CleanSMART™ - Supermarket Sanitation

CleanSMART™ - Supermarket Sanitation
325,000 Hospitalizations
76 Million Sicknesses
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates
there are 325,000 hospitalizations each year
in the United States from foodborne illnesses.
An estimated 76 million cases of
foodborne illnesses occur each year in
the United States.
5,000 Deaths
Food Safety In The News...
The media has dramatically increased coverage
of foodborne illness, consumers have become
more aware of microorganisms in food.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
estimates there are 5,000 deaths
each year in the United States from
foodborne illnesses.
$ 6.9 Billion
USDA’s Economic Research Service
estimates the annual U.S. economic
costs due to foodborne Salmonella
infections at $2.4 billion. The economic
cost is $6.9 billion for the top 5 food
related organisms.
The cost of food safety...
The cost of winning, maintaining or rekindling consumer confidence, including safety programs, product
promotion, insurance, liability payments and administration of foodborne illnesses, is very heavy.
• Chemicals • Equipment • Training • Support Materials
CleanSMART™ from NCL is a comprehensive sanitation program designed to
deliver top performance in a coordinated easy-to-use system.
CleanSMART™ products are super concentrated, formulated with high dilution
rates, specifically for use in the food processing industry.
CleanSMART™ products are recommended for use in:
• Meat and Poultry Processing • Fresh Fish Counters • Delicatessens
• Bakeries • Refrigerated Storage • Check Out Counters • Food Courts
Pot N’ Pan Detergent SC
• Super concentrate, economical performance
• High performance, long lasting, grease attacking
• Highly specialized surfactant formula is newly
updated for improved cleaning power.
• Pre-set “Pak-Smart” 0.25 oz/gal (1:512) dilution
simplifies preparation, controls usage costs,
provides optimum performance, reduces product
• Excellent hand dish wash for dishes, utensils,
equipment parts, pots, pans, trays and
• Exceptionally mild
• Biodegradable, Phosphate Free
Product No. 1115
Sanitizer 1:512
• Multi-purpose, neutral pH sanitizer, effective in hard water up to 750 ppm in the presence of a
moderate amount of soil (5% organic serum)
•Super concentrate,
economical performance
•Pre-set “Pak-Smart”
0.25 oz/gal (1:512) dilution
simplifies preparation,
controls usage costs,
provides optimum
performance, reduces
product over usage.
•Unique formula can be used
to sanitize previously
cleaned food grade eggs
in shell.
Product No. 1116
• Odor-free cleaner
• Eliminates contact with
chemical concentrates,
prevents spills, and
• Makes attaching a new
bottle of concentrate
cleaner, safer and more
• In-container dip tube
simplifies product usage.
• Self-venting design
eliminates bottle
collapse and ensures
accurate product flow.
• Integrated backflow
check valve.
Foaming Degreaser
Cleaner SC
for floors, walls, cutting tables, trays, display cases,
bandsaws and equipment.
Super concentrate, economical
Thick foam clings to vertical surfaces
and equipment for thorough cleaning.
Highly specialized surfactant formula
is newly updated for improved
cleaning power.
Finds fat, grease, blood, vegetable oil
and soil, surrounds it and emulsifies
it for complete, easy removal
Pre-set “Pak-Smart” 1.3 oz/gal
(1:96) dilution simplifies preparation,
controls usage costs, provides
optimum performance, reduces
product over usage.
Product No. 1117
Rinses clear with no streaking or
Biodegradable, Phosphate Free, Butyl Free
Sink Dispensing Unit
• Conveniently fill large sinks
with detergent and sanitizer.
• Ball valve construction for use
without holding or locking a button.
• Durable, heavy-duty stainless
steel construction.
• Small Footprint
• Delivers consistently diluted
ready-to-use product.
• Eliminates contact with
chemical concentrates.
• ES-Gap eductors provide
back flow protection and
satisfy most plumbing code
Product No. 4118
Foam Dispensing Unit
• Simple, easy to use design. Turn on the water flow,
and select a function (foam, rinse or sanitize). • Patented selector valve eliminates need
for multiple ball valves, lowers costs,
and simplifies operation.
• Durable, reliable, high quality molded
construction resists chemical attack and
hard water deposits.
• Delivers consistently diluted ready-to-use product.
• Eliminates contact with chemical concentrates.
• Integrated hose rack.
• Multi-function nozzle easily switches between
foaming, sanitizing and rinsing.
• Easily understandable icons replace text, simplifying
proper use by all workers, regardless of language.
Handi Rack Round Gallon
Product No. 4119
Sturdy, rust resistant wire construction.
Black powder coated.
Fits all standard round gallon bottles.
Comes compete with all mounting
Product No. 4145
Additional NCL Food Service Sanitation Products
Foaming Cleaner
High foaming degreaser for deep cleaning of
commercial meat room equipment, food preparation
surfaces, walls and floors. Concentrated, free rinsing
and odorless. USDA authorized, A-1 rating.
Anti-Bacterial Lotion Hand Cleaner
A lotionized, synthetic antimicrobial hand cleaner with
modern conditioners and emollients create a safe skin
care product. Outstanding Bajan™ fragrance.
Frost Free
Freezer & Cold Room Cleaner
Safe and effective concentrate for cleaning frozen food
displays, refrigerators or cold storage areas. Cleans to
-35º F. USDA authorized, A-5 rating.
Big Punch
Cold Oven and Grill Cleaner
Potent commercial cleaner for renovation of ovens,
grills and fryers. Concentrated, free rinsing and
odorless. USDA authorized, A-8 rating.
Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Opener
Non-acid drain opener that pours through standing water and goes directly to
clog. Removes scum, hair and grease. Non-fuming.
Natural Citrus Degreaser Deodorizer
All natural citrus grease trap cleaner and drain maintainer. Quickly dissolves
grease build-up and controls odors. Environmentally safe.
Disinfectant Sanitizer Deodorizer
Super concentrated cold disinfectant and sanitizer for use on all food preparation
surfaces and utensils. USDA authorized, D-2 rating.
RTU Sanitizer
Ready-To-Use sanitizer that quickly and easily sanitizes hard, nonporous food
contact surfaces in 60 seconds.
Green Emerald
Premium Dishwash Detergent
A premium grade dish washing detergent that
is exceptionally mild to the hands, yet cleans
even the greasiest dishes and glassware. USDA
authorized, A-1 rating.
Golden Pot & PaN
Dishwash Detergent
A premium grade concentrated liquid dishwash
detergent. Lemon scented and golden amber in
color. USDA authorized, A-1 rating. ENZYMATIC PRODUCTS
Grease Attacking / Anti Slip / Deodorizing Bio-Cleaner
Powerful bio-enzymatic action removes
grease and organic soils like magic. A
no-rinse daily cleaner. Meets requirements
for USDA authorization, C-1 rating.
Nature’s Solution
Bio-Enzymatic Deodorizer & Digester
All natural organic deposit digester and
deodorizer for use in drains and grease
traps. USDA authorized, C-1 rating.
Nature’s Power
Grease Build-Up
Remover & Drain Maintainer
An all natural, drain line, grease trap
and septic tank maintainer. Each gallon
contains over 200 billion synergized
Nature’s Force
Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener and Maintainer
A fast working drain opener and maintainer that dissolves
organic deposits and with regular use keeps drains clean.
Each gallon contains over 100 billion bacteria.
Kitchen Mate
Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner
Ready-to-use foaming aerosol oven and grill cleaner. USDA authorized, A-8 rating.
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Ready-to-use foaming aerosol cleaner and polish for
routine maintenance of stainless steel, copper, brass,
chrome and other shiny metal surfaces. Pleasant lemon
scent. USDA authorized, A-7 rating.
Premium Grade Lotionized Dishwash Concentrate
Premium grade hand dish detergent for effective soil removal from pots and pans,
trays, flat ware and utensils. USDA authorized, A-1 rating.
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