InsightPower Panel for WinCE 5.0

InsightPower Panel for WinCE 5.0
InsightPower Panel
for WinCE 5.0
User’s Manual
InsightPower Panel
Table of Contents
Chapter1 Introduction ______________________________________________3
Features _____________________________________________________________ 3
System Architecture ____________________________________________________ 3
Supported Panel PC ____________________________________________________ 3
Chapter2 Installation _______________________________________________4
Install Program ________________________________________________________ 4
Connect the Communication Line with UPS __________________________________ 4
Chapter3 Functions ________________________________________________6
Main Page: __________________________________________________________
UPS Page: __________________________________________________________
Event Page: _________________________________________________________
Data Page: __________________________________________________________
Chapter4 Configuration _____________________________________________8
COM Setup: _________________________________________________________ 8
Log Setup: __________________________________________________________ 9
Other Setup: _________________________________________________________ 9
InsightPower Panel
Chapter1 Introduction
• Communicate with multiple UPSes through RS485
InsightPower Panel can monitor up to 31 Delta NT or T series UPSes through
• Cooperate with InsightPower Manager
Users can also install an InsightPower Manager software in the same RS485
bus, InsightPower Panel has the ability to work with InsightPower Manager
• Display real-time UPS status, system diagram and parameters
Displays current UPS status, system diagram and real-time values including
voltage, current, frequency, ….
• Store event log and historical data in flash
Stores event log and historical data in flash, users can assign the maximum
storage size.
Note: To work with InsightPower Panel, the version of InsightPower Manager
should be greater or equal to v8.1.
System Architecture
InsightPower Panel can work alone to monitor all of the UPSes in the same
RS485 bus. It can also work with InsightPower Manager to monitor the UPSes
InsightPower Panel sends querying commands to the UPSes actively then listen
for the responses when it works alone. If InsightPower Manager is installed in the
same bus then InsightPower Panel switches to listen mode to catch the UPS
response packets.
Fig 1-1 System Architecture
Supported Panel PC
InsightPower Panel supports AdvanTech Panel PC, model name: TPC-66SN.
InsightPower Panel
Chapter2 Installation
Install Program
Firstly we have to download the ActiveSync from Microsoft web site, after installed
ActiveSync we then proceed to install the InsightPower Panel program:
Download ActiveSync from Microsoft web site.
Run the setup program to install the ActiveSync in your PC.
Power on the Panel PC.
Connect the USB cable between your PC and the Panel PC. As shown in Fig 2-1.
Fig 2-1
5. Now, ActiveSync should has detected a device has been connected to the PC,
please then open ActiveSync window and click on the Explore button. As shown in
Fig 2-2.
Fig 2-2
6. Enter the HardDisk\Startup directory from the Explore window.
7. Copy InsightPower Panel program to the HardDisk\Startup directory.
8. Restart the panel PC, InsightPower Panel will startup automatically after the panel
PC restarts.
Connect the Communication Line with UPS
The pin assignment of Delta UPS RS485 Dsub9 connector:
Pin Number Description
T+ (Data+)
T- (Data-)
InsightPower Panel
After the InsightPower Panel program has been installed and startup, please proceed
to connect the RS485 cable between panel PC and UPS.
The following is the RS485 configuration of Advantech TPC-66SN:
The COM4 of TPC-66 has built-in RS485 without termination resister. Physically,
the COM3 and COM4 share the same D-sub9 connector so you only see COM1,
COM2 and COM3 on its rear panel.
Pin Number Description
Connects the Data+ pin of UPS to the Data+, pin of TPC-66, the Data- pin of UPS to the
Data- pin of TPC-66. As shown in Fig 2-3.
Delta UPS
Fig 2-3
InsightPower Panel
Chapter3 Functions
Please refer to the Fig 3-1, there are menu buttons on the left side:
Use the Main, UPS, Event and Data buttons to switch current UPS monitoring pages.
Login button is used to verify the password, Scan button forces InsightPower Panel to
rescan all of the UPSes in the RS485 bus. Exit button is used to terminate InsightPower
Panel program and back to WinCE desktop.
On the left bottom text box shows the UPS ID number which is currently communicated
with InsightPower Panel. On the middle bottom status box displays all of the current
UPS alarms alternatively.
Main Page:
List all of the UPS, shows current status, loading and battery voltage.
Fig 3-1
UPS Page:
Including 3 sub-pages: Property, Diagram and Alarm pages.
Fig 3-2
InsightPower Panel
Event Page:
Display the UPS events which is recorded in flash memory. Users can screen the
events by UPS ID and event alarm level.
Fig 3-3
Data Page:
Display the historical graphs by retrieving the historical data saved in flash memory.
Users can watch the historical graph by selecting UPS ID and parameter category.
Fig 3-4
InsightPower Panel
Chapter4 Configuration
Press the Login button to verify your password before configuring the system
parameters. The default password is 12345678.
Fig 4-1
After the password is verified correctly, the Exit button will change to Setup button.
Press the Setup button to popup the Setup dialog box.
COM Setup:
Select the COM Port to change the communication port of Panel PC. If InsightPower
Panel is communicating with Delta NT or T series, the Baud Rate should be 2400.
Polling indicates the time delay to send next querying packet. Timeout value is used to
determine the communication timeout event.
Fig 4-2
Note: InsightPower Panel will be in listen mode when it works with InsightPower
Manager. In this situation, InsightPower Panel has to parse double communication
frames than Insightower Manager. If the Polling speed of InsightPower Panel is 100ms
then the Polling speed of InsightPower Manager should be configure to longer than
200ms. After considering the performance of CPU, we suggest the Polling speed of
IsightPower Manager is longer than 400ms.
InsightPower Panel
Log Setup:
Max Event Log is used to assign the maximum number of event log. Save Data Interval
indicates the period of time to save historical data for each UPS and Keep History Data
is used to adjust the file size of historical data. Base on our statistics, if each UPS saves
historical data every minute then the file size is about 300K bytes for each day.
Clear Event Log button can be used to clear the event log.
Clear Data Log button is used to remove all of the historical data files.
Fig 4-3
Other Setup:
Press Change Password button to change a new password.
Fig 4-4
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