignition (Ignition fault)
Er 01 + RESET
Overheat inside
Er 02 + RESET
Residual flame fault (Flame signal can be detected after
Er 03 + RESET
the gas valve is closed)
Water pressure fault in pipeline
Er 04 +
Fan control fault/Air pressure switch
Er 05 +
fault/flue system fault
NTC-temperature sensor fault (Heating)
Er 06 +
NTC-temperature sensor fault (DHW)
Er 07 +
External temperature sensor fault
Er 08 +
Flue system temperature sensor fault
Er 09 +
Overheat (﹥90°C) of flue exhaust system
Er 10 + RESET
Fake flame (flame can be detected before the
Er 11 + RESET
boiler is turned on)
Return-back water temperature sensor fault
Er 12 +
EEPROM fault
Er 13 +
The heating water is overheated (﹥93°C)
Er 14 + RESET
Gas valve circuits fault
Er 15 +
Continuous flameout fault, continue to flameout
Er 16 +
8 times in 5 minutes
Electric supply voltage fault, supply voltage is too low
Er 17 + RESET
Power frequency fault, the deviation between power
Er 18 + RESET
supply frequency and reference frequency ﹥2Hz
If the boiler shuts down frequently contact an authorized service centre for assistance. For safety
reasons, the boiler will allow a maximum of 5 reset operations.
Service Centre Contact Details – once we have this.
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