Food Service Solution ss

Food Service Solution ss
Food Service Solutions
Automating Food Service
Supplies and Equipment
The daily responsibilities of food service managers can often be
as complicated as the meals prepared by a fine chef. In addition
to the traditional duties of selecting menu items, using food and
other supplies efficiently, and achieving quality in food
preparation and service, food service managers are responsible
for a growing number of administrative tasks, including food
service contracts, spend management and purchasing.
Mercury Commerce provides comprehensive electronic solutions and services tailored to the
management of food service, from the sourcing of food service supplies and equipment contracts
to the daily purchasing activities driven by menu requirements and business rules. Mercury
Commerce Solutions powerful suite of online procurement software includes easyBid™, our fully
automated sealed bid engine, easyQuote™, our electronic sourcing tool to automate the price
quote process for buyers and for vendors, and easyPurchase™, our fully automated contract
management and purchasing tool.
Sourcing Food Service
Supplies And Equipment
The challenge for food service managers is to establish cost
effective supplies and equipment contracts and then ensure their
usage by food service buyers across the organization. The first
step towards achieving this goal is the bidding of food service
contracts that represent accurate requirements, aggregated from
across the organization, that electronically reach the most
appropriate vendors.
Food service managers use easyBid for its robust sealed bidding capability, designed to automate
and streamline the costly, time-intensive and often error-prone manual sealed bid solicitation
process. easyBid manages the entire bid process from aggregation of bid requirements, to
electronic notification and receiving of bids, through evaluation and award of bids. easyBid enables
constituents to input their food service supplies and equipment requirements electronically, allows
food service managers to aggregate these requirements and solicit bid responses from their
selected vendor community, including minority and women-owned businesses.
Purchasing and Quoting
Food Service Supplies
and Equipment
To leverage savings from an organization's negotiated contracts
for food service supplies and equipment, Mercury Commerce
Solutions provides enterprise-wide visibility to awarded contract
catalogs and pricing. To address the need for multiple price
quotes that comply with regulatory and business requirements,
Mercury Commerce provides the ability to generate and publish
electronic requests for quote.
With easyPurchase, food service supplies and equipment catalogs and content - with your
organization’s contracted pricing - are visible to all your food service buyers. easyPurchase
automates the purchasing process, from contract management and catalog presentation, to online
requisitions and workflow-driven approval routing, to purchase order generation and desktop
receiving. easyPurchase is designed to interface with financial accounting and ERP systems, to
capture all transactional information and communicate with the general ledger.
When multiple price quotes are required for food service supplies and equipment, easyQuote
captures all the information required to publish a request for quote from new or existing vendors in
an easy to use electronic format. The easyQuote solution allows buyers to create, view, modify
and copy electronic quotes. Completed quotes with terms and conditions are published to a preselected vendor community for response. Vendors receive the quote request as an e-mail
message and respond within the due-by date and time. Buyers can then award the quote online.
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Food Service Solutions
Food Service Supplies and Equipment Process
Create and Award
Food Service Bids
The food service manager creates an
electronic bid catalog. The catalog is
distributed for requirements gathering to
constituents within the organization and
then published via e-mail to a preselected vendor list. Vendors respond to
bid requirements online within the
sealed bid date and time. Bid line items
and lots are awarded to vendors
according to the bidding entity’s award
Catalog and Process
Buyers search vendor catalogs and
build requisitions, which are routed for
approval according to the organization’s
Approved requisitions are aggregated at
the line item level by vendor and ship-to
communicated to the vendor by
hardcopy, fax, e-mail or XML.
Multiple Price Quote
easyQuote facilitates the buying
process when multiple price quotes are
required. Buyers describe the items to
be quoted in an easy-to-use electronic
format, which is then published to preselected vendors. Vendors complete the
quotes and then respond online within
the specified quote date and time.
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