ShareFile for Enterprises

ShareFile for Enterprises
Data Sheet
ShareFile for Enterprises
ShareFile for Enterprises
Share, store, sync, and secure data on any device, anywhere
ShareFile is a secure, enterprise data sync and sharing service with flexible storage options that
allows IT to mobilize all business data. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with read-write access
to data, workflows and collaboration and allows users to securely share files with anyone and sync
files across all of their devices.
Next generation workspace
Internal and external filesharing
Send files to anyone from within or outside the
Quickly and easily send and receive files with added security.
Large file sharing
Send files up to100GB
No more file size limitations. Secure FTP replacement, no longer share large
amounts of data via USB drives.
Mobile & web app editing with
Microsoft Office Online
Open and edit files stored in ShareFile and
without desktop versions of Microsoft Office
Enables quick and easy collaboration from any browser, computer or mobile
devices, saving time and increasing productivity.
Mobile apps
Accessing data from any device including:
iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets,
Windows Phones, Chromebooks and BlackBerry
Securely access data from mobile devices. Support for multiple devices to
meet each company’s specific needs.
Multi-language support
User interface is offered in different languages
including: English, French, German, Spanish,
Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian,
Dutch and Portuguese.
Allows for multi-language support for organizations worldwide.
Custom branding
Companies have the ability to custom brand
the service.
Highlight your brand front and center; make a great impression with clients.
File checking/checkout
Allows users to lock a file while making changes
Supports collaboration scenarios.
Mobile access and productivity
Distribute content via different mobile devices
Securely view and edit content in home directories, file shares, SharePoint,
OneDrive without VPN as a single point of access.
Advanced workflows
Workflow control options include: Podio,
RightSignature and ShareConnect
Delivers a single solution that goes beyond addressing mobility needs, but
also supports requirements that drive workflows. Provides a collaborative
workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign
content with unlimited cloud storage.
Device sync
Syncing files across all devices including: PCs,
Macs, tablets, and mobile phones
IT can limit access to sync feature for specific users. The sync tool
automatically updates to incorporate the newest capabilities available; the
sync clients also integrate into Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
On-demand sync
On-demand sync capability is built into the
ShareFile Sync Tool for Windows
Optimized for use with virtual apps and desktops, including those powered
by XenApp and XenDesktop. Users are able to view all their files and folders
as if they reside within the virtual desktop; however, the file will download
and sync only when users want to view, edit, save or share, helping IT cut
storage costs and optimize performance.
Drive Mapper
Access ShareFile via a drive letter
Delivers a familiar interface to end-users as they interact with their data
stored in ShareFile. It has the added benefit of only downloading and
caching content as you access. This is extremely beneficial for VDI
Integration with Microsoft Outlook converts
attachments into links
Simplifies large file sharing both within and outside the organization. Users
can convert all attachments into links by default; specify minimum file size
for conversion or device on a per email basis.
ShareFile workspaces
ShareFile Tools
Attachment conversion | Data Sheet | ShareFile Enterprise
Data Sheet
ShareFile for Enterprises
Overcome file size restrictions
Eliminates attachment size restrictions for
sending large files
Eliminates file size restrictions and potential bounce-back from the receiver’s
email service. Users can also request files from co-workers or third parties by
providing a link where the other party can upload attachments.
Better control and visibility
Track use of sensitive data by requiring a login to
access the files
Users have the ability to track sensitive data. Senders can also request a
download notification and prescribe an expiration policy on the file/files
after which they will be no longer available to the recipient.
Flexibility to store data where
you choose
Choose between customer-managed (on-prem)
and Citrix-managed StorageZones
StorageZones feature gives IT the flexibility and option to choose between
customer-managed (on-prem) and Citrix-managed StorageZones.
Encrypt data with private keys
Files and metadata are encrypted with
customer-owned keys
Enables businesses to manage their own StorageZones.
Security and compliance
Restricted StorageZones (private data areas) is
an option for custom-managed StorageZones
Provides increased data security and compliance. Files and metadata in a
Restricted StorageZone are encrypted with the customer’s keys for zeroknowledge vendor visibility, plus file sharing/access is exclusive and limited
to specified internal users who must pass a dual authentication process.
Geographic locations
Storing data in close proximity
Enhances performance for the users. A single ShareFile account can
span multiple StorageZones locations worldwide, enabling optimized
performance for global performance.
Customer-managed StorageZones
cloud options
Deployed in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web
Services (AWS)
Full support for data storage in Amaon S3. These deployment options
provide all the elasticity and cost benefits of the cloud, together with security
and control of customer management to their corporate encryption keys –
an advantage typically only available on-premises.
Customer-managed StorageZones
on-premises options
Integrates with an organization’s existing
Customer-managed StorageZones can be easily integrated with an
organization’s existing infrastructure as it is designed to support any CIFSbased network share, S3 object storage, and customer-owned object storage.
StorageZone connectors for network
shares and ECM software (SharePoint,
Mobile access to data stored in existing
corporate network shares or ECM repositories
Eliminates the need for massive data migration, extends the benefits
of mobile file sync and sharing services to existing network shares and
ECM software like SharePoint or Documentum, enhances workforce
Office 365 connectors
Access to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for
Enables secure mobile access and editing for documents stored in
SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
Personal cloud connectors
Extend businesses’ data strategy to include
third-party access to Box, Dropbox, Google
Drive and OneDrive using Connectors.
IT can choose to enable this feature for a defined period and require users to
migrate all corporate data from personal file sharing services to ShareFile or
for communicating with third parties that have standardized on a different
file sync and sharing service.
Support for mobile phones and tablets
Access to critical data through mobile devices
that ShareFile supports: Apple iPhone®, Android,
and Windows® 8 phones and iPad, Android
tablets and Chromebook; ShareFile apps are
specifically designed to provide a brilliant and
intuitive experience on these devices
Enables mobile workstyles by giving users access to critical data on a variety
of mobile devices.
Built-in mobile content editor
Edit documents through ShareFile
Create, review, and edit Microsoft Office documents within the
ShareFile app.
Save files locally
Enables offline access and editing from mobile devices.
Two options
Integrates AD and XenMobile
Offers support for Active Directory integration via SAML or XenMobile
SAML 2.0 provider
Integration for Identity Providers (IDP’s)
ShareFile supports Form-Based authentication, providing a consistent SSO
log-in experience across all devices, the ShareFile website and the Plug-in for
Microsoft Outlook.
XenMobile Integrations
Enterprise Directory Integration
Simplifies and accelerates role-based provisioning and deprovisioning of
the service.
StorageZone connectors
Mobile access
Enterprise directory integration | Data Sheet | ShareFile Enterprise
Data Sheet
ShareFile for Enterprises
Secure IT oversight
Enterprise ready service
Complex security, integrations, reporting and
admin rights
ShareFile offers complex security/compliance, SSO/AD integration, audit/
reporting, IT control, policies and controls and admin rights.
End user and IT reporting
Receive report file sharing activity
Provides IT comprehensive capabilities to track, log and report on user file
access, sync and sharing activity, including the date, type, place, and network
address of each user event.
Access control policies
Custom configured access
Limited download-only access or in addition to downloading, a user
can be granted a combination of upload/edit/delete and admin access
to folders.
Storage quotas
Enterprise admins can set StorageZone quotas
on My Files and Folders
Gives IT increased visibility and control over the amount of storage each
individual user can consume.
Remote wipe
Wipe all ShareFile stored data and passwords
Allows both users and IT to wipe ShareFile stored data and passwords on
mobile device in case of loss or theft. Alternatively, IT can lock the device to
restrict its use for a limited time.
Poison pill
Prescribe data expiration policies
Enables IT to prescribe data expiration policies for mobile devices and
activate audit controls to track user logging activity.
Restrict modified devices
Restrict use of devices
IT can restrict the use of modified or jailbroken devices.
Restrict third party apps
Restrict use of third party apps that can store
copies of sensitive data
Provides build-in capabilities like a mobile content editor as a secure
Passcode lock
Require users to enter a passcode
IT has the ability to require users to enter a passcode every time the
user wants to access their ShareFile account on a mobile device, making
it easier for users to access their data while ensuring unauthorized access
is denied.
Secure file sync and share
Sharing files securely
Solve your company’s Dropbox problem (unauthorized use of personal file
sharing accounts) with ShareFile, a secure alternative to personal file sharing
Storage and in-transit encryption
Transferring files through ShareFile
Ensuring files are shared over a secure SSL/TLS connection and storedat
rest with AES 256-bit encryption.
Mobile device encryption
Enforces encryption on mobile devices
IT can leverage the mobile device’s encryption capabilities and enforce
encryption for all ShareFile data on the device.
HIPAA compliant (HIPAA Compliant
Seal of Approval from Sword & Shield)
Citrix implements and maintains commercially reasonable and appropriate
physical, technical and organizational complimentary controls to protect
customer data. ShareFile also offers a ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare – a
secure enclave within a private cloud where IT can upload, store and share
patient health information (PHI).
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems
Integrates with McAfee DLP prevent, Websense
TRITON AP-DATA, RSA Data Loss Prevention and
others for customer-managed StorageZones
Restricts document sharing based on the file’s DLP classification. Connecting
ShareFile with customer’s existing DLP system enables the ability to classify
files based on their content to enforce sharing restrictions per company policy.
Read-only/view-only sharing
Securely share sensitive documents with others
with read-only restrictions
Users can share “read-only” documents in cases when preventing other
members from adding, editing, or deleting files is required.
Hosting ShareFile data for clients
Service providers can host ShareFile data for their clients in their own
data centers with ShareFile multi-tenant StorageZone capabilities.
Beneficial to service providers to expand their services footprint and
increase customer value.
Information Rights Management
Securely share documents with others and have
defined security parameters follow the file as it
moves around.
Adds a layer of security to a shared file that ensures the recipient(s) are
the only ones who can access the shared file with thepermissions
assigned. Provides the ability to control whether a document can be printed,
edited or viewed online | offline
Reporting, auditing and control
Device security policies
Data security | Data Sheet | ShareFile Enterprise
Data Sheet
ShareFile for Enterprises
Open and extensible platform
Platform to request data
Citrix ShareFile v3 API platform allows users to utilize the API to request data
and perform actions against a ShareFile account. The API is fully RESTful,
utilizing JSON format for request/response protocols and it has implemented
a subset ODATA. The ODATA specification will allow developers to extend
base requests with Query Parameters to retrieve additional information.
This gives developers a powerful tool to leverage ShareFile’s file sharing
capabilities within their own applications.
SDK Connectors
Create connections with third-party data sources
Allows end users access to files from the data source by navigating, in
supported ShareFile clients, to a connector folder, which then authenticates
the users to the custom data source.
Integrates with what you have today
Industry’s most comprehensive and
seamlessly integrated solutions
Managing mobile apps, data and devices with
ShareFile and XenMobile
Enables IT-managed mobile apps to intelligently interoperate with ShareFile
to open, edit, sync and share data, all within a secure container.
Single sign-on and federated identity
Enterprise directory integration with XenMobile
Simplifies and accelerates role-based provisioning and deprovisioning of the
follow-me data service. It enforces two-factor authentication with NetScaler
Gateway and helps monitor service levels and license usage.
Complete mobile device management
Manage and configure corporate and personal
IT manages and configures corporate and personally owned devices,
including app blacklist/whitelists, full or selective device wipe, and enterprise
integrations via LDAP and PKI. Plus, XenMobile offers over sixty security
policies to manage and control apps and data.
Mobile app containers
Personal apps run in a separate vault
Isolates them from mobile enterprise apps and data.
WorxMail integration
Attachments open in ShareFile
Enables users to attach files from their ShareFile repository without requiring
that the file be downloaded to the device. Citrix provides SSO experience
from the WorxMail client into ShareFile when attaching documents
to e-mails, removing the need for users to log into ShareFile during
the workflow.
Citrix product integrations
ShareFile integrates with XenMobile, XenApp,
XenDesktop, Citrix Workspace Cloud, Citrix
Workspace Suite
Enabling an all-in-one solution suited for any workplace environment.
Features Comparison
ShareFile Enterprise
ShareFile Platinum
Enterprise File Sync & Sharing
Mobile Access & Security
StorageZone Connectors
AD Integration
DLP Systems Integrations
Citrix RightSignature
Citrix Podio
Citrix ShareConnect
Unlimited Cloud Storage
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