KOBRA 240.1 C4

KOBRA 240.1 C4
Professional Classic Line Shredder - Personal
use and
Small / Medium Offices
Manufacturer:ELCOMAN Srl
Brand: KOBRA
Model: 240.1 C4
Article Code: 99.912
KOBRA 240.1 C4
Throat width:
Security level DIN 66399:
Security level DIN 32757:
Shred size:
Paper capacity*:
Shreddable Materials:
Noise level:
Waste bag volume:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
EAN Code:
P-4 T-4 E-3 F-1
3,5x30mm cross cut
15-17 A4 70gr; 13-15 A4 80gr
Paper, Credit Cards, Credit Cards
with chip and Films
40 litres
8 026064 999120
* Capacity varies on supply power, weight, quality and grain of paper, operating
temperature and blade lubrication
Carbon hardened cutting knives, unaffected by staples and metal clips. High precision design of cutting knives allows high shred loads
with low power consumption. Motor thermal protection. 24 hours continuous duty motor: no duty cycle or timed cool down period.
Bag full stop with light signal. KOBRA 240.1 C4 detects the door opening and automatically stops the cutting knives. It is equipped
with the Energy Smart® for the environmental protection and energy costs saving: the energy saving system activates the Stand-by
mode just after 8 seconds of non-operation.
SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT heavy duty chain drive system with metal gears
CONTINUOUS DUTY 24 hours countinuous duty operation without overheating and duty cycles
CUTTING KNIVES carbon hardened steel cutting knives unaffected by staples and clips
ENERGY SMART® power saving stand-by mode
start & stop automatic start and stop through electronic eyes with stand-by function
safety stop automatic stop with light signal for bag full and / or open door
AUTOMATIC REVERSE system in case of jamming
CABINET attractive 40 litre cabinet mounted on casters
Led Indicators
Easy to operate ON OFF
Reverse switch, with LED
signal for bag full
or open door
heavy duty chain drive
system and metal gears
Energy smart
management system
with illuminated indicators
for power saving
in stand-by mode
ELCOMAN Srl - Via Gorizia 9 - 20813 Bovisio Masciago ITALY
t.+39 0362 593584 f.+39 0362 591611 - kobra@elcoman.it
Cutting Knives in
Hardened Steel
unaffected by staples and
metal clips
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