User Manual for Off Road Scooter

User Manual for Off Road Scooter
User Manual for Off Road Scooter
Welcome User
The user manual comes with off road electric chariot scooter for the users’ reference
when off road electric chariot scooter (Smart Vehicle) are sold.
The user's manual is applied to all the Smart vehicles off road electric chariot scooter
made by our factory. You may find that some function is different from what you
ordered.It is normal because of different series.
The content and technical specification in this manual are valid when permitted to be
printed. But our company has the right to alter and change technical specification or
design without prior notification.And we will not assume any obligation.
To ensure our off road electric chariot scooter brings you the best driving experience,
the best way is to read the user manual carefully, you will learn how to drive this future
transporter. After reading, please keep the user manual well so that you can refer to it any
time when you need.
The warranty card will come with off road electric chariot scooter.You can find your
warranty rights in the user manual.Please read the user manual carefully so that you can
know your rights and responsibilities well.
Please maintain off road electric chariot scooter according to the user manual so that
you can keep the scooter in the best condition.We have professional people who will
supply you good after service and answer any questions and problem you care.
Sincerely wish you a nice driving!
Safety Instructions
For adults use only!
Please abide by your local traffic regulations!
Please wear helmet, knee and elbow guards for safety purposes.
Please read the relevant driving guidelines in this manual!
Our company is not responsible for the accident if you don not use it
as the above request.
It is hard for us to list all associated dangers when driving and maintaining off road
electric chariot scooter, therefore, please be careful and pay attention to the safety of
yourself and others when riding.
The user manual contains important safety information --- Please read carefully.
Chapter I Introduction of off road electric chariot scooter...............4
Chapter II Parts Explained..................................................5
Chapter III Instruction of remote control of chariot scooter..............7
Chapter IV off road electric chariot scooter Driving.....................8
Chapter V Charging........................................................12
Chapter VI Maintenance ..................................................13
Chapter VII Notice .........................................................14
Chapter VIII Technical Data...............................................15
Chapter I Introduction of Off Road Scooter
The working principle of the two wheeled Scooter is based on the basic principle called
"dynamic stability" which is the automatic balance ability of the vehicle itself. After
judging body posture position with a built-in precision solid gyroscope, the vehicles
electronic brain works out proper instructions through a sophisticated and high-speed
central microprocessor, the 36V-42Ah battery drives the motor to balance the vehicle.
As a new transporter, off road scooter is difficult to classify in the traditional way, some
people think that off road scooter should be a kind of double-wheeled Unicycle, while
other people think it should be classed as a power stand-up Scooter, with its uniaxial
double design which is different from the traditional biaxial double scooter, for official
road regulations, this transporter is called Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device
The vehicle is equipped with dual wheels, its width is as narrow as a normal adult
shoulder's width. It is 62 kg and battery-operated. It is not necessary to have a brake or
throttle during driving. When the driver leans their body forward, off road scooter will run
forward, when the body is upright, it will stop. It uses the dynamic balance principle, as
the body moves to change the center of gravity so as to keep balance. Just as the human
body stands and leans forwards it can lose balance, but the body's natural instinct will
maintain balance, the dynamic stability replicates this. off road scooter uses the wheels to
replace the function of the feet, reproducing the high precision balance action of a human,
it is also cheap and convenient to use. The energy comes from two repeat charging BTM
batteries which are free from maintenance. If sufficient power is supplied to your battery,
the full charge capacity will last continuous for 5 hours driving, the driving range depends
on the way you drive and ground conditions, driving on grass and slopes will consume
more driving power.
Chapter II Parts Explanation
Picture 1
1. Handle Bar/Turning Pipe
(1)Used to control and make the off road scooter turn left or right, turn around, rotate 360
degrees. It also has support function and can play a subsidiary role in keeping body
(2) The height is adjustable. The driver can adjust it according to his or her own height to
make the handle bar comfortable.
(3)Lock the steering rod after adjustment, then turn the handle bar to confirm that it has
had been locked.
(4)Above adjustment of the handle bar/ turning pipe should be locked in position before
(5)The turning pipe can be taken apart easily for carrying or storage.
2. Power Switch
(1) The power switch is used to turn on and off the power, when the power switch is on
the off road scooter will finish the initialization-settings.
(2) It is dangerous to stand on off road scooter without turning on the power.
3. Pedal Switch (SAFE switch)
(1)The pedal can be active up or down, it has a built in safety switch. off road scooter can
check whether someone on scooter by pedal switch.
(2) The pedal switch is safety insurance, when driving, if the driver leaves the off road
scooter, the pedal switch will reset and then will stop after 3 seconds siren alarm.
4. Battery LCD
Indicate the status of the battery. It is a LCD digital screen.
5. Illuminating light
This one is used to drive in dark environment.
6. Warning Light
It is used to remind other people.
Chapter III Instruction of remote control of scooter
Picture 2
1. Function of Remote Control
(1)Button A: Locking scooter.
(2)Button C: Switching three kind speed mode
1.Default or Normal Mode
The max speed is18km/h and the turning is flexible and sensitive.
2. Beginner Mode
The max speed 8km/h and the turning is slow.
(3)Button D: Turning on/off light
(4)Button B:Unlocking scooter
(5)Function of recording pedal horizontal level. Powering on off road scooter,, setting a
suitable position, pressing Button C and Button D at the same time, after two beep sounds,
off road scooter will remember it as default position.
2.Button Operating
(1)Starting Scooter
Keep off road scooter horizontal and power on it, press Button B to unlock scooter,and
you can hear one beep sound. Then you can drive off road scooter, it is default mode.
Default mode is Normal Mode.
(2)Pulling Mode
After your pressing Button A,you can hear one beep sound(it means that the scooter is
unlocking),then you press Button A again,the scooter enters Pulling Mode. In this mode,
the scooter can be pulled by hand easily.When you press Button A the third time,the
scooter will cancel Pulling Mode.
(3)Switching Different Speed Mode
After your pressing Button C(scooter without driver on it),you can hear one beep
sound,scooter enters Beginner Mode;When you press Button B the second time,you can
hear two beep sounds, scooter enters Default Mode.Switching different speed mode is
valid only after driver leave scooter.
(4)Turning ON/OFF Light
When you press Button D,the front and back light will light;If you press Button D
again,the light will stop.It is valid pressing the button when driver on scooter .
Chapter IV off road electric chariot scooter Driving
Driving the off road scooter 2 wheel self-balance vehicle is totally different from
anything you may have driven before, off road scooter does not have a brake, accelerator
or gear system. Please read the user manual or get instruction from an experienced person
before your first ride.
off road scooter is very addictive once you enjoy the fun of driving, you will not help
yourself driving it whenever you get the chance, following these instructions will be
beneficial for your enjoyment.
Below description will be helpful to your driving.
Tip:We suggest you use Beginner Mode if you did not driver our off road scooter before.
1.Starting Operation
Hold the turning pipe/handle bar with one hand, keeping the pedal upright ,turn on the
power ,after green light, orange light and red light flash at the same time, the green light
stay on continuous, It means starting success (refer to picture 3,4), hold the handlebar
firmly with two hands, then press Button D of remote control(refer to picture 5,6).
Make sure the pedal is on horizontal level when power on off road scooter.
Step on pedal with another foot(refer to picture 7). The sequence is the left hand-right
foot-left foot -right hand or right hand -left foot-right foot-left hand. By this time you will
have stood on the balanced scooter. Stand upright without any body move, just relax and
keep your body balance, then scooter will still stay still (refer to picture 8).
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
2. Driving straight forward
Lean your body forward slowly using the centre of gravity, off road scooter will move
forward (refer to picture 9). The driving speed is controlled by the leaning angle of your
body. Lean forward more, off road scooter will go faster and vice versa. For a stable
driving, we suggest lean forward slowly. It is dangerous for leaning forward suddenly.
This is just like a sudden acceleration when driving a car.
Picture 9
3. Braking, Driving Backward
Driving backward is not recommended for the driver's safety, because it is hard for you
to see behind when driving. Turning radius of off road scooter is zero, which you can
easily achieve in a continuous spin around 360 degrees on the spot. When you drive
forward in a straight line and you want to slow down or stop, you can lean backward or
squat down (the center of gravity backward). Lean slowly or smoothly backward is
helpful for slowing down and stopping safely (refer to picture 10).
Picture 10
Tip: Driving forward in a straight line you just simply push the handle forward, then
backward to slow down or stop.
4. Turning in Original Place, Turn Around and Rotate 360 Degrees
It is easy to turn the off road scooter when driving. Keep the turning pipe/handle bar
left-forward or right-forward to the end, at the same time keep your body corresponding,
left-forwarded or right-forwarded as the trend of off road scooter (refer to picture 11 and
12).Thus you can easily achieve various turns. When the off road scooter faces the right
position, you only need return the pipe to the original position and stand straight off road
scooter will stop.
Picture 11
Picture 12
5. Turning in Driving
off road scooter's turning range is calculated automatically according to the driving
speed, the speed is faster, the turn range will be less to ensure safety of the driver, and it is
stopped by the turning pipe and body's corporation. To turn left, the turning pipe should
be swung smoothly to the left at the same time as your body leans left. The angle of off
road scooter's turn is decided by the swinging angle of the turning pipe and the leaning of
your body.
Tip: the actual turning is finished by the above combination of actions, driving the off
road scooter is like a combination of riding horses and skiing, or the movement is like
Michael Jackson's dancing. off road scooter also is called a thinking car, which means the
driver can drive off road scooter according to his thoughts.
6. Driving in Bad Weather
off road scooter is not waterproof. Please do not drive off road scooter on rainy days. It
is easy to damage the motherboard and the motor if water gets into the electrics.
off road scooter cannot be driven in the snow.
off road scooter does not have night lights, so please do not drive off road scooter in the
In China, off road scooter is hard to define, so please don't drive on public roads used
for motor vehicles .When driving on the sidewalk, single driveway or public places,
please comply with local traffic regulations and the local bye laws.
Chapter V Charging
When you find the orange lamp and red indicator is continuously on, it shows the
battery needs to be charged. Please charge the scooter when the electric capacity is less than 25%.
First, turn off the power switch and use the specialized 24 V battery charger. Insert the
plug into off road scooter's charge jack, then connect the power. When charger is
connected the Red light will glow continuously, showing off road scooter is in charge
mode (refer to picture 13).
The charger has two indicators-the red light means on charge, Green light means fully
charged, pull out charger. The input voltage of charger is 110-240v, output voltage is
25-27v, AC electric current is 1.2 -1.5 A, The charger takes 8-10 hours to fully charge.
When fully charged the green light will be on continuously the charging electric current
will then decrease output. The charger will become warm when charging, so please keep
in suitable place.
Picture 13
Please keep power switch of off road scooter off when on charge, otherwise, off road
scooter will cause power consumption, which is bad for charging.
Chapter VI Maintenance
All other items that are not mentioned below should be done by a professional person
or technician.
1. The Maintenance of Battery
Off road scooter use BTM free maintenance battery. When you find the orange lamp
and red lamp light continuously on, please charge. Keep the charge time to no more than
15 hours. If you are not using off road scooter for long periods, keep it charged, excessive
discharge and re- charge is bad for the battery's life and can even lead to having to scrap
the battery. (Suggestion: please keep it charged every month even you don’t drive it)
2. When not drive off road scooter
Please turn off the power switch then lock the switch, in case of accidental starting.
3. Replacing Fuse
The fuse of off road scooter is 50A car fuse, the fuse maybe burned after overload or
crashed sharply, when you find that there is no action, and the indicator is off after
switching on, check the fuse if it is burnt out, you need to replace fuse, open the fuse
cover at the back of body with screwdriver, take out the fuse using clamp and replace with
a new fuse.
4. Fastening Nut of Tire
Pay attention to the big nut on the wheel, regularly check, if it is loose tighten with a
21mm spanner to 108 torque.
5. Maintenance of Tire
The normal air pressure is the basic conditions to guarantee your safe driving .The
standard tire pressure is 250 kpa = 2.5 bar = 2.55 kg/cm2 = 36.25 psi, that is what we
recommend. It is necessary to check the tire pressure regularly, under inflation and
excessive inflation will cause unequal tire wear, which influences comfort and mileage
and shorten the life of tire, under-inflated tires also influence power saving.
Also check for cuts and splits which could cause the tire to deflate at a rapid rate, causing
injury to the rider.
6. Appearance Cleaning
It is necessary to keep the pedal and body of off road scooter clean. Please clean the
gravel, soil and mud off after you’re driving. Don't use any corrosive chemical such as
petrol to clean off road scooter, you can clean off road scooter by using soft cloth and
brush, don’t wash off road scooter with water.
Chapter VII Notice
1.Balance Output of off road scooter
Computer balance will start immediately after you press the pedal switch of off road
scooter. If you keep pressing the pedal switch, the computer balance will always start, the
computer will keep balance for 5s even if the pedal switch is restored when at a low speed.
Please pay attention, off road scooter will keep balance if the balance output function is
ON. That means putting this scooter on the road without driver on, it will go all by itself. road scooter Parking
For temporary parking, you can just turn on the balance output function and lean it against
a wall or step that can stop it from moving forward; for long time parking, you can switch
off the power and put the parking stand down. This parking stand can be purchased from
us independently.
3.Accident Water
Turn the power off immediately if off road scooter falls into water accidentally. Do not
drive it again if you are not sure of the default. The off road scooter weighs 62kg. You can
pull it easily without power home and then contact us; we will give you guide.
4.Lock Switch
Lock off road scooter to prevent running by accident. Power off and then lock, when you
power on again, red light will flash 5 times, it means off road scooter is locked.
When you power on and off road scooter starts to initialize, if you lock off road scooter at
this time, the locking will lead to pedal switch short circuit. off road scooter will think that
driver has stood on it and then start automatic balance. Please do not drive under this
Chapter VIII Technical Data
Net Weight
62 kg
91*54*72 cm
Max cruise speed
Max load
125 kg
Max. Mileage (after full charging)
30-35 km
Max climb capability
30 degree
Min turning radius
Charging time
8 h-10 h
Dynamic silicone PB battery: 3pcs,36V, 48Ah
Two imported DC Motor, DC servo drives
100 v-240 v
Max Power
1600 watts (2*800 w/pc)
Lifetime of battery
1-3 years
19*7-8inch shock-absorb tire
Superior integrated aluminum magnesium alloy
Height of handle
80-110 cm adjustable
Height of footplate
Specification of footplate
11.5×25 in / 16×40 cm
Max. Height above ground
13 cm
Standard Pressure
250 kpa
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