The Colour of Success - Toshiba Data Dynamics

The Colour of Success - Toshiba Data Dynamics
The Colour of Business
The Colour of Success
Colour from Toshiba is
more versatile than ever.
The e-STUDIO2040c/2540c/3040c/3540c/4540c from Toshiba bring mid-volume
workgroups impressive colour and high-volume black and white, including copy, print,
scan and fax capabilities. Now, thanks to the integration of the new generation e-BRIDGE
platform, features can be added later—similar to the way apps are added to smart phones.
This platform also provides increased security, connectivity, manageability plus energy
saving. Yet another technological advancement from Toshiba.
This changes everything
Today’s MFDs are often used as
network access points, that’s why
Toshiba’s new e-BRIDGE controller
provides seamless compatibility with
networks and management systems.
Administrators can quickly and easily
perform initial settings as well as
various device management tasks
right across the system. They can also
single-handedly perform tasks that
previously required the support of a
service technician such as installing
multiple systems, upgrading software
by loading patches, device cloning,
and changing settings. Toshiba
e-BRIDGE allows seamless integration
with core business applications
streamlining important workflows. It
allows you to keep up with changing
technology, too. As new applications
for advanced features and functions
are developed, they can simply be
added to your e-STUDIO MFD.
Performance you’ve come to expect
The e-STUDIO4540c series offer highspeed colour and black and white at
speeds from 20 pages per minute (ppm)
right up to 45 ppm. Image quality meets
Toshiba’s standard of excellence, above
and beyond the typical industry standard.
Add to that robust paper handling,
Gigabit connectivity, network scanning
and printing, an optional dual-line, highvolume Super G3 fax*, and the ability
to perform a multitude of tasks without
interruption. Not to mention advanced
security features, increased energy
efficiency, and enhanced connectivity.
New e-BRIDGE Platform
Capacity For New Apps
Increased Security
Greater Connectivity
Easier Fleet Management
Exceptional Print Quality
Improved Energy Efficiency
Multiple functions,
innumerable benefits.
Never before have we been able to offer so much in an
MFD series. What was once out of the realm of possibility
for busy general offices is now available. The new
e-STUDIO2040c/2540c/3040c/3540c/4540c make business
colour more versatile than ever. New features with vital user
benefits are not only impressive but also unprecedented.
8.5” Control Panel
Network Print/Scan
Template Feature Keys
Gigabit Connectivity
Remote Device
305mm x 1200mm Banners
Job Skip/Print Standby
Universal Print Driver
Standard Tande
em Printing
Cluster Printing
Improved connectivity
and compatibility
An administrator can easily
connect with multiple networks
and their management systems.
Universal Printer Driver
You can print to any current
e-STUDIO series model without
adding another driver and settings
are easily applied to multiple PCs.
Cluster printing
An optional e-BRIDGE Job Point
utility manages the distribution of
print jobs to up to ten e-STUDIO
models linked by a network.
Increased capacity
Two 550-sheet universal cassettes are
standard, and two 550-sheet cassettes
can be added as well as a 2,500-sheet
tandem feeder. Using a 100-sheet
bypass, the total capacity is 3,700
sheets from 4 different paper sources.
Banner printing
You can print impressive
full colour banners, posters and
signs up to 305mm by 1200mm.
inishing options
nisher options
clude a 50-sheet
n stapling
finisher or saddlesa
titching finisher
or booklet making
p to 60 pages
es as
well as a convenient
anging finisher that st
aples 50
heets and holds up to 100
0 pa
etwork scanning
apture one or two sided originals
att speeds up to 57 images per
minute for monochrome or colour,
while the scanner detects the size
off the original, determines whether
it’ss in colour or black and white, the
utomatic Paper Selection chooses
he proper paper size for output.
EFI Fiery Controller*
An optional Fiery server includes
innovative new features like EFI
ColorWise, EFI WebTools and
LDAP support as well as tight
integration with several new
proprietary Toshiba technologies.
The e-BRIDGE Replicator
When installed as an option, you can
easily output vouchers and invoices
using normal copy paper from one
drawer and coloured copy paper
from another for duplicate copies.
This is a more economical solution
than pre-printed multi-part forms
on special carbonised stock.
Cloud connections*
With cloud connection capability,
you can scan-to and access
documents stored in popular cloud
based collaboration services such
as Google Docs. Using Toshiba’s
Advanced Scanning technology,
documents can be scanned and
stored in modifiable formats such
as Microsoft Word and Excel for the
utmost in mobile user productivity.
Job Skip
A job in standby mode can begin
printing ahead of a job that has
been halted because a certain
paper size has run out.
Technology leaders,
managed print specialists.
In addition to improved functionality, connectivity, and solutions readiness, the new
e-STUDIO2040c/2540c/3040c/3540c/4540c also allow for increased security, energy
savings, and manageability. While our previous MFDs were excellent in those categories, at
Toshiba, we don’t simply settle for excellence.
Enhanced Standard
Security Features
Secure PDF
Optional Data Overwrite
Power Usage Reduction
Energy Star Tier 2
More secure than ever
Increased security is achieved in several
ways, including more administrator
control with simple operation of
advanced features. A Hard Disk AES
Encryption feature comes standard
and optional Data Overwrite is available
to permit a security mode which
complies with IEEE 2600.1—the highest
security level of its kind. In fact, data
remains secure even if the hard drive
is stolen. Other top security features
include a secure PDF encryption
feature with up to 128-bit AES, IP/
MAC address filtering, Role Based
Access Control, an SNMPv3 protocol
for enhanced security administration,
and an optional IPSec protocol.
Doing more for our planet
Toshiba has always worked hard
to keep environmental impact to
a minimum, developing many of
the world’s leading technologies to
conserve energy and protect the
environment. The e-STUDIO4540c
series is proof of that.
Power consumption in Sleep Mode is
just 5W, representing an 80% reduction
from the 22W of previous models.
The new design also incorporates
45% recycled plastics which is
another demonstration of Toshiba’s
commitment to conserving natural
resources. Toshiba is also proud to
promote the use of Biomass plastic to
further reduce environmental impact.
This new line of MFDs also qualifies
for Energy Star Tier 2 compliance.
Your Managed Print Specialists
The e-STUDIO4540c series puts far
more control in your hands. If you’d
like to optimise your entire fleet of
MFDs, copiers and printers, turn to
our Managed Print Experts. We can
help you find ways to control costs and
save up to 40% on your document
output expenses. Learn how to print
smarter using rules-based network
printing that allows you to set printing
parameters such as size, volume and
colour restrictions. We’ll also analyse
your entire document fleet to find
points of vulnerability and develop the
best security plan for your business.
In short, you can save money and the
environment while working smarter and
more securely, thanks to Toshiba’s
Managed Print Specialists.
Build to order – flexible configuration
Reversing Automatic
Document Feeder
Work Tray
Fax Board
Fax 2nd Line Board*
Wireless Wireless LAN Adapter*
Saddle-stitch Finisher
Hole Punch
All-in-one e-Bridge Controller
Paper Feed Pedestal
EFI Controller*
Expansion Memory for EFI Controller*
Harness Kit for Coin Controller
e-BRIDGE Re-RiteTM OCR Package
e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System
Toshiba ID-Gate
Drawer Module
Machine Cabinet
Large Capacity Feeder
Hole Punch
> Access Codes
(1,000 Department
/10,000 Users)
> Annotation
(Date / Time Print)
(RADF and Platen)
> Auto Job Start
> Auto Cassette Change
> Auto Trayless Duplex
> Auto Energy Saver
> Auto Sleep Mode
> Cover Sheet
> Dual-Page Copying
> Edge Erase
(Document Storage)
(Auto Colour Selection)
> Advanced Colour Settings
> Electronic Sort
> Energy Saver
> Image Shift
> Interrupt
> Job Templates
> Job Reservation
(Scan Ahead)
> Magazine Sort
(Booklet-Making Mode)
> Mirror Image
> Negative / Positive
> Page Numbering
> Security
> Sheet Insertion
> Weekly Timer
> X-Y Zoom
> 2-in-1, 4-in-1, 8-in-1
> Omit blank page
> Proof copy
> Job build
> Outside original erase
Cover Sheet
Duplex Printing
Hole Punch
Magazine Sort
Mixed-Size Printing
Private Print
Proof Print
Booklet Mode
Custom Margin
Custom Paper Size
Scheduled Print
Sheet Insertion
Stapled Sets
Store to e-FILING
Advanced Colour Settings
User Pre-sets (with sharing)
ICC Profile Support
Print Around
Tandem Print
Poster Print
Multiple Overlays
TWAIN Compatible
Tiff, PDF, Slim PDF, XPS, (Single/
PDF security
Scan preview
Omit blank page
Outside original erase
Access Restrictions
Automatic Supply Ordering
Department Code Enforcement
Email or Fax Notification for
Counters and
Preventative Maintenance
> Email Notification for Service Calls
> TopAccess Device Management
> Address Book
(3,000 Addresses)
> Automatic Redial
> Broadcasting
(Max.1,000 Destinations)
> Chain Dialing
> Delayed Transmission
> Direct Transmission
> Double-Sided Scanning
and Reception
> Dual Access
> Group Dialing (Max. 200
Groups/400 Destinations/
> Optional Second Line
> Network Faxing
> Polling
> Priority Transmission
> Public Mailbox (F-Code)
> Route Fax to Folder/Email/
> TX / RX Reporting
> Auto Duplex Reception
> Tray Selection Reception
> Fax Preview
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