Observatory dome 2.2 m computer control

Observatory dome 2.2 m computer control
Zakład Optyki Instrumentalnej
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Observatory dome 2.2 m
computer control
One set of 2.2m dome includes :
- 2.2 meter dome with basis
- remote control and ups
- rotation control with motor and encoder
- steering box with usb card and connection cables ( user can order with no extra charge
additional control of the light )
- computer with software and hardware : core2duo , windows xp , display 24 inch ,
keyboard ,mouse , cables , all programs installed and configured , Uniwersal dome software
- basis with door and lock
- emergency shutter closing when power supply is off
- manual , software and support – user choose language before ordering observatory
- connection hub for internet and power connector for power supply
Dome can rotate with no limits thanks to upper and lower connector. Upper
connector rotates with the dome and when it drive to home position it connect with
lower connector – then home sensor detect connection and shutter can be close or
open. We don’t have to know where home position is – just click in program : goto
home , open or close and dome will automatically do it for us.
We can also do automatic open and close for exact hour .
When using dome not remotely We can set track sky and dome will go with the sky
speed. Its for a visual observations.
When ordering observatory please let Us know what kind of telescope You will use
and We will set software to exact mount and telescope.
In home position dome sensor is visible in our program and if shutters are closed or
Dome drive have encoder that count impulses when rotating. That’s why dome knows
where is on the ring and can synchronize with the telescope.
A) elements :
When unboxing all elements please set accessories as shown below
please note : please remove ropes holding shutters inside when transported
First test : please remove ropes from shutter , place UPS on the floor , connect steering box
to UPS , press on button – will beep when no power but will give power to check the dome
one LED will light when power is on . Now please take the remote control :
left , right – rotation , up and down – closing and opening
Please test the mechanism if it open and close (range 100 m)
note : to close or open You must be at home position witch is here :
now please try to open and close shutters . note : system will automatically stop
when opening and stop when closing
B) now when motors are ok we can connect computer to system . place screen as
shown A) . Connect usb cabel from usb steering box – connect power supply and
power on computer , screen and steering box.
note : two LEDS will light when power and usb connection is present
C) system will start . please start uniwersal dome program . program will appear :
note : please drive dome to home position , when starting program home position
box will be market . this is a signal that card is connected and everything is ok.
now we can start playing with dome and test left / right / go to home / dome parking
/ write some degrees and to point. when it is ok We can click settings :
1) please fill : dome placement, dome diameter : 2200 , grid : 650 that is all for this
window , CARD IS VELLEMAN8055
for home sensor We have to connect telescope first and do alignment and point to the home position of
the dome , then We will ready real azimuth of the dome ( dome and telescope azimuth must be the
same but it can be We will have to find home when telescope and dome will be connected , then we
will find the right home for synchronization
2) Automatic window
When do You wish to automatically open or close Your dome just set the opening and closing hours
and tock automatic open. Other option can be set as well.
3) Telescope window :
this is a most important window for the synchronization , first We have to download telescope Ascom
driver from here :
then when We select telescope We will choose our telescope to work with our dome.
please look at this picture :
We must give to our system :
- when pier is in the middle of the dome telescope position X and Y = 0
- Z is a length of the mount arm + OTA radius ( length between center of the pier and
center of the OTA )
- GEM –r – how high is the OTA above the moving ring
and that is all . when We choose telescope We can check if its present in the system by
clicking get current location.
note : when You wish to change something in uniwersal program just contact :
studio@mig-interactive.com with our programming specialist
a) for telescope control manual please give us type of mount
4) outputs , sensor and weather are not necessary
D) Uniwersal USB steering box
Box is mounted to the basis ring. Operational temperature is : -30 C to + 70 C.
x) does dome require maintenance ?
- yes only to check the encoder system every six months , it might be dusty so We can use
compressed air to clean it
y) can i close shutters when power is off :
Yes – You can connect battery and clamps to the two last rollers on the upper connector ( home
sensor is the nearest to the dome wall , last from the dome wall is power connector ) :
- please watch this sequence because it can burn usb card )
z ) what will happened when water will be present on the dome walls ( its present almost every
night ) ?
- it will go out with this water canals
4 ) Power supply for the observatory dome :
- there is no special requirements about power supply – maximum power consumption of the
dome is 650 W ( when using 230 volts – 2,5 A ) . so we need minimum 10 Amp fuse when
connecting the dome to our house or installation.
- power consumption and connectors :
steering box – about 300 W max
computer with hardware – about 300 W max
telescope - ?
recommended power supply connection cable is 3 x 1,5mm
connection to internet can be made via WIFI on request – with no extra charge ,
installation is ready for every dome for LAN cables.
Warranty Information
Since 1986, the majority of our Uniwersal dome products have been covered by a Limited two
years Warranty. Uniwersal Outdoor Products guarantees these products to be free of defects in
materials and workmanship for the two years of the original owner.
These warranties do not cover consumer caused damages such as misuse, abuse or repairs
attempted by someone other than our authorized technicians.
Two years Limited Warranty
Uniwersal Manual version of astronomical observatory – diameter 2.2 m
Uniwersal Electric version of astronomical observatory – diameter 2.2 m
Uniwersal Computer version of astronomical observatory – diameter 2.2 m
Polish Warranty
In the past our products have had different lengths of warranty coverage, however, since 1986 the
majority of our products carry a Limited 2 Years Warranty. Uniwersal guarantees your product to
be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. These
warranties do not cover consumer caused damages such as misuse, abuse or repairs attempted by
someone other than our authorized technicians.
Warranty Coverage Outside Poland
Contact our company for warranty information. You may have other rights which vary from
country to country. These warranties do not cover consumer caused damages such as misuse,
abuse or repairs attempted by someone other than our authorized technicians.
our company have friendly and flexible repair staff – We charge only for repair parts .
Contact details :
Zakład Optyki Instrumentalnej" U N I W E R S A Ł "
CEO : Jacek Uniwersal
Poniatowskiego str 9,
34- 300 Żywiec
Youtube channel : FirmaUniwersal
monday-friday: 9.00 - 16.30
saturday: 9.00 - 12.30
tel/fax.: (+48 33) 861 33 74
tel.: (+48 33) 861 33 54
tel. mob.: 0048 607 2000 59
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