LED 2500 Flare Manual

LED 2500 Flare Manual
F.I.T. PRO LED2500 (FLARE) is a 2500 lumens Underwater Video Light.
Power Inmdicator
Light Head
Underwater Video Light
Lanyard point
Ball/YS Holder
UV Bulb(3LED)
White LED(Wide)(4LED)
White LED(Spot)(1LED)
Please read carefully before use.
Function Specification
Luminance White Dispersed Light 2500Lumen, White Spot 1000Lumen,
Red Light 200Lumen, UV 9W
Installing the battery
Wide 120° , Spot 15°, Red 120°, UV 120°
1. Insert the battery as shown in the picture.
Li-Ion 32650
2. Make sure the battery is facing the correct direction
Burn Time Wide(1hr), Spot(2.5hr), Red(5hr), UV(5hr)
3. Align the battery compartment to the light head and close
Depth Rating 100m/330ft
★ Note:Turn the battery compartment till it is fully close to
prevent flooding
LED Spec
White CREE XM-L U2x5pcs Color Temp 5700~7000K
Red CREE XP-E N3x2pcs Wavelength 620nm UV 365nm
LED Life
50000 hours
Aircraft grade aluminum
Hard Anodized
Dimention Φ50x124.8mm
220g(incl battery)
White dispersed, White Spot, Red, UV, Battery Indicator
Low Battery Indicator/Protection, Overheating Protection
Wrong battery electrode protection
Packaging Contents
Turning ON/OFF
1. ON: With the light facing forward,depress button① to turn on
the light(Default Mode: 100% white dispersed light)
2. OFF: From any mode,depress button① and hold for 2secs to
turn the light off
Overheating Protection:
②32650 Li-Ion ③Charger ④O Ring 2pcs ⑤Grease
The LED will automatically adjust the light output to a lower
acceptable level when high temperature is detected. This is to
prevent the LED from being burnt and damaged.
Mode change
Using the Charger
1. Changing mode:From default 100% white dispersed light,
Press button① each time to change from:
White dispersed→white spot→red→UV-white dispersed
2. Changing Output:From dispersed,spot,red:
Press button② to change the output:
100%→50%→25%→100%,UV light only has 1 output。
3. SOS mode: From any mode,depress button①&②
simultaneously for 1sec to enter SOS mode.
4. SOS OFF: From SOS,depress① or② to exit SOS mode.
Light will return to default mode 100% white dispersed light.
1. Ensure the correct method of inserting the battery onto charger
Power indication
4 levels of battery indication: Green-FULL, Yellow-HALF,
RED- LOW BATTERY, Flashing RED-Extremely low battery,
light shuts after 10mins
Low battery protection
The light will automatically be at the low light output when the RED
LED indicator flashes. Light automatically turns off after 10mins.
2. Once battery installed, plug the charger cable to the power source
to commence charging, indicator will lit red.
3. Green indicator lit up once charging completed.
Grease application
Use the grease provided to apply on the oring to ensure smooth
operation and protection of the oring. Remove any dirt or hair
before application.
Changing of O-ring
Any deformation, damage or expansion found, replace the damaged
oring provided. Remove the damaged oring and do not use sharp
objects as tools. Clean the oring grooves and replace the new orings
with grease.
★ Do not use high power battery higher than specified.
★ Do not attempt to open up the light when underwater.
★ The warranty will be void if the operating methods differ
from this manual.
★ Remove the battery if not in use for a prolonged period.
Product Warranty
This Product covers warranty for 1 to 1 exchange within 15 days of
purchase if defects are found. Please bring to your local retailer for
checks and verification. This warranty is valid for 1 year and free
servicing will be offered if any problem occurs within that year.
(Battery only provide 3 months warranty) Charges apply after 1 year.
This Product does not cover warranty for the following:
Please refer to the table below to do a verification check and confirm
it is a defect before returning to the supplier.
LED fail to
light up
Check battery direction
Check if battery has power
Check if cap is fully closed
Green LED lights
up the moment
Check if battery is installed properly
Check if the battery is placed on the
wrong side
Check if there is contact between
the charger and battery
Water found
inside the light
Check the orings to see if there is
dirt not installed properly
1. Modification, damaged or dismantled
2. Wrong operation ie; wrong type of battery
3. Short circuit due to flooding
4. Natural occurrences beyond human control ie; war,fire,robbery,lost
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