IQ8Quad – OT, OTblue, O2T, OTG
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IQ8Quad – OT, OTblue, O2T, OTG
• Highest protection against false alarms
• Unambiguous fire detection through integrated multisensor technology
• Complete self-monitoring
• Short-circuit and open-circuit tolerant
• Signal classification to recognise signals not typical
of fires through pattern recognition of fire parameters
and multisensor evaluation
• Optimum adjustment to ambient conditions through
configurable parameters
• Integrated fault, alarm and operating hours counter
• Extremely low quiescent current of 50 to 65μA
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• Time-controlled deactivation of single sensor elements
Part No. 797993.G0 • 09/2008 • Technical information is subject to change without notice!
• Indicates detector contamination and implements
quiescent value tracing in accordance with the
current standards and directives
Clever installation and
secure investment
Although equipped with a flat-design
housing, IQ8Quad detectors are provided with a spacious mounting base for
flexible cabling. In addition, unused
wires can be directly looped through
the base. Irrespective of the detector
version, the standard IQ8Quad detector
base can be used for installation (a relay base can be ordered separately).
Thus, installation coordination is facilitated and made more flexible. Detectors can be easily and conveniently removed and the loop is not disconnected during removal. Therefore, fire
alarm systems and all their components remain active and operable,
enabling short-circuit and open-circuit
control within the loop even during installation. As of tools 8000 version
1.10.0, sensor technology for detector
type O2T can be perfectly adjusted to
local requirements through configurable parameters (parameter configuration for OTG detectors is being in process).
The innovative detector generation
The new IQ8Quad detector generation
not only combines state-of-the-art detection technology in a single unit but
also sets new standards in terms of
safety and effectiveness.
The esserbus
With a line length of up to 3,500 m and connecting options for a maximum of
127 devices, all advantages provided by loop technology can be used:
highest operational reliability and maximum flexibility during installation
coordination or during fire alarm system modifications. On account of
decentralised intelligence, implemented in the detectors, and standard isolators, bus devices are not disconnected from the loop in the case of wire breaks
or short-circuits. Spurs can be located on the esserbus without adding further
modules, which considerably reduces installation expenses. In addition,
mixed operation of IQ8Quad detectors and Series 9200 detectors can be set
up without facing difficulties.
Four times IQ8Quad - four times the right choice
OT* The secure and intelligent optical heat detector for the early detection
of fires
OTblue Optical heat detector to guarantee the early detection of high energy
fires. The detector replaces the classic ionisation smoke detector
and provides high sensitivity to reliably detect the smallest fire
particles by using blue LED light instead of infrared light.
O2T* Even in the most challenging conditions, two integrated optical
smoke sensors with different scatter angles and additional heat
sensor provide for optimum detection of light and dark smoke and
prevent false alarms from being triggered.
OTG Multisensor detector with integrated optical smoke detector, heat detector and gas sensor for detecting carbon monoxide (CO) in order to identify fires ranging from smouldering fires to open fires. Additionally, lifethreatening carbon monoxide levels can be detected in the environment.
* These detectors are approved in the scope of the DIBt system authorization for the operation with an
Automatic Door System. The O2T-detector is also available without loop isolator.
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Schematic loop diagram:
Dimensions (mm):
IQ8Control M
Powered loop
Loop lenght max. 3.5 km
Detector with base
Technical Data
w/o loop isolator
9 - 42 V DC
ca. 50 μA
8 - 42 V DC
ca. 60 μA
-20 °C to +50 °C
G 205070
EN 54-7/5 A2
General technical data
Rated voltage
Max. monitoring range
Max. monitoring height
Storage temperature
Air humidity
Type of protection
Dimensions w/o base (Ø x H)
Dimensions with base (Ø x H)
G 205071
EN 54-7/5 A2
8 - 42 V DC
ca. 60 μA
-20 °C to +65 °C
G 204061
EN 54-7/5 B
G 204061
EN 54-7/5 B
8 - 42 V DC
ca. 65 μA
-20 °C to +50 °C
G 205072
EN 54-7/5 A2
19 V DC
110 m²
12 m
-25 °C to +75 °C
¥ 95% humidity (without condensation)
IP 43 (with base and option)
white, similar to RAL 9010
approx. 110 g
117 x 49 mm
117 x 62 mm
Order information
OT multisensor detector IQ8Quad
OTblue multisensor detector IQ8Quad
O²T multisensor IQ8Quad
O²T Intelligent detector I8Quad without loop isolator
OTG multisensor (CO) IQ8Quad
Standard detector base for IQ8Quad
Detector base with relay contact for IQ8Quad
Flush mount kit for base IQ8Quad
Label plate for detector base IQ8Quad
IP 43 protection for detector base IQ8Quad, flat design
IP 43 protection for IQ8Quad detector bases, deep design
IP 43 moisture-proof surface-mounted base adapter aP for IQ8Quad detector base
Part No.
For further order information please refer to our "Fire Alarm Technology" Product Line Catalogue.
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9 - 42 V DC
ca. 50 μA
Part No. 797993.G0 • 09/2008 • Technical information is subject to change without notice!
Part Number
Operating voltage
Quiescent current
Application temperature
VdS number
Detector specification
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