Generators (petrol) – Instructions for Use
If you are collecting the equipment for someone else please make sure this sheet is given to the equipment user to
read. This sheet should be given to the site supervisor if the equipment is being hired for commercial use so that
the information is available to all users. Before starting any job, be sure to spend a few minutes planning and
understanding the hazards and risks of the activity and determining how you will control them to prevent injury or
Starting procedure
Required Safety Equipment
Pre-Start Checks and Safety
Ensure the generator is of the correct size
(output) for your application
Ensure the generator has a current
electrical tag
Check fuel tank is full (straight petrol)
Check engine oil level is at correct level
Always exercise extra caution when
handling electrical equipment
If at all unsure seek advice from a registered
Never touch the electrical system during
Make sure all equipment being powered by
the generator including power cables and
wiring are in good condition and have a
current electrical tag
Ensure all electrical equipment is protected
from wet or damp situations
Know how to stop the equipment quickly if
required in an emergency
Always stop the engine before refuelling
Electricity is a hidden hazard and should
always be treated with respect because
electric shocks can kill
Turn on fuel supply
Turn on engine switch
Engage engine choke (cold start)
Pull starter cord out until a slight resistance is
felt, let starter recoil then give sharp pulls till
engine fires or starts
5. Release choke
6. If required re-pull starter cord out until a
slight resistance is felt, let starter recoil then
give sharp pulls till engine starts
7. Allow engine to warm up before putting
under load
When Operating
Plug in machines and/or appliances to be
powered by the generator
Turn on master power outlet control switch
Check any panel gauges and instruments (if
applicable) for correct operating range
Ensure you don’t exceed the output of the
generator (if unsure check with your local hire
branch or a registered electrician
Stopping and After Use
Allow machine to idle for approx. one minute
once all machines and/or appliances have
been turned off
Turn off master power outlet control switch
Turn off engine with on off switch or stop
Turn off fuel tap
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