dp-158 datalogger - UVT-Ingenieurbüro für Umwelt

dp-158 datalogger - UVT-Ingenieurbüro für Umwelt
8/16/32 analogue channels
8 switch inputs (no /nc)
memory 1750-7000 samples per channel
outputs to printer, pc, and relays
alphanumeric display,
2 lines - 20 characters
! programmable measurement
conditions and display messages
The DP-158 is a programmable 8, 16 or 32 channel measurement and alarm centre. In addition to
measurement inputs the centre has inputs for 8 relay contact circuits.
In addition to, the actual measurement and alarm operation, the centre is equipped with memory storage,
inhibit, control, and report functions.
Measurement results are channel specific according to the users choice: temperature (Pt-100 ohm RTD /
thermocouple) or voltage/current/resistance with scaleable display for pressure, humidity, flow, surface
height and other measurements.
Relay contact inputs are voltage free, opening or closing contacts. Contact inputs are used either as
independent alarm circuits or in measurement limit value operations for inhibiting or locking actions.
Using the two serial outputs, the DP-158 centre may be connected to a PC or a printer, relay control units,
parallel light board, as well as other data handling and transfer equipment.
Reading of values and programming uses the 2 x 20 character alphanumeric display and the 8 front panel
push buttons. The center is also equipped with indicator lights to show the most important events and
The standard power supply is 230V 50Hz mains supply but on separate order the centre may be supplied
with 18 –36 VDC.
DP-158 CONNECTIONS (16 meas. inputs)
Note 1 Thermocouple measurements
with automatic cold junction
Note 2 Serial interfaces
Port 1
Port 2
1200 Baud
No parity
8 Databit
1 Stopbit
9600 Baud
No parity
8 Databit
1 Stopbit
Up and down arrow push buttons: select the correct letter, number or
symbol, or alternatively different settings or points when defining the
POWER-light: shows when the power is ON or OFF
PROG-light: shows when the unit is at the pnogramming
Back and forward arrow push buttons:
during setting are used in the selection of
different characters, or during reading
transfer to the more display and back
FAULT-light: shows when there is
a fault in serial port data traffic
A-light: shows when there is an
unacknowledged priority 1 alarm
F( )-Function push button starts all
reading, programming, reporting, and
calibration stages starting from the
normal level
B-light: shows when there is an
unacknowledged priority 2 alarm
SET-push button: used to approve
the selection shown in the display or
the setting and to move to the next item
ALARM-light: shows when there is
an active alarm
ESC-push button: always returns from the sub menu to the main slection
menu at the normal level
Display: alphanumeric digital display, 2 lines 20 characters /line
ACK-push button: used to acknowledge alarms and to zero the
maximum and minimum values shown in the display
2 rows, 20 chars./row, alphanumeric, background lit
LCD display.
Freely programmable inputs, outputs, storage/reporting
interval, limits in relation To the various measurement
8, 16 or 32 analogue and 8 contact inputs.
Measurement operation and input selection/programm.
using the dispaly and push buttons (or PC).
Automatic or manual display stepping of the measured
Pt-100 ohm
Thermocouple: J,K,S
Resolution 0.1°C, meas range -200.0...+850.0°C
Resolution 0.1°C, meas range -260.0...+1760.0°C.
auto cold junc compensation
Resolution 5 /100 uV. Input impedance >100 Mohm
Resolution 2 µA. Input impedance 100 ohm
Resolution 0.1 ohm
Voltage: 50 /1000 mV
Current: 0 / 4...20 mA
Resistance 0...1000 Ω
Alarm operation
72 (96)
Two serial bus connections, one isolated, for
transferring measurement results to printer or PC, the
second non-isolated, for relay control units and/or
parallel light boards. Both outputs selectable in RS-232
or RS-485 serial bus form.
Priority (A/B), voltage free relay contact output
(max. 48V 0.5A)
Sensor break alarm drives an A-class transfer relay
DP-158L- M - P230
Measurement memory
P230 = 230V 50Hz supply
P24 = 18-36VDC supply
Measurements stored at a user selected intervals for
trend information, memory capacity 7000, 3500 or
1750 samples/channel (depending on the amount of
meas. channels 8, 16 or 32). Reading/output of all
values or at less frequent n x 2 sample intervals and the
n last stored values (n is user selectable number)
Alarm history
Max. 64 last alarm occurences stored in history data
Program memory
Measurement parameters (inputs, scaling, limits, time
settings, point identification etc.) stored in the nonvolatile memory
Two adjustable measurement limits/channel: limit,
priority, hysteresis, delay, and inhibit/lock settings.
Additional external relay unit and parallel light board
control possibility
* dimensions for 32-channel model in parentes
Serial port RS-232/485
66 (92)
Power supply 230V 50Hz ±10% or 18-36 VDC
Meas. speed > 8 measurements/second
Meas. precision 0.1% ±1 number
Operating temp. dependence < 50 ppm/°C
Flush mounting case
Weight 400 g
Spring connectors on the rear panel
Operating temp. 0...+50°C, storage temp. -20...+70°C
Envic Oy, PO Box 100, 20521 TURKU FINLAND
M = PC-interface
N = standard version
- = 8 analogue channels
L = 16 analogue channels
XL = 32 analoque channels
Relay unit (8 outputs)
Connection cabel RIO/RRE
Light indicator board (16-points)
Serial interface unit
Power unit for acessories
Tel.+358-2-48082400, Fax +358-2- 48082404
Vertrieb: UVT-Ingenieurbüro für Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik, Hönower Str. 35, D-10318 Berlin,
Tel.: +49 (0)30 5017 6350, Fax: +49 (0)30 5017 6351, e-mail: info@uvt-online.de
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