Analog Digital Accurate World Clock - Instantly view

Analog Digital Accurate World Clock - Instantly view
World Clock - Instantly view world markets
If you are looking for a traditional design
consider 15” analog clocks. These
clocks come with a 5 year battery, sync
wirelessly to a central master clock, and
have a brushed aluminum frame.
Arkansas Tech University
If you want to create a high tech
environment consider using digital LED
clocks. These world time clocks use
RED LED, 2.5” characters so they are
visible at over 100 feet.
You select the naming convention for
each zone displayed with white vinyl
Michigan State University
Digital or Analog we ensure the clocks
are centrally synchronized providing
accurate times when you are in a hurry.
University of North Carolina
Four Zone
Digital = 8.25” x 48.25”
*Analog = 18” x 8’
Univ. of Texas - San Antonio
Six Zone
Digital = 8.25” x 72.25”
*Analog = 18” x 12.5’
Univ of Nebraska - Omaha
Eight Zone
Digital = 8.25” x 96.25”
*Analog = 18” x 17’
*On Analog dimensions assume 1 foot
between clocks and using 2” character
lettering for zone names.
Penn State Erie
Video demos and photos available online at
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