R-Clean Cetaline 70 GB-2

R-Clean Cetaline 70 GB-2
Product information sheet
R-Clean Cetaline 70
Neutral, universal cleaner
Product description
R-Clean Cetaline 70 has powerful cleaning properties, and easily removes grease, protein and dirt. It is mild
for the skin and can be used safely on each surface. R-Clean Cetaline 70 is used in institutions, and livingand workingareas such as kitchens, butcher’s shops, bakeries etc. Furthermore, it can be used for manual
cleaning of dishes, tools etc.
20 – 30 ml per 10 litre cold or warm water. Rinsing is not necessary.
Information on safety, transport, handling and storage is listed in the safety data sheet.
Chemical-technical information
Green liquid
1,03 g/cm3
Packaging information
Pack size:
Item Number:
12 x 1 litre – 2 x 5 litre
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