Injections Skill Examination (ISE)
August 2017 - June 2018
The information listed in this Site Information and Equipment List is for informational purposes
only. There may be additional equipment or supplies on-site during the exam that may not be
reflected in this manual. Additionally, equipment and supplies may change without warning.
This information is not intended to prepare Candidates for the exam, but instead is intended to
provide a general overview of equipment and supplies used during the exam. Candidates are
reminded to thoroughly review the Evaluation Forms and Candidate Guide to adequately prepare
for the Injections Skill Examination.
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June 13, 2017
Station Information - Lighting
Main Overhead Light Switch
Dimmer Switch & Slider
Located behind computer workstation
Location of this switch is the same in EVERY exam room.
Main Overhead Light Switch is located on the LEFT
Dimmer switch is located on the RIGHT
Slider to adjust dimmer brightness is on the RIGHT side of the dimmer switch
Overhead Light
Dimmer Light
Slider to adjust
dimmer brightness
Station Information - Lighting
Under Cabinet Light Switch
Located above sink counter, by soap dispenser
Location of this switch is the same in EVERY exam room.
Station Information – Countdown Clock
Countdown clocks on the computers are NOT THE OFFICIAL CLOCKS that determine a candidate’s time.
A countdown clock will be minimized on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen:
Candidates wishing to use the countdown clock will need to click on the menu bar to be able to start the
Once the announcement begins to play, that is when official testing time begins. Once the announcement plays
ending the exam, time ends. Candidates wishing to use the countdown clock in the rooms must press the START
button to begin the countdown clock. There will always be a delay between when the announcement plays and
when a candidate presses START thus the time on the computer will always be less than 15 minutes. Using the
countdown clock in the room is optional and only to provide Candidates assistance in determining the amount
of time, digitally, remaining in the station. Again, these clocks are not the official time keepers of the exam.
“CLEAR” will reset the timer to 15 minutes. Candidates can minimize the timer by clicking on the minimize button
located in the upper right corner:
The clock will continue to countdown minimized on the menu bar.
Here is a link to the timer that is available in the exam room:
Station Information
Computer Workstations
Displays Station Instructions
Not an item-by-item list, but a
brief overview of Skills
expected to be performed.
Turn the Monitor off/on by
pressing the button on the
bottom right corner
Repeat Policies
Posted on the back of the
exam room doors, next to the
computer workstation
Pens & Pencils are
provided in each
Station for
Candidate use
Band-Aids are
available in all
Stations in the event
an injury occurs.
Station Equipment & Supplies
Room View
Station Room View Injections Area
Injections Equipment & Supplies
Life/Form Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm
Injections Supplies
Injections supplies are organized in
“buckets” on the table with plenty of
needles, syringes, drape kits, etc.
Gloves/Tissues are found on the
wall, to the right of the table.
Sharps containers are mounted
directly above the injections table.
There will be 2 vials of each
simulated medication available.
Injections Equipment & Supplies
The Drape Kit will provide
everything necessary to
simulate an aseptic field for
the injections exam.
Drape Kit
Alcohol pads
Shiny side
Cotton balls
Injections Equipment & Supplies
25 Gauge Needles
Brand may vary
Color/Brand may vary
Butterfly / Winged Infusion Needle Sets
25 Gauge
Color/Brand may vary
1 cc Syringe
for Epinephrine
5 cc Syringe
for Fluorescein
Some Items may have plastic guards.
The guards will need to be removed prior to use.
Examples below.
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