RF-5845H-PP101 Digital Pre/Postselector Data Sheet

RF-5845H-PP101 Digital Pre/Postselector Data Sheet
provides significant reduction
of unwanted receive signals
and spurious transmitter
outputs, allowing collocated
operation of two
or more systems
The digitally-tuned, high-performance RF-5845H-PP101
Pre/postselector, is designed for operation in rugged tactical
environments as part of the FALCON® II RF-5800H-MP and
AN/PRC-150(C) systems.
Fully automatic operation (controlled from the host transceiver)
and rapid tuning capability make pre/postselector operation
virtually transparent to the user. Operational configuration and
BITE/fault status reporting are all done through the respective
The RF-5845H-PP uses the rugged tactical packaging and
meets the same environmental specifications for temperature,
shock, vibration, and submersibility as the rest of the FALCON II
family components. This capability ensures that collocation
requirements can be met in even the harshest environments.
Operation is fully automatic. Built-in test equipment (BITE) and
diagnostic testing are fully integrated into the transceiver
system. The RF-5845H-PP packaging allows it to be fitted into
standard RF-5800H Series mounts and systems.
The RF-5845H-PP attenuates unwanted transmit and receive
signals 10 percent removed from the operating frequency by
40 dB (nominal). An additional unit can be cascaded for greater
attenuation should this be required. A bypass function and
separate receive antenna port give the pre/postselector the
flexibility to meet virtually any system requirement.
The RF-5845H-PP will tune to a new channel in less than
20 msec. This agility ensures compatibility with
MIL-STD-188-141B Automatic Link Establishment (ALE),
STANAG 4538 third generation, and other advanced modes of
operation. The RF-5845H-PP101 includes all interconnecting
Specifications for the RF-5845H-PP101
Frequency Range
Operating Temperature
DC Voltage
DC Current
1.6 to 30 MHz (Bandpass filters used 2.0 to 30 MHz,
low pass filter below 2.0 MHz)
5.3H x 15.25W x 11.82D inches
(13.97H x 38.74W x 30.00D cm)
22.4 lb. (10.2 kg)
–40° to 70°C
MIL-STD-810E (1 m submersible)
MIL-STD-810E (0 to 95%)
18 – 32 VDC
1.5 Amps. at 26.4 VDC, 2.5 Amp.breaker
CARC Green 383
Bandpass Selectivity
Tune Time
Input Impedance
Maximum Bypass Power
Overall Gain
Noise Figure
RF Overload Trip Points
40 dB nominal (±1dB) at ±10% from tuned frequency
<20 msec from end of frequency data, typically 12.5 msec
50 ohm unbalanced,VSWR <2:1
400 watts, 2:1 VSWR
High Gain:
3 ±3 dB
Low Gain:
–8 ±3 dB
13 dB maximum (high gain)
In band:
10 VRMS;
Out of Band: 100 watts nominal peak,
average power thermally limited
Serial data bus from Transceiver
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