Portable Dispensing System

Portable Dispensing System
Portable Dispensing System
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June 2010
The 3M™ Portable Dispensing
System features a compact, versatile
dispenser that is designed to
accurately mix and dispense a wide
variety of cleaning and disinfecting
chemicals. The system uses unique,
tamper-resistant bottles to help make
mixing safer and easier.
Special Features:
A single dispenser can deliver
several different ready-to-use
cleaning and disinfecting
Select only the products required
to minimize storage
Compact size for easy storage
Simple to use
Flexible – can be used virtually
anywhere a faucet is located
Accurate dispensing technology
helps ensure consistent, effective
chemical performance
Single flow rate of 2 GPM
appropriate for filling both bottles
and buckets
Quick-connect hardware provided
with each dispenser
Re-usable to help minimize waste
Hand tighten the quick connect
coupler to the backflow preventer
at the faucet. For your
convenience, an additional male
quick connect is provided for use
with any existing hose connected
to your water source.
Push the outer sleeve on the
quick-connect coupler up toward 6.
the faucet and insert the black
pressure relief valve connector
on the water supply hose.
Release the sleeve and tug
slightly on the hose to make
certain the connection is secure.
Dispenser Operation:
Use appropriate personal protective
equipment (PPE); refer to MSDS for
the chemicals being used.
1. Unscrew and remove the
threaded cap from the
appropriate 3M chemical
concentrate bottle. Set aside for
recapping later. Do NOT throw
cap away.
2. Attach appropriate 3M chemical
concentrate bottle to 3M™
Portable Dispenser by pushing
down slightly and hand tightening
the larger swivel nut onto the
neck of the bottle.
Package Includes:
3. Turn the cold water faucet on
3M™ Portable Dispenser
full. (A steady stream of water
Quick-connect hardware
will flow to drain from the
Back flow preventer
hose/faucet connection. This
1” hose assembly
feature is to help meet plumbing
codes in certain localities and
Operation instructions
relieves pressure to the backflow
preventer at the faucet.)
Connect to Water Supply:
1. Connect the threaded end of the 4. Upon initial use or when
switching chemicals, hold the
hose assembly to the portable
3M™ Portable Dispenser over a
dispenser by hand tightening it to
drain and depress the trigger for
the smaller swivel nut.
5 seconds to prime the
2. Hand-tighten the backflow
dispenser. The dispenser will
preventer to the faucet. Once
automatically dispense the
hand tightened, this connection
concentrate to the appropriate
is permanent and cannot be
dilution as determined by the flow
control inside the 3M concentrate
/!\Caution: to prevent the
bottle. To lock the trigger in the
possibility of chemical backflow or
“on” position, slide the lock switch
backsiphonage, the backflow
forward. To unlock the trigger,
preventer device must be used at all
slide the lock switch backward.
times and must be installed on all
Do not leave dispenser
faucets that this dispenser will be
unattended while in use.
used with.
Release the trigger to stop
dispensing. The dip-tube will
take a few seconds to completely
drain. NOTE: When finished
dispensing, always disconnect
the hose assembly after turning
off water supply from the quick
connect at the faucet.
To disconnect hose assembly,
turn the water supply off at the
faucet, and allow the pressure to
relieve through the black fitting.
When pressure is relieved, push
the outer sleeve on the quick
connect coupling up toward the
faucet and pull the black fitting on
the hose assembly out of the
quick coupling. To drain hose,
make sure the black fitting is over
a drain or basin and push the
trigger down allowing water to
drain out. NOTE: Turn off water
when not in use.
Plumbing Requirements:
For proper operation, the dispenser
must be installed in a location that
meets the following plumbing
Water pressure of 20 psi to 80 psi
(pounds/square inch)
Minimum water flow of 3 gpm
(gallons per minute)
Water temperatures 40 - 140°F
(cold water only is
Back flow prevention device
provided must be used on each
NOTE: If water hotter than 140°F is
used with the dispenser, the inlet
hose may soften and fittings may
loosen and potentially leak.
NOTE: Dispenser installation must be
made in accordance with local
plumbing codes. Local or state
plumbing codes may require special
backflow prevention devices or unique
methods of installation. Check local
plumbing codes before installation.
User shall be responsible for
plumbing code compliance, including
compliance with any changes made to
codes after installation.
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Important Notice to User:
Technical Information: The technical information, recommendations and other statements contained in this document are
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Product Use: Many factors beyond 3M’s control and uniquely within user’s knowledge and control can affect the use and
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a 3M product, user is solely responsible for evaluating the 3M product and determining whether it is fit for a particular purpose
and suitable for user’s method of application.
Warranty and Limited Remedy: 3M warrants that each 3M™ Portable Dispensing System will be free from defects in
material and manufacture for 90 days from the date of purchase from 3M’s authorized distributor. 3M MAKES NO OTHER
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If a 3M product does not conform to this warranty, the sole and exclusive remedy is, at 3M’s
option, replacement of the 3M product or refund of the purchase price.
Limitation of Liability: Except where prohibited by law, 3M will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the 3M
product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted.
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