Remote Weather Station— “WindTalker”

Remote Weather Station— “WindTalker”
Remote Weather Station— “WindTalker”
Our unique system gathers wind, weather and other information using an anemometer,
wind vane, temperature, humidity or other custom sensors. This data is processed and
temporarily stored in-situ before being sent to a remote host for display or logging.
Our remote Weather station can be
configured to your unique requirements and is designed for simple installation, ease of use and long life.
Wind direction Sensor
Our standard anemometer is rugged 3-Cup
wind sensor which handles speeds from 3
to over 125 mph. Pulses are generated by a
reed switch/magnet which provides one
pulse per rotation.
The wind sensor includes the following
 A high quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a
stainless steel shaft
 A rugged Delrin body with bronze and
 Rulon bushings
 Sapphire bearing to minimize wear
 A flat aluminum mounting bracket
 Reed switch and magnet providing one
pulse per rotation, (2.5 mph per Hz)
 Rotor diameter 125mm
The wind direction sensor is a balanced
wind vane with a near-zero friction bearing
and a high accuracy magnetic angle sensor
to provide precision wind direction.
Fitting alternate solid-state ultrasonic wind
sensors is entirely possible upon request.
The temperature sensor includes the following items:
 Resolution 0.2 °C
 Accuracy typically ±0.6 °C at 25°C
 Operating range -20 –> 80 °C
(Note: GSM module and other electronics
are not specified to these temperatures)
The direction sensor includes the following
 A sealed Hall effect sensor (no wear)
 Zero dead band
 Near zero friction
The temperature and humidity sensor is
built round the GE T9600 sensor. This is a
fully calibrated device with long term stability and high accuracy.
The humidity sensor includes the following items:
 Resolution 0.4 %RH
 Accuracy typically ±2 %RH (20% to
80% otherwise ±3%)
 Highly customisable to
the users requirements
 Can be configured to use
solar panels and battery
or mains supply
 Data connection hosted
and managed by
Savantech Ltd. No special
IT requirements.
 Anemometer is a rugged
3-Cup wind sensor
handling speeds from
3—125 mph
 Wind vane has near zero
friction bearing for high
 The temperature and
humidity sensor is fully
calibrated for long term
stability and accuracy
 Additional sensors can
be added if necessary
 Data is sent via GPRS
Basic Operation
Wind, temperature, humidity and other
readings are continuously read by the micro
-controller. These readings are processed
and passed on to the GSM unit where they
are processed into usable messages. A typical installation would transmit the average
wind speed and direction, minimum/
maximum gust and direction, temperature
and humidity every 5 minutes.
The unit can be supplied according to the
users requirements, it is generally supplied
in a weather proof enclosure. Depending on
the users requirements suitable enclosures
can be sourced or manufactured. The user
may wish to house the unit themselves according to existing environmental or legal
requirements for the target location. Savantech can arrange for the necessary installation services if required.
Data is received by a host connected to the
internet. The data is then processed, logged
and displayed as required.
All salient configuration settings can be
changed remotely. Initial settings configured before shipping meaning a simple installation on site.
Host Data Processing
Data is sent via the GPRS (internet) network
to a host PC, usually hosted by Savantech
Ltd. Depending on requirements, data can
be made available online graphically or as
required. Data is stored in a database
hosted by Savantech. Data is made available in graphical format for a rolling 24
hour period. It is quite possible for the data
to be sent to another database directly or
transferred off Savantech servers as required.
SIM card
A data SIM card is required for the system
to work. Savantech typically provide and
manage the monthly SIM costs or can assist
with selecting an appropriate package.
Power Supply
Typically the units are configured to work
directly off 220V mains supply with built in
battery backup (UPS) or a suitable battery/
solar panel, meaning no external connections are necessary. A solar regulator is
built into the system already.
 A proven track record of
excellence in automation
solution design,
development and implementation
 Expert advice on how to
solve your problems
 Comprehensive support and
maintenance services for
all systems
 A commitment to the
success of your operation
with our technology
Optional Additional Sensors
The Weather Station can be configured to
use additional sensors if required, such as
temperature sensors for sensing frost on
overhead cables, road surface and subsurface temperatures.
Water level sensors can also be added to
measure river, dam or drain levels; these
sensors are highly accurate.
Visit our Remote Weather Station based at
Livingston, Scotland on
Savantech Limited
Geddes House
Kirkton North
West Lothian
EH54 6GU
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1506 417030
Fax: +44 (0)1506 420251
[email protected]
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