IP65 Time Delay Switch

IP65 Time Delay Switch
Model: DS3HD
Installation & Operating Instructions
IP65 Time Delay Switch
1. General Information
These instructions should be read carefully
and retained for further reference and maintenance.
2. Safety
• Before installation or maintenance, ensure the
mains supply to the delay switch is switched off
and the circuit supply fuses are removed or
the circuit breaker turned off.
• It is recommended that a qualified electrician is
consulted or used for the installation of this delay
switch and install in accordance with the current
IEE wiring and Building Regulations.
• Check that the total load on the circuit including
when this delay switch is fitted does not exceed the
rating of the circuit cable, fuse or circuit breaker.
3. Technical Specifications
• 230V AC 50 Hz
• Switch Rating:
16A Resistive (4kW)
16A Halogen/
Fluorescent lighting
150W LED Lighting
The LED switching capabilities of this
product can be increased up to 200W
by the addition of the Timeguard
ZV900 Automatic switch load controller –
Sold separately.
• Boost Timing Range:
2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 90,
120, 180 minutes
• Illuminated Push Button:
Blue LED
• Operating Temperature:
10°C to +40°C
• IP Rating:
• CE Approved
• Dimensions (H x W x D):
94 x 94 x 57mm
Note: Not suitable for use with
Discharge Lighting
Four PCB mounting screws
input and
Knock outs for cable glands
Figure 2 - Internal of DS3HD
4. Installation
• Ensure that the mains supply to the circuit breaker
is switched off and the circuit supply fuses are
removed or the circuit breaker turned OFF.
• Remove the front panel by unscrewing the four
fixing screws.
• If necessary, carefully remove the printed
circuit board (PCB) by undoing the four PCB
mounting screws.
• Remove the cable knockouts at (preferably)
the bottom of the box.
• Use the appropriate IP65 rated entry conduits
to fit the M20 knockouts. Ensure they are tightly
fitted to maintain the IP rating.
• Mark the position of the fitting holes using the
surface mount box as a template. Drill out the
mounting holes taking care to avoid any joists,
electrical cables or water/gas pipes that may be
hidden beneath the surface. Insert the rawl plugs
into the holes.
• Fix the surface mount box rigidly to a secure
surface by using the appropriate screws through
the four fixing holes.
• If necessary, carefully refit the PCB back into the
surface mount box by progressively tightening
each of the four PCB mounting screws in turn.
Do not over tighten the screws.
• Pass the 230V 50Hz mains supply and load
cables through the cable conduits on the
surface mount box.
• Terminate the cables into the terminal block
ensuring correct polarity is observed and that
all bare conductors are sleeved (See section 5.
Connection Diagram).
• Secure the front panel back into place using the
four fixing screws previously removed.
5. Connection Diagram
The connector terminals are marked as follows;
Wiring as marked on terminals – left to right
Neutral Load to appliance (Blue or Black) to N
Neutral Supply (Blue or Black) to
Earth (Green/Yellow) to
Switch Live Load to appliance
(Brown or Red) to
Live Supply (Brown or Red) to L
6. Internal Delay
Selection Switches
• There are four internal DIL switches available to
select 8 time delay settings as shown below;
Note: On the DIL switch, switch 1 is not in use.
• Select your desired time delay period and set the
DIL to the relevant positions using the above chart.
There is a single blue LED illuminated push button
switch on the front panel. When pressed, the DS3HD
will function as follows;
• The blue LED will turn OFF.
• The externally connected load will turn ON
for the pre-selected time delay.
• One minute before the end of the time delay,
the blue LED will flash, indicating the time
delay is due to expire.
• At the end of the time delay, the externally
connected load will switch OFF from the
mains supply.
• The blue LED will switch permanently ON until
the push button is pressed again.
• If the button is pressed while the time delay
is still running, the delay will be terminated
after 1 minute.
• If the push button is pressed within the last minute
of the time delay (when the blue light is flashing)
the countdown will be reset and the timer will
restart the time delay.
3 Year Guarantee
In the unlikely event of this product becoming faulty
due to defective material or manufacture within
3 years of the date of purchase, please return it to
your supplier in the first year with proof of purchase
and it will be replaced free of charge. For the
second and third years or any difficulty in the first
year telephone the helpline on 020 8450 0515.
Note: A proof of purchase is required in all cases.
For all eligible replacements (where agreed by
Timeguard) the customer is responsible for all
shipping/postage charges outside of the UK.
All shipping costs are to be paid in advance
before a replacement is sent out.
If you experience problems, do not immediately
return the unit to the store.
Telephone the Timeguard Customer Helpline;
020 8450 0515
or email helpline@timeguard.com
Qualified Customer Support Co-ordinators will be on-line
to assist in resolving your query.
For a product brochure please contact:
67.058.381 (Issue 2)
Zerofour – February 2016
Timeguard Limited.
Victory Park, 400 Edgware Road,
London NW2 6ND
Sales Office: 020 8452 1112
or email csc@timeguard.com
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