PISTACHIO SOUP Chris Curro Ingredients: Chopped leaks

PISTACHIO SOUP Chris Curro Ingredients: Chopped leaks
Chris Curro
Chopped leaks
Tuccioliva olive oil
Fresh garlic
Fresh ginger
Chipotle blend
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Turmeric powder
Lime juice
White rice flour
Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base
Raw pistachios, shelled
Salt and pepper
Step one:
In a blender, using the pulse setting, pulverize the pistachio meats
until they are chunky bits, but do not turn to powder by over-blending.
Suggest: work around half-cup at a time and removing each portion to
keep from re-blending.
Step two:
Chop leeks into four quarters length-wise and then eighth inch thick.
Use length of the leek as long as tender and light green.
Step Three:
Pour olive oil to cover circumference of the sauce pan base and heat
low-med. Sprinkle cumin powder into olive oil and stir--do not allow
oil to smoke. Infuse oil thoroughly. Do the same with turmeric
powder. Then do the same with coriander powder. Add the chopped
leeks into this oil and spice mixture and stir constantly on low-medium
heat. Sweat until tender but do not allow to brown (better to under
rather than over-cook). Add pinches of salt and grind pepper while
working the leeks.
Step Four:
Make or purchase rice flour. (to make: Rinse white rice, (I used
basmati rice), cover rice with water and allow to soak for six hours in
refrigerator, drain water and allow to dry (the more water you remove
at this point, the less caking, but allow to remain damp). Put half cup
of rice into blender. Beginning with "pulse" on the blender and then
increasingly faster settings for small amounts of time, turn small
quantities of rice into powder. Sprinkle the rice powder into another
pan set at medium heat with nearly constant stirring--you are
removing the moisture from the rice as it gently steams. Remove the
rice flour from heat and allow to cool.
Step Five:
Make broth with one cup water for every one tablespoon of Better
Than Bouillon, stirred well into a solution.
Reserve half of the broth.
Add one half of the broth to the leek mixture on low heat into large
sauce pan and allow leeks to absorb some of the broth flavor.
In incremental portions, put liquid leeks, pistachios and broth into
blender and puree to desired consistency. Add additional water as
necessary. Stir in rice flour in increments of half-cup at a time
Season in chipotle powder or even spicier chili powder as desired for
heat and color but green was my desired color.
Add additional salt and pepper as desired.
Garnish with chunky bits of add
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