CAST Impressionist Series® Gang

CAST Impressionist Series® Gang
CAST Impressionist Series® - Technical Note
Gang Dimming - Dimmer Switch Box Assembly & Fixture
Wire Connections
Part # CIGDS
Caution: The following instructions are meant to be a guide in the assembly of a control box used
to adjust the light levels of a group of CAST LED Impressionist® fixtures. Users must follow all
electrical codes that may apply.
Electrical dimmer switch box is a single outlet Carlon T&B 1/2” model E988D series fitted with
an IP65 Normally Open Push-Button switch that when depressed will start the “Gang dimming”
of the impressionist fixtures. Kit also includes push on Spade terminal with lead wires: one
Yellow, one Green, and insulated crimp connections to make wire splices. NOTE: You must press
and hold the push button for fifteen seconds to synchronize all fixtures together so they dim at
the same lumen level.
You will need to purchase the following additional items at a Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any electric supply to complete the installation:
• 5 ft. 1/2” grey sch 40 PVC electrical conduit
• 1 pc. 1/2” grey sch 40 PVC 90’ electrical sweep
• 2 pcs. 1/2” grey sch 40 PVC couplings (Just in case you make a mistake)
• 5 pcs. 1/2” grey PVC conduit “C” clamp Carlon T&B #E977DC-CTN used to secure pvc conduit
to a wall, stone, deck, or post
• 10 pcs. 1” stainless wood screws, stone anchors, or other hardware specific to the surface
you will be mounting the dimmer control to.
• 1 pc. PVC glue/cement to assemble PVC pipe
• (1) or more CAST Impressionist® fixtures wired togther (with No-Ox #18/4 wire Part #
CLW184250) in a series and with an #18/4 wire run to the Dimmer Switch Box location.
• (1) Impressionist Wire Splice Kit (CLWSI) per two fixtures.
• Note: Conduit and junctions allow weatherproof wire passage into switch box.
(See example)
1. Mount a group (no limit) of CAST LED Impressionist fixtures. This group will all be controlled
together (as a gang). Note: If fixtures are to be mounted in elevated location, consider making all wire connections prior to mounting.
2. For any fixtures that have control plugs already attached, cut off and discard these plugs.
3. Trim fixture lead wires to suitable lengths, then strip away insulation to allow use of Impressionist Wire Splice Kits (CLWSI). Follow Kit instructions to connect all fixtures, and to run a
wire from any fixture to the Control Box Location.
Caution: All wire connections between fixture and #18-4 No-Ox Wire should be same color.
For example: Connect Green to Green, Yellow to Yellow, White to White, Black to Black.
4. Mount Dimmer Switch Box in suitable location. See attached assembly instructions.
5. Run power wire from transformer and #CLW184 multi-strand wire inside 1/2” conduit to inside dimmer electrical control switch box. Strip 1/2” insulation off each wire.
6. Connect wires from transformer to the BLACK and WHITE wires that feed power to the
impressionist fixtures.
7. Connect the YELLOW wire to the YELLOW wire attached to the dimmer switch.
8. Connect the GREEN wire to the GREEN wire attached to the dimmer switch.
9. Fold wires inside the electrical control box and screw cover on tight to form a solid seal with
molded gasket.
Notes on Operation
• During start up, the dimmer control switch must be
depressed and held for fifteen seconds to synchronize all fixtures to the same 100%
maximum lumen level setting.
• Push button once depressed, initiates either an up or down dimming sequence depending on
the last sequence initiated.
• Each time the dimming button is depressed, the dimming sequence reverses.
• The dimming sequence will continue as long as the button is depressed until the light level
reaches the upper light output level or the minimum light output level.
• Once dimming button is released, the lumen level set will remain in memory, even for
extended periods after power is switched off.
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imp-gang-dimm i ng- 7- 2- 14
CAST Impressionist Series® - Technical Note
Gang Dimming - Wiring Schematic (7-1-14)
**Actual Junction Box
Wire to Control Box
can be connected
anywhere along wire
Use CAST No-Ox #18/4
Wire (CLW184250) to
connect fixtures and
run to control box.
Single Gang Waterproof
Junction Box with IP65
N.O. Button
Use CAST Impressionist Wire
Splice Kit (CLWSI) - contains
crimps and heat-shrink
tubing. Each kit makes two
#18/4 splices.
Example: This sysem of (4)
fixtures requires (2) CLWSI
Junction Splice
1/2” Conduit
To Next
End Splice Last Fixture
#18-2, #14-2,
#16-2, #12-2 No-Ox
Power Wire from
To Transfomer
Power wire from Transformer
PVC “C” Clamp
⚠Use caution in following these instructions. Obey all local electrical codes.
Impressionist #18/4 Wire Splice Kit (CLWSI) Instructions:
Cut away wire jacket to expose
2.5” insulated wires. Inspect
wires for cuts or nicks.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for extension wire. Cut black wire to 2.5”;
strip 1/4”.
Strip white wires then crimp.
Repeat steps 8 to 11 with other
wires (staggering wire lengths).
Use wire cutters to cut fixture
lead wire. Use small scissors or
knife to strip away wire jacket.
Use wire stripper to strip black
wire 1/4”.
Line up wires and cut white wire
(from extension cable) to overlap
other white wire 1/4”.
Use heat gun to completely
shrink tubing on all sides.
Slip heat shrink tubing over
Insert stripped ends of black
wires into parallel crimp.
Slip 3/8” heat shrink tubing over
connections and apply heat shrink completely on all sides.
Use wire crimper to firmly compress parallel crimp.
Slip 3/16” heat shrink tubing over
black wire.
Cut each remaining wire to
lengths of 1.5” (white), 2.0”
(green), and 2.5” (yellow).
Cut black wire to 1” length.
Slip 3/8” heat shrink tubing over
wires and covered cable.
© Copyright 2013, CAST Lighting, All rights reserved. Patents pending. 973-423-2303
Included: (For (2) complete splice connections)
Tools Required:
◗ (8) Parallel Crimps for #18 wire (XCEW92S)
◗ Wire Cutter/Stipper
◗ (8) 1.5” Pcs. 3/16” Heat Shrink Tubing (XCEWEPS300316)
◗ Razor Knife or Scissors
◗ (2) 7” Pcs. 3/8” Heat Shrink Tubing (XCEWEPS30038)
◗ Non-Insulated Wire Crimper
◗ Heat Gun
This splice kit enables the installer to extend one Impressionist power/control cable to a location distant from the
Impressionist light. The kit contains enough materials for
two complete splice connections.
For Extending (1) Power/Control Cable (CLW184250) for any CAST Impressionist® Light Fixture
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