Integrated Solutions - Tyco Security Products

Integrated Solutions - Tyco Security Products
Access Control, Video, Location-Based Tracking and Intrusion. UNIFIED.
Tyco is the world’s largest pure-play fire and
security company. Tyco provides more than
three million customers around the globe with
the latest fire protection and security products
and services. A $10+ billion company, Tyco
has more than 69,000 employees in nearly 50
countries serving the world’s most demanding
environments, including banking and financial
services, oil and gas, marine, government,
healthcare, retail, home security, transportation
and commercial and industrial.
Tyco Security Products
Tyco Security Products, a business unit of Tyco
International, is a unified group of world-leading
access control, video and intrusion brands. These
brands — American Dynamics, Bentel, CEM
Systems, DSC, Kantech, Software House, Sur-Gard
and Connect 24 — have more combined years of
experience in the security industry than any other
group in the world. Our security integration platforms,
built by our developers from across all product
disciplines, allow our customers to see more, do
more, and save more. Our solutions today are
designed to be compatible with the technology of
In more than 40 offices with more than 2,000
employees around the world, we support our global,
local, and regional customers to the highest level
with sales, technical support and customer service
before, during, and after the sale. Our world-class
channel of dealers, integrators and distributors are
trained to help customers with any complex problem
in virtually any industry — retail, residential, gaming,
transportation, healthcare, finance, education,
government, POG to name but a few.
Pride in our products and our service is what drives
us. Unlike some companies that simply rebrand other
manufacturers’ goods, we can say with certainty that
if it has our brand on it, it is backed by thousands of
support, service and quality assurance personnel.
And with the most trusted brands in security in one
portfolio, we offer the most comprehensive range of
premium solutions in the industry to our customers.
An unbeatable combination from a single source.
One company with one vision and one goal to define
the future of security.
Watch Less
American Dynamics products are the
world’s most widely adopted line of
video-based security and integration
solutions. Most of the top Fortune 500
companies choose our products to
protect their assets, information and
With a powerful integration platform, American
Dynamics solutions work seamlessly
with Software House, Kantech and CEM
Systems access control products, as well
as Intrusion products from DSC and Bentel
other important business applications. These
provide customers with greater ease of
operation and faster access to the information
they need in critical situations. American
Dynamics continues to invest in R&D to evolve
its product range and services to meet the
diverse and growing needs of its customers.
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Industry Leader
American Dynamics CCTV and video
technologies have earned a reputation for
innovation, reliability and manufacturing
excellence around the globe. Founded in the
early 1970s in New York, they later merged
with Robot Research Inc and together
made pioneering breakthroughs in security
technology. As testimony to this NASA, in
the early 1970s, utilised video transmission
technology designed by Robot Research to
transmit the very first ‘live’ video from space.
Our technology, while market-driven, is
developed with the security professionals
throughout the industry in mind. Our
award-winning Intellex revolutionised digital
video recording and Intellex IP adapts this
leading-edge technology for network video.
Our programmable dome cameras are
sophisticated in design, seamlessly integrate
with other products and are easy to install.
Our matrix switchers were the first to combine
scalability with high density and rank the most
reliable in the industry.
Digital Video
Continuing with their pioneering
breakthroughs, American Dynamics was the
first to introduce the most popular and easy to
use digital video management system in the
industry: Intellex®. In addition to this powerful
DVMS the American Dynamics portfolio also
includes the VideoEdge IP NVR, SpeedDome
Ultra, Discover Mini Domes, MegaPower Matrix
switchers and the entry level TVR, along with
keyboards, multiplexers, monitors, and video
accessories — in fact everything required for
a complete, state of the art video surveillance
IP Solutions
Powerful, Simple
Kantech offers a full suite of feature
rich and cost effective access control
products that are reliable, easy to
install and fully scalable
Profitability at warehouses and distribution
centers depends on efficiency and security:
making sure the right people are in the right
place at the right time, and keeping out
those who should not be there. Our access
control systems help you do this, controlling
access to improve employee productivity and
and Secure
Workplace Safety
Why Access Control?
Nothing is more vital to the health of an
organisation than making sure that its people,
material assets and operations are safe and
secure. Access control addresses the full
scope of risks that might arise, including risks
that other security systems such as burglar
alarms and intrusion detection simply are not
designed to handle.
By preventing people from entering places
where they do not belong, access control
protects against theft as well as liability
and disruption to your operations. Access
control can also integrate with other security
and operational systems to give you a
comprehensive, cohesive management tool.
Certain work environments can be hazardous,
especially where there is heavy equipment or
intense activity. Access control systems from
Kantech help you ensure that only authorised
individuals enter these areas.
Risk Management
By restricting who gains entry to your
property, our access control systems
limit your exposure to liability for “slip and
fall” cases while also reducing the risk of
workplace violence and more. With litigation
and work-related assaults costing businesses
billions of dollars each year, organisations
simply no longer can afford to do without this
kind of protection
Tracking Access
Readers &
One of the biggest advantages that our
access control systems offer is the ability
to determine quickly who may have gained
access to critical areas before and after
an incident. Even our smallest, single door
applications have reporting available that
shows an audit trail of door access activity,
while our mid-range and large-scale
systems can provide in-depth, user-defined
Access Control to
Increase Efficiency
Software House technologies are
currently installed in more than 5,500
installations worldwide, touching all
vertical markets. Over 170 of the
Fortune 500 Companies use C•CURE
Total Solution
Software House has established itself in the
security industry as an innovator by being
the first company to apply sophisticated
database management software to access
control and security management systems.
At a time when most security companies
focused on selling hardware, Software House
identified and developed a market niche for
sophisticated software-based computerised
solutions to manage and integrate diverse
security hardware devices.
We continue to offer complete solutions,
providing products that increase efficiency
and fit any budget while maintaining the same
high standards for performance and quality.
Our warranties are the most comprehensive
in the business. You will receive full support
throughout the entire life cycle of each
Total Control
Full Support
Our applications engineers are available
to assist with system design before you
buy. Our technical support staff will answer
your post-sale questions on installation and
maintenance. We offer training programs at
all skill levels to teach your staff everything
they need to know about installation and
Software House solutions include the
innovative C•CURE 9000 security and event
management system and the flagship C•CURE
800/8000 access control solution. Combined
with a suite of powerful door controllers
and the industry’s first true multi-technology
reader, Software House solutions are among
the most powerful in the industry. Software
House security solutions are currently installed
in more than 5,500 installations worldwide,
touching all vertical markets. Over 170 of the
Fortune 500 Companies use C•CURE.
Readers &
Advanced Access
Innovation & Expertise
CEM’s culture is to remain at the
cutting edge of access control
technology through the design and
development of high quality solutions
that meet the unique needs of
CEM’s greatest asset is its people. With
an innovative company culture and skilled
professionals with many years experience
in the IT & security industry, CEM constantly
challenges how things are done in the
industry. This ensures that CEM is consistently
evaluating new possibilities and embracing
new cutting edge technology in the design
and development of its product range.
Control Solutions
CEM Systems
CEM Systems is a leading provider of
advanced access control and security
management systems. Originating from a
computer background and with over 20 years
of experience in the IT & Security industry,
CEM Systems are unique in that they cater
for all sizes of installation, from small office
buildings to large multi site installations. CEM
solutions include access control, ID badging,
alarm monitoring & system integration. As
one of the few manufacturers that design
and produce all their own hardware and
system software, CEM can fully customise
solutions through software development
and continuous development of hardware to
incorporate the very latest technology.
Central to CEM’s success is the commitment
to support customers with a fast, tailored,
professional and satisfied experience. A
culture of support excellence ensures that
CEM customers are provided with the
highest level of pre-sales support, project
management and training services, as well as
technical support for ongoing post installation
CEM Systems produce a comprehensive
range of access control solutions including
the AC2000 system. This system can be
modified to suit any customer and is available
in AC2000 Lite, AC2000 Standard and
AC2000 Airport editions. AC2000 Standard
Edition has been installed around the world
at petrochemical plants, universities, hospitals
and more. AC2000 Airport Edition has been
specifically designed with the needs of an
airport in mind while AC2000 Lite offers a low
cost, feature rich system to small to medium
sized installations.
Readers &
Safety, Security &
Convenient and Reliable
Elpas is a global provider of scalable
Triple Technology Passive &
Active RFID/RTLS Safety, Security
and Visibility Solutions designed
to enhance individual safety,
reduce property theft, lower labor
costs, lessen negligence litigation
and facilitate industry guideline
Elpas delivers cost-effective and scalable
safety and security solutions that are simple
to use and very reliable. These solutions are
backed by Professional Service personnel
globally. A wide range of training and postinstallation consulting offerings help customers
get the most from their security and logistics
Superior Technology to Protect What
Matters Most
Elpas delivers a full suite of safety, security
and visibility solutions to help protect people
and assets in a variety of applications such
as healthcare, museums, smart offices and
correctional facilities.
Elpas’ triple technology RTLS solutions can
quickly determine physical location, while
providing duress alarm and tracking alert
functionality. This helps companies track and
prevent the theft of proprietary information or
equipment, while facilitating compliance with
industry-relevant guidelines and optimizing
business productivity.
Active RTLS
Tags & Badges
Integration with 3rd Party Solutions
Elpas systems integrate with many third party
platforms including Access Control, Video,
Nurse Call and a variety of management
systems, such as those offered by Software
House and American Dynamics. This holistic
approach to security provides real time visibility
of objects and people, married with identity
and personnel information. This powerful
integration also provides a convenient
hands-free access control solution for
security-critical facilities.
Innovative Technology with
Seamless Technology
Integration Example 3
Multiple Streaming of Events - As an
event occurs you can prioritise/manage
events and live video to appear only on certain
workstations or for specific users to better
manage time of operators
The flexibility and seamless integration
of our products is why we are the
choice of many of the world’s leading
commercial, government, health and
educational organisations.
Control Panel
Integration Example 4
Retrospective Video with Autoarchive Following an event retrospectively view the
tagged video associated with that event. This
means that critical video can be automatically
or manually streamed to the network server,
or NAS, in order to preserve video information
for later viewing and disaster recovery.
From loss prevention to operations and risk
management, a powerful integrated solution
from Tyco Security Products can help you
better manager your security and enhance
your business performance. Utilizing advanced
technology in video surveillance, electronic
access control and intrusion detection
solutions that can interface with IT networks,
Tyco Security Products is committed to
offering integrated solutions that can elevate
security to a whole new level.
Control Panel
Live Video Pop-up
Control Panel
Fire Panel
Multiple Streaming of Events
American Dynamics solutions work seamlessly
with Software House, Kantech and CEM
Systems access control products as well as
intrusion products from DSC and Bentel, along
with other important business applications.
These provide customers with greater ease of
operation and faster access to the information
they need in critical situations.
Integration Example 1
Live Video Pop-up - An event occurs, be
it a door forced, card traced, PA Button, PIR
tripped, camera motion detection etc. The
camera zooms to a preset configuration and
the live video appears on the C•CURE or
Kantech client workstation.
Video from Graphics
Retrospective Video with Autoarchive
Waiting Area
Interview room
Integration Example 2
Video from Graphics - From interactive
and dynamic graphical representations of
buildings/floor plans, live video views of single
and multiple cameras can be called to screen.
C•CURE Client
System Server
Kantech Client
For What
From Tyco Security Products
Technology and Experience – An
Unbeatable Combination
DSC is a world leader in electronic
security. From our revolutionary
control panels, to our industry-leading
IP alarm monitoring products and
now to our sleek, contemporary
self-contained wireless panels, DSC
has always been front and center in
the security space.
Matters Most
DSC puts forth an unbeatable combination
of leading-edge technology and industry
experience. The results are RELIABLE,
FLEXIBLE, DURABLE security solutions of
the highest QUALITY that are easy to install,
easy to use, and are easily UPGRADEABLE.
It’s simple. We know this space better than
anyone. And we have for over 30 years. So,
when you need exceptional security products
that work when it matters most, look to DSC.
We Lead Into the Future
DSC (Digital Security Controls) introduced the
industry’s first small and attractive security
keypads and micro-processor-based
alarm panels that set new standards for
performance, convenience and ease-of-use.
DSC continues to innovate in the areas of
superior security monitoring, Internet security
communications and wireless security
products. We design and manufacture
security control panels, detection devices,
communication products and structured
cabling solutions and our products are in
homes and businesses across the globe.
A Global Brand
DSC is a global brand with its headquarters in
Toronto. We are recognised by our distribution
partners and as well as integrators and
security dealers for leadership and expertise —
and for products of superior performance and
reliability in more than 140 countries. Our stateof-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada
and Italy and our teams of leading engineers
and security experts are continuously
developing the next innovations of quality,
reliable security products. We are dedicated
to achieving the most up-to-date ISO quality
assurance standards and to Six Sigma
methodology for superior product efficiency,
performance and reliability.
Advanced Technology
BENTEL SECURITY has established
itself as a security benchmark:
a leader in product design and
manufacturing of a complete range of
intrusion security and fire alarm control
equipment and accessories.
Advanced Technology and Superior Value
Experience, technology, market
responsiveness and extensive research have
made Bentel the brand of choice among
customers wishing to ensure the highest level
of protection for families, business people and
Hundreds of thousands of Bentel security &
fire systems are in use around the corner and
around the world. These include installations
in hospitals, banks, manufacturing facilities,
shopping centres, public buildings, museums
and in residential applications far and wide.
The Bentel web site and qualified Bentel
technical specialists offer incomparable
on-the-job support for professional Bentel
technicians. Installation and programming is
fast and intuitive.
Superior Value
In the technology age the world is changing
quickly. Seasoned Bentel engineers
discriminate carefully between practical
advanced solutions and flashy unsustainable
In order to satisfy the changing needs of
customers, Bentel Security has developed
increasing connectivity for its products; for
example, adding to communications capability
through TCP-IP protocols and transmission
through Ethernet and GSM/GPRS networks.
Being part of the Global Tyco Engineering
Community, more exciting innovations are
on the way as Bentel benefits from increased
research and development resources.
Products include security and fire control
panels, keypads and other user interfaces,
security programming software, alarm
communication receivers, GSM/GPRS
communicators, telephone dialers, alarm
sirens, smoke detectors, motion detectors,
glass-break detectors, analogue sensors,
addressable devices, call points, power
supplies, accessories and batteries.
& Wireless
Technical Support
Installers quickly discover how simple it is
to build their businesses with easy-to-sell,
easy-to-install and easy-to-use Bentel
Protecting Lives
Positioned for future growth
Visonic is a world leading developer
and manufacturer of high quality
wireless intrusion alarm and safety
systems and components. The
company’s dedication to innovation
and its numerous technological
breakthroughs over the past years
have resulted in pioneering wireless
security solutions.
The effectiveness of our products; The
uniqueness of our advanced technologies
; The strength of our brand ; The quality of
our people. All of these combine to stand as
a benchmark for the entire security industry
and as an assurance for our customers of
Visonic’s readiness to guide them into a new
and more secure way of living.
Around the World
Expanding the Boundaries of Security
Visonic has long been at the forefront of
security innovation. Today, Visonic is the
internationally recognized brand for the
most advanced and reliable wireless home
security systems. The brand is well-known
for its PowerCode technology, launched in
year 2000, and already field-proven in more
than 1,000,000 wireless systems installations
In 2010, after almost four years of intensive
R&D, Visonic launched the new PowerG
wireless technology, delivering even greater
reliability and with unmatched benefits to
security professionals, central monitoring
stations and end-users.
The broad offering based on the PowerMax
and PowerMaster families of wireless intrusion
alarm systems, are targeted to varying needs
and budgets. All Visonic’s control panels can
be connected to a wide range of wireless
peripherals, including motion detectors, safety
sensors, alarm communicators, sirens, keyfobs
and more.
Global Presence
The Visonic brand is manufactured in a
10,000m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing
plant in Kiryat Gat, Israel, and sold through a
network of subsidiaries, distributors, and sales
representatives in more than 100 countries.
Your Solutions
Central Monitoring Stations worldwide
have made Sur-Gard the brand of
choice for alarm receiving equipment.
Central Monitoring Stations worldwide have
made Sur-Gard the brand of choice for
alarm receiving equipment. This recognition
comes from decades of experience in the
engineering, manufacturing, service and
support of central stations receivers. Sur-Gard
is known as the number one brand for
receiving equipment with numerous patents
and awards for innovation and leadership
giving it a strong competitive edge within the
Sur-Gard products cover a range of
applications from proprietary applications
requiring reception of a couple of accounts
through to full central monitoring stations
with hundreds of thousands accounts using
“Virtual” receivers with automatic redundancy.
Sur-Gard is committed to supporting our
customers as they grow their businesses by
helping them understand and incorporate new
technologies and services.
Security at
Your Fingertips
Putting Reliable Security in Your Hands
C24 Communications
Since 1998, Connect 24 has been activating
and administering mobile and GSM devices
(DSC branded Alarm Communicators) for
security alarm dealers in North America. The
units are activated through a Voice response
Unit (VRU) over a phone line or via Connect
24’s web portal. These secure interfaces allow
for the activation, editing and deactivation of
accounts, the retrieval of device status and
programming or modification of communicator
For more information on Connect 24, please
C24 Interactive
In addition, Connect 24 Interactive provides
Interactive Monitoring Services for Security
Systems. These services allow end users to
receive system notifications via SMS or e-mail,
view, control and interact with their IP video
cameras and security system via web portal
or hand held mobile device. Connect 24 has
recently launched a suite of these services
in North America under the Connect 24
Interactive brand with other launches planned
across the globe. For more information
on Connect 24 Interactive, please e-mail
Every day, Tyco brands help to make
the world safer in many industries
around the globe. Protecting people
and property is a serious responsibility.
Our systems and equipment must be
reliable, technologically advanced and
• We help protect and control transportation
systems on 5 continents including the London
Underground Railway, with 3,000,000
passengers daily
• Our systems are used by 80% of the world’s top
100 retailers
• We help secure over 2,000,000 commercial
enterprises worldwide including the Petronas
Towers in Kuala Lumpur, formerly the world’s
tallest buildings
• Our systems help protect 300 international
airports, including Hong Kong, which can
accommodate 87,000,000 passengers per
year and Indira Gandhi International Airport
Terminal 3, New Delhi with a capacity of 34 million
passengers per year
• We help protect thousands of public buildings
worldwide including all 700 U.S. Federal
• Tyco helps protect 75% of the top 100 refineries
including the 100,000-ton EQUATE polypropylene
plant in Kuwait
• Tyco secures and protects 90% of the Fortune
500 companies
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