Elida Laptop/iPad Lab Guidelines/Staff User Agreement

Elida Laptop/iPad Lab Guidelines/Staff User Agreement
Elida Laptop/iPad Lab Guidelines/Staff User Agreement
Summary: This document covers the use of Elida Laptop/iPad carts, labs and individual units by
staff and students. Use of Elida Laptops/iPads is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with
guidelines for proper use of the Laptops/iPads will result in loss of the privilege to use them.
Mobile Laptop/iPad Lab Guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the “Acceptable Use
Mobile Laptop/iPad labs cannot be used if you have a substitute.
Laptops/iPads are not to be distributed singly for any reason and not to be without your
The Netbook/Laptop Labs may be reserved via the online Calendar that has been shared with
you via Google Docs.
The iPad Lab must be reserved at least one day in advance by submitting a request to your
Tech Team Leaders via the Google Form Link on the iPad Lab Calendar.
At time of reserving the iPad lab, you need to specify what you will be doing with the lab. What
Apps will you be using? Are the Apps currently installed? – check the listing online
If you would like an App installed (free or purchased) for educational use, an App request form
found on iPad Lab calendar must be submitted to the EES Tech Leaders 2 weeks in advance.
The Tech Leaders will then submit the requests to the IT Department.
Requests for an App to be installed do not guarantee that the App will be installed
Apps will be installed monthly – you must plan ahead.
The mobile laptop/iPad cart will be checked out to a classroom teacher as a unit. The teacher
will have the responsibility for pick up and safe return of the mobile cart. Students are NOT to
transport multiple Laptop/iPads or the carts between classrooms or other areas.
The Laptop/ iPad cart has been assigned a lock with a code in which teachers will be provided.
The cart should be locked when not in use.
If you find it necessary to cancel an iPad lab reservation, please email the Tech Team Leaders
as soon as possible. If your plans change for the Netbook/Laptop Labs, please change
reservations via the shared calendar as soon as possible as well.
Elida Staff User Agreement
Laptop/iPad Labs
As a user of the Laptop/iPad Mobile Lab in my classroom, I agree that I am responsible for the lab
while it is in my possession. I agree to the following guidelines for myself and my students:
General Care
• Teachers are responsible for the Laptop/iPad cart: moving the cart, locking and unlocking
the cart, recharging, and making sure all Laptops/iPads are returned to the designated
secure location and are locked safely in the cart at the end of the usage.
Under no circumstances should code be given to students
Don’t leave the code showing on the lock – turn the numbers right after opening
• The classroom teacher is responsible for communicating the mobile Laptop/iPad cart
guidelines to students so that students understand and follow the rules for iPad use in the
• Students must be assigned a specific Laptop/iPad and the teacher must keep a record of
the student’s name and the number of the device that was used in a specific time period.
Retain these records in the event that an administrator or instructional technologist asks to
see them.
• Each classroom will have in place a protocol for distribution and collection of the
Laptops/iPads to students in an orderly fashion and to ensure accountability.
• Have the student just put the Laptops/iPads in their appropriate slot and not plug them in,
then the teacher or a responsible student should plug them all in at once. (we found this to
work better)
• iPads don’t need to be plugged in after each class. Keep an eye on the battery – and plug
in as needed for charging – either at the end of the half day time reservation period and /or
• Students must be supervised at all times while using the Laptops/iPads.
• Students or Teachers will not synchronize iPads or add apps to any iPads, to include home
synching accounts.
• Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the Laptops/iPads. This includes
books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
• Keep sharp objects away from the Laptops/iPads, including pens and pencils.
• If a screen must be cleaned, use a soft, dry cloth. Chemical cleaners should not be
• Do not remove any Laptops/iPads from your classroom at any time. The Laptops/iPads are
reserved to a specific classroom, and the entire lab must remain in that classroom.
• Do not do anything to the Laptops/iPads that will alter it in any way. (Settings, apps,
backgrounds, etc.)
o Exemption: Volume - Students may adjust volume settings as needed.
• Laptops/iPads are only be used as instructed by the student’s supervising teacher.
• Only insert appropriate cables/cords into the iPad and use caution when doing so to
prevent damage.
• Email accounts will not be set up on iPads for teachers or students.
• Be sure that students use both hands when carrying the Laptops/iPads.
If a student has something to show you, have them raise their hand. Do not allow them to
walk around the room frivolously to show you something.
Do not remove the iPad from its case.
Keep food and beverages away from the Laptops/iPads
When the room is empty (such as during conference periods and lunch), the Laptops/iPads
must be secured. Do not leave the Laptops/iPads in an unlocked cart/room.
The teacher is responsible for making sure all Laptops/iPads are accounted for at the end of
the reserved time period.
Return the Laptops/iPads lab at the end of the half day reservation.
Report Laptops/iPads in need of repair to the technology department by way of a helpdesk
request. Please remember to provide which cart, it’s location and the number the device that
is experiencing difficulty.
I have read, understand, and agree to follow all responsibilities as outlined in the Staff
Laptop/iPad Lab Agreement.
Teacher Name (Please Print):__________________________________________
Teacher Signature: __________________________________________________
Date: ______________________
Please submit this form to your building Tech Team Leaders.
Mobile Lab Student Contract
 When using the laptop or iPad, I will have clean, dry hands.
 When carrying the laptop or iPad, I will use two hands and walking feet.
 I will listen to my teacher’s instructions when turning the laptop or iPad on and off.
 I will use the laptop or iPad on a flat and clean surface and will stay in my seat.
 I will keep the laptop or iPad in the classroom at all times.
 I will keep food, water, sharp objects and heavy objects away from or off the laptop or
 I will keep laptop or iPad labels, keys, case and settings (icons, apps, backgrounds, etc.)
the way they are.
 I will only change my documents on the laptop or iPad.
 I will let the teacher know if there is a problem on the laptop or iPad or if anything is
changed when I turn it on.
 I will listen to my teacher’s instructions while using the laptop or iPad at all times.
****I understand and agree to the above guidelines.
Student Name
Student Name
(Type in Student Names then project this form onto your SMART Board for students to
sign. Save the document for your records. It will keep track of which device students should
use and their agreement to the guidelines. Remember, the students must have also signed
the Board Approved Acceptable Use Policy.)
(This is another user agreement option.)
Elida Laptop/iPad
Student User Agreement
Students must follow all the rules as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy and these Guidelines.
General Care: Students will
Keep heavy objects from being stacked on top of the Laptop/iPad. This includes books,
musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
Keep sharp objects away from the Laptop/iPad including pens and pencils.
Keep the Laptop/iPad in the classroom at all time.
Use both hands when carrying the Laptop/iPad
Remain in their seat, raising their hand to show the teacher something, rather than walking
around the room.
Keep the Laptop/iPad in its case.
Keep food and beverages away from the Laptop/iPad.
Use the Laptop/iPad only as instructed by the supervising teacher.
Inappropriate use of the iPad will result in school disciplinary action which may include loss of iPad
privileges and/or computer privileges. Infractions for improper use of the iPad will be first handled
by the classroom teacher and if necessary referred to the building administrator or local law
Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:
a) Attempting to change any settings on the device
b) Defacing any part of the Laptop/iPad, case, or labels
c) Changing the background
d) Attempting to download applications
e) Attempting to delete installed applications
f) Visiting inappropriate websites
g) Deleting or changing another student’s work in any application
h) Cheating
i) Possessing inappropriate pictures and/or media files
j) Students will not swap Laptop/iPad with another student. They are accountable for the
Laptop/iPad assigned to them.
k) When storing iPads on the cart, make sure the Laptop/iPad number matches the number on the
cart’s slot.
Remember…. Laptops/iPads are a learning tool. Please treat them with respect!
I have read, understand, and agree to follow all responsibilities as outlined in the Elida Student
User Agreement for Laptops/iPads.
Student Name/Signature:______________________________________________________
Teacher Name: __________________________________________________
Date: ______________________
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